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What Does A Zip And A Double Cup Mean ?

9:05AM Fri, May 04 2012

7495c3ab08d9e87b77d0c9c3fdb7ac5b_normal @WillieMfStroker

a zip is a ammouny of weed and a double cup is exactly that two cups onestacked in the other for drinking lean

9:08AM Fri, May 04 2012

__bellamichelle_normal @SittDown_ShutUp

Ohhh Thanks !

9:19AM Fri, May 04 2012

7495c3ab08d9e87b77d0c9c3fdb7ac5b_normal @WillieMfStroker

your welcome

9:21AM Fri, May 04 2012

guest23297 guest23297

yo, zip means a ziploc bag of that good

9:12PM Tue, July 24 2012

guest15609 guest15609

weeeeeed <3

8:22PM Sun, September 16 2012

guest12478 guest12478

a zip is an ounce of weed and a double cup is coedine and sprite with double the amount needed to get high

9:23PM Wed, November 14 2012

guest82104 guest82104

A zip is an ounce of pot, nothing more or less.

4:51PM Sat, February 02 2013

guest77256 guest77256

Putting sperm on her cheek baby face!

12:57AM Thu, March 21 2013

guest53308 guest53308

Ounce of weed.

1:00AM Thu, May 02 2013

guest13358 guest13358

guest53308, incomplete response.

11:23AM Sun, June 02 2013

guest13358 guest13358

guest77256, you just quoted a line in the song

11:24AM Sun, June 02 2013

anonymous Anonymous

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