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What does "Lamborghini Mercy" mean?

12:34PM Mon, May 07 2012

63805539b8d416f8306016ff817edd5b_normal @ThatGiftedFool

there's a lambo model called "murcielago" that's one reference to "mercy" other than that.... *shrug*

12:42PM Mon, May 07 2012

B329a3185626bc6a9070ffaf11dcd98f_normal @dorothymq London, UK

oh. Dead.

12:43PM Mon, May 07 2012

guest30934 guest30934

I think that's what ur supposed to think. It means something deeper. Listen to the mercy song backwards

12:16PM Wed, June 20 2012

guest24324 guest24324


10:01PM Mon, June 25 2012

guest62673 guest62673

its really deep also look up the meaning of the begenning which is also deep.

7:10PM Sat, July 14 2012

guest18905 guest18905

i dnt get why they say this song is evil. can sum1 explain?

7:24PM Tue, July 17 2012

guest26039 guest26039

If u play it backwords like u can hear in the beging noises the werid one it say like why me why me what did i do plz dont kill me but u have to listen really close. Annd then in niggas in paris if u listen close after it we camr for one song song only qhen it says yeah after every yeah u hear we kill tupac. And thw single ladies backwords says stuff about the devil too and katy perrys new song wide awake is about mind control. Becus the mazes in thw being and then the walls and the

7:59AM Fri, July 20 2012

guest59422 guest59422


3:03AM Fri, August 10 2012

guest64961 guest64961

"It is a weeping and a moaning and a gnashing of teeth!" <-- reference to Hell... idk why it is in there, and I'm not sure why Kanye would out a Bible reference/Hell reference into his song.

10:03PM Sun, August 12 2012

guest94040 guest94040

hes talking about satan if u listen to the deep voice in the background. if u want to know what hes saying look up on youtube Mercy by Kanyae West Reversed (Continued...) ps its kinda scary

12:50PM Sat, August 18 2012

guest18637 guest18637

Ninjas please? What are y'all smoking?

8:37PM Sun, September 02 2012

guest31602 guest31602


4:23PM Wed, September 05 2012

guest69931 guest69931

I think its something to do with illuminati.

5:46PM Thu, September 06 2012

guest22168 guest22168

Mercy the song repies somewhere in matthews in the bible

7:29PM Fri, September 07 2012

guest79044 guest79044

The meaning of the songs is to turn gay and never turn back

11:45AM Thu, September 13 2012

guest79044 guest79044

actually it means that everyone should turn racist towards niggers...WHITE POWER

11:46AM Thu, September 13 2012

guest37621 guest37621

Actually it is talking about the devil . Aka satan . All these rappers and singers want to get into young people lives . If you look up Mathew in the bible it will talk about this . I would say hell is going to be " Its a weeping and a moaning and a ghansh of teeth " Which god send it would be like to punish satan. But mostly all rappers want money , respect and , be famous. I suggest no one listens to this song .

7:07PM Thu, September 13 2012

guest20452 guest20452

shut the hell up faggot

11:48AM Fri, September 14 2012

guest27756 guest27756

SHUT THE FUCK UP ? LOL BIBLE ??? Get the hell out of here talking about the bible in a song ???

6:02PM Sun, September 16 2012

guest86701 guest86701

Why are y'all getting so bent out of shape over a SONG??? It says whatever it says, it means whatever it means, and is fighting over it really going to amount to ANYTHING? Oh, guess what? NO! IT'S NOT! GET OVER YOURSELVES. You're not that important, as a matter of fact? You REALLY don't mean SHIT. Go home children, grow up.

9:14AM Thu, September 20 2012

guest69210 guest69210

Okay, no disrespect. I looked it up it really refers out of the bible. No joke. and it backwards is pretty creapy. But its not like they fully intended to have it all like this its the music producer people who made it like this its only their job. I'm 12 i loooovvveeee these songs, yeahh i will think of them in a new way but there still fine songs!(: Jus have some weird back meaning but im a christian its not like because you listen to a song with a barely noticable double meaning. Common sense

9:18PM Thu, September 20 2012

guest52619 guest52619

good song

2:42PM Fri, September 21 2012

guest52619 guest52619

Not that deep - look at the video. Kanye just being another contemporary Uncle Tom displayng the fake image that all us minorities think about nowadays( and always) are money, sex, drugs and violence. Were not smart enought for religion, science, right? Catchy base though

2:50PM Fri, September 21 2012

guest14186 guest14186

it does affect you because the song whether you realize it or not will end up in your sub conscious the more you listen to it, the bible verse is referring to the punishment of one of the 3 stewards who disobeyed his master and was sent to hell, he put that bible verse in there because he is a pawn to the illuminati, the masses are being brainwashed by everyday music and you guys dont give a fuck.

8:05PM Sun, September 23 2012

guest31207 guest31207

IT meANS hE RepErSENt tHe devIl HeS GoNna BuRn n hEll!

4:12PM Sun, September 30 2012

guest16015 guest16015

u guys are all wrong the song is about frickin repect because he has money ediots !!!

11:34AM Fri, October 05 2012

guest17655 guest17655

i dont think u should be calling anyone an "ediot" since u spelled that and "repect" wrong its 1. Idiot and 2. Respect

2:13PM Sun, October 07 2012

guest85656 guest85656

I agree about it being a reading of the devil

8:55PM Tue, October 09 2012

guest70223 guest70223

yeah its about the devil i believe it too

11:22PM Sat, October 13 2012

guest91886 guest91886

REALLY all that shyt crazy. forreal doe.

2:57PM Mon, October 15 2012

guest52093 guest52093

it is not talking about the devil or the bible ok

6:48PM Mon, October 15 2012

guest83417 guest83417


9:48PM Tue, October 16 2012

guest54954 guest54954

It is all about the devil I mean "weeping,moaning and gnashing of teeth" only refers to 1 thing HELL. And no it or nt it all ends up in your subconscious

8:51AM Fri, October 19 2012

guest89812 guest89812


9:45PM Sat, October 27 2012

guest82057 guest82057

1st people who don't believe in god will not go to hell all sins are forgiven and why are you guys talking about this? its his life and let hem leave it. YOLO 2 nd Kane West sad he sold his sole to who ever. so it is possible that the words in this song could be what thay say. Swag

4:50PM Tue, October 30 2012

guest96216 guest96216

All ya'll need to learn to spell.

1:34PM Fri, November 02 2012

guest66375 guest66375

Just to say I'm Christian it means there is weeping n moaning and gnashing and it's worshiping the devil AkA satin and pay it background and listen to it carefully and how are u going to judge us christian like are u forreal that's dumb and inu guys don't believe in the devil then ur stupid because if he wasn't real then why are they talking about the devil then ahah yah think tho

10:09PM Sat, November 03 2012

guest17570 guest17570

Why would this song be evil

11:48PM Sat, November 03 2012

guest11590 guest11590

My opinion is that the song is talking about hell and the devil because in the bible when it is talking about weeping,moaning and gnashing of teeth it is referring to hell and/ or the devil this is my opinion meaning it is what i think so idk if im right or not but i am thinking it is talking about hell and the devil because it says that in the bible but you have to admit that the original and remixed song is pretty catchy

6:58PM Mon, November 12 2012

guest73424 guest73424

It says the same thing in the bible when their speaking of hell these songs are made to lead us to sell our soul i like kanye but the dude is doing some messed up stuff with illuminati

10:21AM Fri, November 16 2012

guest33214 guest33214


10:49AM Sun, November 18 2012

guest16004 guest16004

Actually its devil wirship ovisly weeping moaning gnashing of teeth thts the sound thd demons made when the Angeles were winning the war ya dum ya all need spell checks

10:07PM Thu, November 22 2012

guest16004 guest16004

Beyonce daurghter is a lluminatti her name is Ivy but they say iv iv backwards is 6in roman nubers Beyonce single ladies the colors in the background is black and white and it flikers back and fourth and when she does tht little. Dance with her arms moving she fighting the angels when the background white the angels are winning when its black the devils winning saitin ant real faded says be nice to santain

10:19PM Thu, November 22 2012

guest56844 guest56844

Those that claim that mercy intro is not from the bible, do y'all even read the bible? Secondly that song sounds evil even from the moment u first listen to it, u get the chills and u just kno that its demonic. Look at the video, the way the guys were dancing in the background would u call that normal? They look like they have been possessed by the devil. So before u start cursing at people cuz u do not wanna hear the scary truth, do ur researches properly

4:15PM Thu, November 29 2012

guest12699 guest12699

How do u listen to it backwards?

5:20PM Wed, December 05 2012

guest62383 guest62383

shut the fuck up the person that is talking about the bible is wright the illumanati is growing stronger and judgement day is coming and we have to be ready for it whatever you do listen and be free dont worry and trust me I graduated bible school so believe in the bible and what people say about it and also the world by lil wayne when he said im gonna take my spaceship and im gone and im gone he gonna pick the world up and im gonna drop it on your fuckin head what he mean when is the end

9:04AM Fri, December 07 2012

guest51623 guest51623

Kanya West had an a crash in a Lamborghini and broke his jaw and losing all his teeth weeping moaning Lamborghini showed mercy because it saved his life

9:18PM Sat, December 08 2012

guest63316 guest63316

Laughing my ass of reading this comments

10:53AM Fri, December 14 2012

guest22543 guest22543

I thought the illuminati was "roped off" or "tied into" whatever you want to say with the free masons . It's an underground government from like the 1930s and the "all seeing eye" meant the government was watching over us . Could it be a possibility they're just making an attempt to brainwash some people & turn it into something it's not ? I mean I'm not saying y'all are all wrong I just heard this off the history channel .

6:25AM Sat, December 15 2012

guest91884 guest91884


7:38PM Sat, December 15 2012

guest57170 guest57170

You guys are retarded. Just because the song has that reference, it makes it Satanic? The Bible has that line in it too, so is it for devil worshippers? And no one seems to remember Kanye made Jesus Walks a few years ago. But that's irrelevant, huh? I'm a Christian and I like this song. So I'm going to hell because of it? I think not. Seriously, stop overthinking crap people, dang.

3:12PM Wed, January 02 2013

guest25180 guest25180

Ok listen its all wrong at first i liked the song play it backwords tpac was maybe getting back to god and they killed him Katy Pery's song is about mine control if u look in the bible it says the sounds of bells teeth grinding on the innocent kids will 1 day rule the world so if they use this on little kids making them try to hate on god and make sure no more people will go to heaven so my opinion is to read the bible stay in touch with God and teach the kids good

12:56AM Fri, January 04 2013

guest94896 guest94896

Their satanists

6:12PM Tue, January 08 2013

guest82787 guest82787

guyz its all about satanic in hip hop & rnb dnt west yo time

7:14PM Sun, February 17 2013

guest98613 guest98613

You guys are all wrong! Here is the first verse backwards. "We killed God in the Satanic temple, bitch. We ain't poppin up the devil we poppin rich. God ain't nothin if we study him. So kill him." This is the worst part: "Murder, Murder, Jesus with a 666. So "Lamborghini Mercy" means God is nothing and they killed him in the satanic temple. In other words: They want God to go to hell.

1:40PM Fri, March 15 2013

guest16568 guest16568

fuvk this song this has to deal with the illuminati and all these hit rappers out here thse days are in the illuminati like jayz and kanye big sean lilwayne two chainz and more look up more about the illumiati and you will learn what im talking about

12:09PM Sat, March 16 2013

guest61389 guest61389

The songs about a fucking lamborgini not hell or the devil or any bible shit

9:36AM Thu, April 04 2013

guest61389 guest61389

Lamborghini mercielago thats y pusha ts says: Lambo, mercie-lago

9:39AM Thu, April 04 2013

butthole butthole

faggit bitch

7:53PM Sun, April 14 2013

butthole butthole


7:53PM Sun, April 14 2013

butthole butthole

my penis is huge

7:53PM Sun, April 14 2013

butthole butthole


7:54PM Sun, April 14 2013

butthole butthole

go to hell kanye west

7:54PM Sun, April 14 2013

butthole butthole

read this backwards

7:55PM Sun, April 14 2013

butthole butthole

eguh si sinep ym

7:55PM Sun, April 14 2013

butthole butthole

fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@$$H()l3S

7:56PM Sun, April 14 2013

guest77618 guest77618

It is atheist and about devil worshiping I am Christian and it makes me Mad so yeah

5:11PM Mon, April 29 2013

guest77618 guest77618

Weeping and moaning=the sound of the dead Human beings being tourtured by the devil Gnashing of teeth=the evil Demond's feasting on the poor souls When it comes to my sound belive=means the devil is the champ over god (not true god and Jesus rule) and that u should follow him and all of his ways

5:33PM Mon, April 29 2013

guest77618 guest77618

I forgot to seperate the gnashing of teeth and the when it comes to my sound belive part sort if it cunfused u

5:35PM Mon, April 29 2013

guest24172 guest24172

Eguh llits si kcid ym

7:34PM Mon, April 29 2013

guest86668 guest86668

i think you're all a bunch of cunts

10:00AM Fri, May 24 2013

guest86668 guest86668

i think you're all a bunch of cunts

10:00AM Fri, May 24 2013

guest44159 guest44159

I laughed so much at this crap!! I love how everyone so serious over stupid shit!! Just shut the fuck and not listen 2 the song if you have a problem with it and stop fucking moaning about how everything is evil!! Your ass is probably evil!! So fucktards go eat a dick and ima keep listening to whatever the fuck I want!! Cause god has forgiven all of our sins!! Even the pope sins so shut up gaaa!! Stupidity from people

5:30AM Sat, June 15 2013

guest90189 guest90189

you guys are crazy

8:06PM Sun, August 04 2013

guest63832 guest63832

Damn all you are retarded go do something productive and for the Christians pay no attention to the music and go evangelize.

1:31PM Wed, February 26

anonymous Anonymous

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