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There are two sisters: one gives birth to the other and she, in turn, gives birth to the first. What are they?

12:00AM Sat, May 08 2010

0772510ad1949749eb01397db71fe57a_normal @6t8upoi

Night and Day :)

12:08AM Sat, May 08 2010

Cinnamoroll1_normal @blazingliatris

night and day (or the sun and the moon if you prefer)

12:36AM Sat, May 08 2010

38d7f024a5ccee66d4d6ae8253d71199_normal @SrPablo

Be they pregnant doctors?

12:40AM Sat, May 08 2010

Prime_normal @eRonin

the only thing I can think of right now would be the two daughter cells produced in mitosis, haha. (I'm a biology student)

1:36AM Sat, May 08 2010

26610_351434029309_510829309_3367694_2164959_n_normal @tobylee_thatsme

night and day

1:42AM Sat, May 08 2010

Klaus_icon_normal @NewburyCap

(A grandfather paradox.) Night and Day.

2:39AM Sat, May 08 2010

guest14494 guest14494

Night and Day... I think!

5:31AM Sun, October 07 2012

anonymous Anonymous

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