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1D QUIZ::: what is the name of Harry Styles cat?

3:46PM Sat, January 08 2011

2bcde06301096a223e8625837d4e7061_normal @sian_hearts_TW Nathan's Bed LOL JK Nottingham

dusty ;).

3:47PM Sat, January 08 2011

Lksdf_normal @bieber101xx

DUSTY!!!! Xx

3:47PM Sat, January 08 2011

Numero_woo_solo_normal @EleanorLCB

dusty :)

3:49PM Sat, January 08 2011

guest88221 guest88221

dusty easy

5:38PM Thu, April 19 2012

guest72490 guest72490

is it a boy or girl?

3:56AM Tue, May 15 2012

guest14964 guest14964

Dusty or Molly depends what website you read...

7:54PM Thu, May 31 2012

guest51408 guest51408

One website said Darwin i don't think it's that though

8:57AM Fri, June 01 2012

guest82572 guest82572


10:41AM Sat, June 02 2012

guest47261 guest47261

is it Molly or Dusty I think Dusty

9:00PM Wed, June 06 2012

guest93642 guest93642


7:00AM Thu, June 14 2012

guest93642 guest93642

Woophs dusty

7:01AM Thu, June 14 2012

guest69308 guest69308


4:10PM Thu, June 14 2012

guest16201 guest16201

Dusty or Molly it really depends though

10:37AM Mon, June 18 2012

guest17233 guest17233


1:07PM Fri, June 22 2012

guest32919 guest32919


8:58PM Fri, June 22 2012

guest53822 guest53822

Dusty or Molly

6:08AM Sat, June 23 2012

guest74630 guest74630


8:53PM Tue, June 26 2012

guest43417 guest43417


11:12PM Mon, July 02 2012

guest22904 guest22904

Dusty Styles xD da cat:)

4:35PM Sat, July 14 2012

guest44583 guest44583

Dusty :)) <33 I love Harry <33

12:24AM Sun, July 22 2012

guest60530 guest60530


6:50PM Sat, July 28 2012

guest60530 guest60530


6:50PM Sat, July 28 2012

guest42181 guest42181


1:50PM Tue, July 31 2012

guest73678 guest73678


1:02PM Wed, August 01 2012

guest99740 guest99740

Molly I love zayn

9:57AM Tue, August 07 2012

guest16432 guest16432

Dusty. Not Molly. I've talked to Zayn and Harry. It is Dusty.

9:20AM Fri, August 17 2012

guest56151 guest56151

You have not talked to ayn and Harry you big fat liar!

8:23AM Wed, August 22 2012

guest58522 guest58522


2:29PM Sat, August 25 2012

guest50409 guest50409

Dusty and you can talk to them if your on there chat:)

4:09PM Sat, August 25 2012

guest85317 guest85317

Dusty dah pussy cat

6:22PM Sat, September 29 2012

guest54284 guest54284

i think its dusty i was wandering wich it was (i think it's ether dusty or molly) my nehbor's dog's name is dusty

10:05PM Tue, October 16 2012

guest76350 guest76350


7:13PM Sat, November 03 2012

guest55560 guest55560


11:31AM Sat, November 24 2012

guest95906 guest95906


6:16PM Tue, November 27 2012

guest56029 guest56029


5:52PM Thu, December 13 2012

guest92893 guest92893

dusty or molly i cant remeber

10:00AM Tue, December 25 2012

guest58502 guest58502


10:24PM Fri, December 28 2012

guest58502 guest58502

I love harry styles

10:25PM Fri, December 28 2012

guest11091 guest11091


3:08AM Wed, January 02 2013

guest48861 guest48861

My cats name is DUSTY (: ~Harry styles

3:45AM Fri, January 11 2013

guest80905 guest80905

DUSTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAA BUDDIEEEEEEEEEE

3:53PM Tue, February 19 2013

guest31639 guest31639

It thought it was Molly but Harry Said it was Dusty.. I love Himm ...

2:04PM Wed, March 06 2013

guest38321 guest38321

guest48861 you dirty cunt ur not harry stop lying and if you r sorry for calling you a cunt

11:17PM Tue, May 07 2013

guest19753 guest19753

guest38321 she was just quoting harry. harry said that but shes not harry

10:49PM Sun, July 14 2013

guest44216 guest44216

hey NIALL it's a 1d fan and I want to no what's your favorite thing to do at home do you no how to dance just like ME and MY friend NATALIE can you show us your dance moves

6:52PM Sat, November 09 2013

guest44216 guest44216

hi LIAM it's a 1d fan and I want to no what's your favorite song IM a 1d fan and MY favorite song is up all night I love that song hey LIAM is that your favorite song

7:23PM Sat, November 09 2013

guest44216 guest44216

hey harry it's a 1d fan and I have a question for you what's your favorite thing to do on Christmas morning harry styles

7:33PM Sat, November 09 2013

guest76072 guest76072


7:47PM Sun, February 02

guest91576 guest91576

Dusty/Molly in the making video there were two cats

9:17AM Sun, May 04

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