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What does it mean when u dream of a wedding AND a funeral in 1 night?

2:23AM Mon, June 11 2012

Facebookhomescreenimage_normal @Omontle01 South Africa

both usually represent a new beginning or dramatic change of some sort.

2:24AM Mon, June 11 2012

Aeb0b88a38162df76cc79b532c9092a7_normal @thandozee Where u @ I'm there

. Wedding usually means death n vice versa guess there are chances ul experience both☹ or just a dream

2:25AM Mon, June 11 2012

Img-20120616-wa005_normal @DaKwin09 PTA

its only just a dream. but, I would pray about it just to be on the safe side.

2:25AM Mon, June 11 2012

Img00744-20120324-1726_normal @magud2z ÜT: -26.468517,...

fafi!! Mchaina

2:27AM Mon, June 11 2012

Img00230-20120318-1410_normal @Aaronvukosi Johannesburg

it simple means ya got get married soon bt ya marriage won't last all...that's what I think

2:27AM Mon, June 11 2012

Midrand-20120603-00380_normal @mcheristo Centurion

it means there's gon a wedding an a funeral.

2:28AM Mon, June 11 2012

341166860_normal @knocksman ÜT: -25.8132843...

Contradict dream... Usualy funeral means wedding & wedding means funeral.

2:31AM Mon, June 11 2012

Fabulous_normal @gizandi

its a beautiful nightmare_just kidding. Ask ur mom or any old person, they know to interpret dreams

2:33AM Mon, June 11 2012

Picmix-962012-8459_normal @Mpume_MF Durban

depends on which you dreamt first, could mean, shortly after a death, luck shall follow, or vice versa..

2:33AM Mon, June 11 2012

Vinolia_20002_normal @masterchere Sebokeng

intepreted in sotho a funeral means a wedding is on da cards 4 some1 close to u or evn u.

2:43AM Mon, June 11 2012

Moi_normal @DopeAza

I dreamt of three late folks in two separate dreams in 1 night, what could it mean?#Help

2:44AM Mon, June 11 2012

3ef6e97cb521a5e1c70200a763cb71a0_normal @Goitse_Gee Pretoria, RSA

that's some scrary ish Mpho, once googled it and it aint good news..check it out 4urself! * i don't mean to scare you*

2:46AM Mon, June 11 2012

2674fa18d89404a0fe16cef0d61ae94a_normal @nyanisomphikwa

#Help kuya dependa kuthi bekwenza kalan ephuphweni, I think or it could be that you miss them?

2:50AM Mon, June 11 2012

Default_profile_1_normal @tshepokesi

according to my belief, a wedding means death in your family.

2:52AM Mon, June 11 2012

Img-20120615-00634_normal @UKgole Limpopo


3:16AM Mon, June 11 2012

Pinetown-20111119-00111_normal @NgwaneZN Durban KZN

it just means u had a little too much chocolate cake the night before :-(

4:01AM Mon, June 11 2012

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