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At the main electricity box, 'Earth Leakage' keeps tripping. What does this mean? #Twoogle Do I need an electrician?

2:15AM Sun, July 01 2012

Iev-22june2012_1340378788465_normal @JZastrau Randburg, South Africa

. Switch off & unplug everything. Then switch the mains on, plug things in one by one & u can see what is tripping. Good luck

2:18AM Sun, July 01 2012

Images_normal @anzaam1 Pretoria S.A

thers probably smthng wrong with yo plugs...

2:18AM Sun, July 01 2012

7fb81ef0c4d8b7748e38b6961c817a09_normal @iamDavincy Johannesburg


2:18AM Sun, July 01 2012

Default_profile_1_normal @vja1961 South Africa

would be safer. U can do process of elimination - what did I put on when it tripped, check the plug.

2:18AM Sun, July 01 2012

J-zg_-wr_normal @angelo2711

1 of your appliances is overloading the system - heater, stove or microwave... try switching each off to find the problem child

2:19AM Sun, July 01 2012

49f51bf3010f47c432868a34bf654810_normal @LotsmanLyfstyl

#Twoogle yep. The electrician will be able to assist you.

2:19AM Sun, July 01 2012

Kszyprnm_normal @Ka5ello

Earth leakage is a fail safe against electrical shorts. 1 of your plugs or appliances are shorting. Unplug each to trouble shoot

2:19AM Sun, July 01 2012

Q4bgcb9z_normal @nkosibonile Cape Town

Not necessarily. Could be a faulty appliance in your house. Unplug everything and then flip it up and ...

2:20AM Sun, July 01 2012

Les_20in_20hd_normal @lessindne

Lol shame girl there's 2 heavy for the Leakage it could b anything even a keetle.I should be your handy

2:21AM Sun, July 01 2012

Taylormade_barca_ball_normal @stevenbocher

something is plugged in that is tripping it. Start by removing everything that is (cont)

2:21AM Sun, July 01 2012

Fcba91006cf37558c038c7322167aba7_normal @PabiMoloi

Thanks! I located the problem. Solved!

2:22AM Sun, July 01 2012

Default_profile_1_normal @jt1725

Some izinyoka, izinyoka around.

2:22AM Sun, July 01 2012

Image_normal @tebzm South Africa

unplug all appliances, switch it back on.switch them one by one evntlly u'll find the culprit

2:24AM Sun, July 01 2012

91cdc0cf2024eaf08d76b9416f9dd259_normal @cxtys_ Maseru Rd Z8 Meadowlands Sw2

o na le #short!! Get an #electric!!

2:25AM Sun, July 01 2012

Ibm-tivoli_normal @AbdulMahamed1

If you move the switches down. Then switch on earth leakage. Then one by one till earth trips it will give you a hint of the prob

2:26AM Sun, July 01 2012

250c1cbaf54d993700282b79e1c553fa_normal @tinted01 Trace Me Not

1 of your plugs is the causing it ..its probably short or something..unplug everything and plug it in one by one to check which 1

2:26AM Sun, July 01 2012

B5b9cab70e9ce2e2da80d6bf13dfa190_normal @gabrielhlongwa Durban,Pinetown...

it means baleka and call an electrician for help....

2:27AM Sun, July 01 2012

344908789_normal @musckandy hawaii

drop the main one switch off all your plugs nd lift em one by one the one that drops the main is the ...

2:28AM Sun, July 01 2012

Img00651-20120614-1111_normal @charritym Johannesburg

means ders sumthing causing it 2 trap, cud b an iron, heater, kettle, anythng dt is NT workn well or a stove dt had water on it

2:31AM Sun, July 01 2012

335994990_normal @kelehirt Johannesburg, south africa

u reconnect ur appliences one by one to c wich one makes it to trip.

2:31AM Sun, July 01 2012

J-zg_-wr_normal @angelo2711

glad to hear it. It might mean that your '3rd phase' is damaged (non political tweet).

2:31AM Sun, July 01 2012

4pq0aa-6_normal @awisto

Maybe you have a faulty appliance switched on ,unplug everything and switch on the E/L

2:31AM Sun, July 01 2012

Facebookhomescreenimage_normal @ndana01 Durban

Switch off all ur aplliances. Switch them on 1 at a time. The one appliance that trips ur earth leakage is the cause.

2:32AM Sun, July 01 2012

Image_normal @jandbrak32

ja, you need to phone some one to come and help you. There is a leakage somewhere.

2:34AM Sun, July 01 2012

0cae2352fa655e80d60561c7ca6bd4de_normal @skeelo3

since its earth leakage that's faulty, calling an electrician would be a good idea.

2:37AM Sun, July 01 2012

Dscf1547_normal @dugago

overload rt there,it should not thou,call 1 thou to find fault

2:52AM Sun, July 01 2012

_e2_80_a0john-ross_20l_normal @greenshareSA Green Share HQ

your load was probably too much, you needed to unplug 1 or 2 appliances to release the earth leakage..

3:35AM Sun, July 01 2012

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