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What does "no filter" mean and why do people hashtag it on instagram?

4:09AM Tue, July 03 2012

Image_normal @KarinaKlink

they didn't use an edit thing.

4:12AM Tue, July 03 2012

88b7899cade2a4e68ef2f69a7f49bee1_normal @MariahKarm

Oh, I guess tht almost makes sense. Haha thanks ☺

4:15AM Tue, July 03 2012

Image_normal @KeelinRae

it means they didn't edit it

2:34PM Tue, July 03 2012

88b7899cade2a4e68ef2f69a7f49bee1_normal @MariahKarm

Yeah Karina told me last night haha I don't get why it isn't "no edit". No filter doesn't make sense. At least to me haha.

2:36PM Tue, July 03 2012

guest52402 guest52402

I was wondering the same thing loool

10:16PM Sun, October 14 2012

guest87550 guest87550


5:46AM Sun, October 28 2012

guest70771 guest70771

because editing can include cropping, red eye, etc. "no filter" means they did nothing that effects the picture as a whole (change the saturation, make it sepia, etc.)

9:36PM Fri, January 18 2013

guest24276 guest24276


8:58PM Fri, April 05 2013

guest76566 guest76566


2:57AM Thu, May 09 2013

guest22593 guest22593

lol you guys are dumb

11:23PM Sat, May 25 2013

guest88939 guest88939

i always wondered that to!! i just dont get it why not just put no edit!

10:21PM Fri, June 28 2013

guest88695 guest88695

no clue???

9:48PM Sun, July 07 2013

guest41522 guest41522


7:38PM Sat, July 20 2013

guest22637 guest22637

cuz bitches be CRAZY!

4:02AM Mon, August 05 2013

guest40437 guest40437


1:12PM Thu, August 08 2013

guest81583 guest81583

Bitches be cray cray

12:32PM Sun, August 11 2013

guest92809 guest92809

it means no BS

5:20AM Thu, August 22 2013

anonymous Anonymous

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