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5a0e874ce2698fe4d1da0614bab0c12c_normal @MsKatrinaLynn CHICAGO/GLOBAL/DIVA'VILLE/

Okay, you know that song, "Bands will make her dance?" What do THAT mean, in the literal sense? Or?

2:52AM Wed, July 04 2012

Profile_normal @MsLatoya_Nicole Chicago, Chicago

Bandz is money (rubber bandz around stacks of cash) the song is for strip clubs #BandzaMakeHerDance

2:55AM Wed, July 04 2012

5a0e874ce2698fe4d1da0614bab0c12c_normal @MsKatrinaLynn CHICAGO/GLOBAL/...

. Omg!!! Thank you!! Dang I'm so out of the loop, lol!☺

3:00AM Wed, July 04 2012

guest82679 guest82679

Thank Yhu !

4:37PM Fri, September 21 2012

guest32389 guest32389

No it refers to new strippers! When they first strip they wear bands around their eyes so they won't get nervous! It's never the obvious people!

8:18AM Sat, September 22 2012

guest32389 guest32389

^^^^^ CORRECT!

8:21AM Sat, September 22 2012

guest69910 guest69910

i was told it was heroin... bands, that you put around your arm before you inject it.

11:24PM Sun, September 23 2012

guest13853 guest13853

Its talking about bands around money. The more bands they pop open she the more she dance. Juicy j mentions that in the beginning of the song

10:13PM Tue, September 25 2012

guest12056 guest12056

Yed it is the rubber band around a stack of cash

1:19PM Fri, October 05 2012

guest11839 guest11839

omg i didnt no dis

9:28PM Sun, October 07 2012

guest79270 guest79270

me eitha

11:47PM Sun, October 07 2012

guest15202 guest15202

when they say "bandz" i thought to myself... bands... what could they mean in a literal sense... then it hit me..... they are obviously talking about marching bands...!?!??!

1:35PM Mon, October 08 2012

guest66557 guest66557

Man all yall mutha fucks are stupid as fuck bandz is the same as a bank roll its $1000 in 20s

1:16PM Tue, October 16 2012

guest71430 guest71430

^^^ rude!

6:42PM Wed, October 17 2012

guest15161 guest15161

It just doesn't make sense. "Bandz a maker her dance"? Really????? First of all what is "Bandz a"?

6:13AM Thu, October 18 2012

guest97851 guest97851

l0l0o00llll ^ i know bands a make her dance....huh? it's just catchy but degrading.

6:50PM Thu, October 18 2012

guest71673 guest71673


7:01PM Thu, October 18 2012

guest85947 guest85947

i thought it was bandz THAT make her dance... thats what i hear everytime he sings.........

7:35PM Fri, October 19 2012

guest60082 guest60082

Bullets make her dance and prance.

12:37AM Sun, October 21 2012

guest23304 guest23304

I thought it was bands gone (gonna) make her dance

1:32PM Thu, October 25 2012

guest17693 guest17693

When I man comes in with so much money its banded in stack!!! The strippers will crowd around and dance!!

2:13PM Thu, October 25 2012

guest89563 guest89563

Bands a make her dance, Tunechi make her cum.. hit it from the side like a motherfucking base drum

8:13AM Tue, October 30 2012

guest91169 guest91169

Ok yall stupid y yall dont know anything yall aint bout that life furil!

10:03PM Wed, October 31 2012

guest91169 guest91169

And yes the first aanswer wazzzzz correct thankyou very much guest32389

10:05PM Wed, October 31 2012

guest55157 guest55157

Bands is street slang for $1000,

12:36AM Thu, November 01 2012

guest82301 guest82301

aight yall cmon now like fur3a! yall tryn@ get aL1 up in dis bu$inasS lik watchu think!n bbooooiiii

2:01PM Thu, November 01 2012

guest18801 guest18801

Definitely marching bands

1:33PM Fri, November 02 2012

guest31145 guest31145

Yall Dum Af

2:37PM Fri, November 02 2012

guest46587 guest46587

H I L A r I O U S - bandz a make her dance, Really?!?!

11:14AM Sat, November 03 2012

guest64894 guest64894

How is a song for strippers degrading for women who want to be strippers as if they are forced...smh

2:09AM Tue, November 06 2012

guest19388 guest19388

you people are so stupid

12:11PM Tue, November 06 2012

guest19388 guest19388

dont talk like a nigger i bet your white

12:12PM Tue, November 06 2012

guest37476 guest37476

wedding bands

4:20PM Tue, November 06 2012

guest98389 guest98389

Wedding bands hahaha

7:01PM Wed, November 07 2012

guest47750 guest47750

Your face is my toilet!!!

3:31AM Sun, November 11 2012

guest68996 guest68996

Jesus christ. This is the most ridiculous thread I've ever read in my entire life. Guest32389, we can all see that you replied to your own retarded comment.

10:31AM Mon, November 12 2012

guest95341 guest95341


9:15PM Mon, November 12 2012

guest68048 guest68048

Bands/Bandz, in verb form, surround (an object) with something in the form of a strip or ring, typically for reinforcement or decoration. In our authors depiction it would appear that the female dancer is the nucleus of the band and that the male admirers, forming a physical membrane around the dancer, are the band themselves. This literal translation would help us conclude that the band of men is in fact the catalyst for making the striper to dance. Truly deep stuff Mr. Juicy.

2:05PM Tue, November 13 2012

guest45404 guest45404

HAha guest68048 i can not help but to say that you! I am laughing so hard right now!

8:23PM Tue, November 13 2012

guest45404 guest45404

Thank you* not that you!

8:24PM Tue, November 13 2012

guest89770 guest89770

This is the funnist discussion I've seen in a while... if y'all don't know what it means why are u listening lol but it does has a hard to define meaning lol

8:19PM Wed, November 14 2012

guest77522 guest77522

Wow. Anyone can make up a stupid song and become famous. I bet if someone farts into a microphone everyone here right now would be arguing if it was "pppprrrrfffffttttt" or fffpppppprrrrrtttttt". Idiots.

9:07PM Thu, November 15 2012

guest85491 guest85491

rubber bands around money

9:42PM Fri, November 16 2012

guest46035 guest46035

Its hilarious how some of these bitches up in here talk shit about oh Ya'll stupid as a muthafucker for not knowing the meaning or the lufestyle. Yes yes we do not because unlike your rachet daydreaming wishing you haf money like that we are actually working and have a high school diploma not a droo out who finalky went back to school in their 20s for a G.e.D and working at mcdonalds.

10:12PM Sat, November 17 2012

guest87613 guest87613


1:10PM Mon, November 19 2012

guest74283 guest74283

Hmm... apparently you struggled in grammar class? Glad I don't lead a "lufestyle" such as this singer.

11:05PM Tue, November 20 2012

guest18246 guest18246

anybody tryin to clown somebody while typin like an 12 year old needs stop lol

11:29AM Wed, November 21 2012

guest77698 guest77698

It means bands on money and when you pip them off they dance more.! Thats what it means to me.!

9:20AM Fri, November 23 2012

guest86375 guest86375

I love reading the educated well written posts. So many stupid niggers on this thread. A bunch of Obama supporters.

5:20PM Fri, November 23 2012

guest21899 guest21899


7:36PM Fri, November 23 2012

guest32494 guest32494

First off guest46035 YOU ARE AN IDIOT. Your grammar is pathetic. Secondly all you idiots in here obviously didn't know what it meant because you searched it an found this forum!

1:02AM Sat, November 24 2012

guest32494 guest32494

WTF is a droo out you clown! Guest86375 amen to your comment!

1:04AM Sat, November 24 2012

guest52605 guest52605

I'm dying! Hahaha marching bands! Best answer ever!

9:03PM Sun, November 25 2012

guest52605 guest52605

And no, thankfully, "I ain't bout dat life"....I'm much better at speaking properly and earning money in a respectful manner. But propz to you homie fa thinkin that talkin like dis makes you gangsta.

9:07PM Sun, November 25 2012

guest85786 guest85786

LOL, all of you are a fucking embarrassment to our generation. Please.. learn how to spell (/.-)

9:51PM Sun, November 25 2012

guest21015 guest21015

Just googled this and read all the comments. People have no life to actually reply and waste their time. Oh and some talking about at least having a HS Diploma. Bitch I got my Bachelor and now my Masters. But I bet all the females in here would strip if I was to bring a couple bandz a make em dance lol.

12:26AM Tue, November 27 2012

guest18832 guest18832


12:56PM Tue, November 27 2012

guest62553 guest62553

hahahaa ^^ guest 21015

3:17PM Tue, November 27 2012

guest16200 guest16200

Hilarious... You people are very intertaining lol

11:27PM Tue, November 27 2012

guest16200 guest16200


11:29PM Tue, November 27 2012

guest15213 guest15213


5:15PM Wed, November 28 2012

guest42881 guest42881


7:24PM Wed, November 28 2012

guest32936 guest32936

Juicy J is a poet, we will never be able to decipher this masterpiece...

8:10PM Wed, November 28 2012

guest56798 guest56798

Guest15213 - Childish Gambino?

12:38PM Thu, November 29 2012

guest60759 guest60759

Bandz A Make Her Dance is about the Dave Matthews Band and other similar bands. She likes to dance whenever bands perform. The reason why Bands are so important to her is because these days there are more solo singers out there in the top 40 mainstream charts and it's hard to find a full successful band nowadays, so she's looking for bands that will make her dance. Solo singers or "groups" like Black Eyed Peas just aren't good enough. She only wants BANDS.

5:00PM Fri, November 30 2012

guest60759 guest60759

Childish Gambino's "Heartbeat" was severely underrated.

5:01PM Fri, November 30 2012

guest10425 guest10425

I danced for many "bandz" for almost 5 years! I achieved my Master's Degree last spring and I still don't make the money that I made dancing back in the early 2000's! Shiiiiiit!

5:25PM Fri, November 30 2012

guest75130 guest75130

Awe I thought it was Strippers selling they body

9:22PM Fri, November 30 2012

guest15472 guest15472

You are all stupid niggers learn some proper grammer then maybe you can all get off your lazy asses and get a fucking job you niggers. Darn porch monkeys.

11:49AM Sun, December 02 2012

guest20638 guest20638

Elastic bands. Prior to his success, Juicy Jay worked at an office supply store. He would throw elastic bands a females and watched them "dance" as they attempted to evade being his target. He thinks this is a successful way of approaching a potential mate rather than the conventional greeting. Clearly, Juicy Jay is a man of action.

5:00PM Sun, December 02 2012

guest81575 guest81575

Ohhh so thats what it

7:11PM Mon, December 03 2012

guest22769 guest22769

You guys are gay

4:54PM Tue, December 04 2012

guest84637 guest84637

White people these days

8:15PM Tue, December 04 2012

guest11337 guest11337

guest20638... excellent!

11:28PM Tue, December 04 2012

guest60243 guest60243

Guest86375 who the fuck you thing you talkin 2 sayin a bunch of niggers down there like your pussy needs to stop honky

7:27PM Wed, December 05 2012

guest50057 guest50057

I can not believe I am reading this right now.. Wow!! O.o

9:48PM Wed, December 05 2012

guest50057 guest50057

Guest21015 said we all had no lives in replying to this post... Then you have no life as well. Right? O.o

9:52PM Wed, December 05 2012

guest26244 guest26244

OK...besides the unnecessary racial comments this is by far the funniest post I've come across and laughing so hard I'm crying. I love intelligent comical people. Now pop them darn bands to make my white girl/black girl booty!

11:45PM Wed, December 05 2012

guest22789 guest22789

I'm so damn old! (30) . This shit was getting on my nerves. Thanks!

11:29AM Thu, December 06 2012

guest68570 guest68570

Never too old to keep up with slang. I have 2 teen girls and thankfully they dont listen to this. Why I do is just as a puzzle as the song. Lol

7:39AM Sun, December 09 2012

guest26413 guest26413

Bandz to make her dance means like bandz is the money so if you give strippers bandz thats what makes them dance. So strippers dance for you if you give them money that is why they call it bandz to make her dance.

11:05PM Mon, December 10 2012

guest31387 guest31387

THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!! seriously made my day hahhahaha

5:23PM Tue, December 11 2012

olesgluhit42003 olesgluhit42003 Kentucky


6:58PM Tue, December 11 2012

guest48089 guest48089

lmao wow... this is going a bit too far over just one simple question...

7:21PM Tue, December 11 2012

guest85152 guest85152

I thought it was when you walk in on your dog bare cock fucking your cat in a room and you stay to watch.

7:02PM Sat, December 15 2012

guest95590 guest95590

Okay I'm black girl and honestly I don't feel that there's a problem with women dancing for "banz" I mean if that's what they want to do, not that I could ever do it. And there is absolutely know need for the racial slurs, it's not cute. Plus I was curious about the meaning of the song and I thought this whole thing was hilarious!!!!

12:14AM Sun, December 16 2012

guest83383 guest83383

Stripping is on some low level shit...Wtf are they going to be doing as an occupation to support their 6 kids with no baby daddies when they are in their 40's?? Go to school ratchet bitches and get yourself a degree and actually learn something instead of trying to get around on your sluty personality..

2:29AM Sun, December 16 2012

guest36979 guest36979

When U get a brand new stack of. 50 x $20.00=$1000 from thw bank it come with a paper band shown here:

6:37PM Sun, December 16 2012

guest36902 guest36902

See that's was why I didn't get it. I never carry cash. My strippers take Rush Cards on their iPads. "Cardz a make her dance!"

12:31PM Mon, December 17 2012

guest31574 guest31574

Y'all is so retarded it is about rubberbandz around stacks of money and the racial outbursts are really offensive

11:07PM Tue, December 18 2012

guest60748 guest60748

You stupid fuckers dissapoint us blacks don't listen to our music I f. You dont understand it damnn rns

12:35AM Thu, December 20 2012

guest47968 guest47968

In southafrica it its a mercedese benz make her dance so since sice we always change how we spell words in our generation e.g krayze bout u(crayze about you) that's why they also say bandz a make here dance(bands make her dance).if you are smart you will under stand its a mercedece benz.

3:45AM Fri, December 21 2012

guest82763 guest82763

Lol all this drama just for a simple question

8:08AM Sun, December 23 2012

guest88848 guest88848

Now who ever that bitch is talking about niggers and sayin they're lazy can go to hell. Racism is over! Get a life. Cause hoes like you can get it! Get your ass beat playing around with them words. Stupid ass hoe!right all we needed was an answer not all that ignorant shit. The fuck is wrong with y'all?

4:21PM Sun, December 23 2012

guest55896 guest55896

unfortunately racism is not over its well and thriving.

3:10AM Mon, December 24 2012

guest42393 guest42393

what does tunchei make her cum mean ?? totallly cunfused . && most people "aint bout that life" .

2:11PM Mon, December 24 2012

guest87393 guest87393

Google is your friend When someone's music becomes so pathetic that they need to tune it so their chi and everyone who listens to it won't be so outta whack. Lil Wayne's latest CD was making me unable to eat, sleep, and watch my favorite web shows on so I'm hoping that he will tunechi or I'll have to start listening to eminem.

10:37PM Mon, December 24 2012

guest24600 guest24600

Lol yes its band around money and specifically $1000.

4:27PM Wed, December 26 2012

guest75985 guest75985

When he says tunchei make her cum he is referring to hiself, Cause he always says tunchei in all his songs, bands a make her dance means the bands around money, Cause strippers love money and they dance

7:30PM Fri, December 28 2012

guest89318 guest89318

Maybe its Vans, the shoes, they make her dance.

2:43PM Sun, December 30 2012

guest85152 guest85152

What does it mean when you watch your dogs big bare cock penetrate another dogs tight pink ass hole? Just curious guys

3:20PM Sun, December 30 2012

guest83708 guest83708


5:34AM Mon, December 31 2012

guest72181 guest72181


6:04PM Mon, December 31 2012

guest18392 guest18392

These comments were hilarious minus the uneducated racially motivated slurs!!! I am LMBO at these responses. ......

4:18PM Thu, January 03 2013

guest91042 guest91042

"bandz" is nigger talk for money. lol

8:06PM Sat, January 05 2013

guest22181 guest22181

1:03AM Sun, January 06 2013

guest93123 guest93123

LMAO!!!! after crying whole morning, you guys made my day!!!

6:22AM Mon, January 07 2013

guest31361 guest31361

*sigh* smh...if it even matters anymore...bandz in my opinion is money. Bandz around the stacks. That money a make her dance. They just probably add the "a" cause it sounds better or something...idk and really idgaf. If the song is catchy then just shut the fuck up about that racial shit. Those who stoop that low are all the same so please. Shut up and enjoy

11:05PM Tue, January 08 2013

guest61653 guest61653

It's about shooting rubber band guns at strippers and since they don't want to get shot they dance around trying to avoid the sting of the Charlie Horse. Great Jam!

11:11PM Tue, January 08 2013

guest90456 guest90456

Bands are the rubber bands around 1,000 dollars exactly so the more bands he pop and throw her money that'll make her dance

8:08AM Thu, January 10 2013

guest54294 guest54294

I thought it says Ben's will make her dance like Ben Franklin. is on a one hundred bill.

11:35PM Thu, January 10 2013

guest32699 guest32699

This song is just degrading like bands will make her dance? Really? Lol come on

12:50PM Fri, January 11 2013

guest32699 guest32699

I'm a big ass hoe but I don't care this song is dope so quit hatin y'all bitchezzz

12:52PM Fri, January 11 2013

guest85022 guest85022

Wtf Stop Being Racist I Will Beat The Shit Out Of You!

6:48PM Fri, January 11 2013

guest54102 guest54102

I wana beeee a stripper just to say I fucking did it

11:10AM Sat, January 12 2013

guest82451 guest82451

stfu niggers

2:36PM Sat, January 12 2013

guest88151 guest88151

hell, i had to look it up, but loved readin all this shit talkin..u ppl crack me up thanku for keepin shit real.

2:39PM Mon, January 14 2013

guest57143 guest57143

MXM its money u foooooools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! geeeeeeeeeeee duh!!

4:26AM Tue, January 15 2013

guest25914 guest25914

It means rubber bands

6:45PM Fri, January 18 2013

guest52156 guest52156

bands is wads of $1000.... That's it :L

8:36AM Sun, January 20 2013

guest29768 guest29768

ray baynz will make her dance u dumb fucks!

12:02PM Tue, January 22 2013

guest97919 guest97919

To the person who keeps saying the N bomb...why the fuck are you even commenting? You obviously think you are too good for hip hop but are curious about bandz...i think you secretly want a big black cock. Idiot

6:39PM Tue, January 22 2013

guest34410 guest34410

no the white bitch want a big black dick down her mamas throat

8:22PM Fri, January 25 2013

guest34410 guest34410

or a big black dick in her dead grandmas ass

8:23PM Fri, January 25 2013

guest45823 guest45823

Ok, all of you guys are retarded as hell, sitting here arguing over nothing. I already knew the meaning of the song. I just wanted to see what everyone else was saying. But I come to find out that this is big troll group going on LOL! What a waste of time. Imma go make a shirt.. Later dumbasses.

4:22AM Sat, January 26 2013

guest22804 guest22804

im hungry

6:15PM Sat, January 26 2013

guest13299 guest13299

Nigga wats the big deal all these rappers be doin is talk bout money and hoes they got brains but they just not using it the right way (bands n make her dance) so a small way of thinkin

7:47PM Sat, January 26 2013

guest66373 guest66373

Wedding bands comment hahahahaha nearly died

8:09AM Sun, January 27 2013

BelieberSeason BelieberSeason Africa

Bandz = $1000 Bandz x A = $1000 x whatever number

11:53AM Wed, January 30 2013

guest56571 guest56571

This is really just a bunch of sad old people who don't know what this means

1:01AM Thu, January 31 2013

guest73203 guest73203


2:32PM Sun, February 03 2013

guest13490 guest13490

Bands is fucking money now shut the fuck up. And if you really want to know so badly why dont you ask the person who made dumb asses or look it up.

9:37PM Sun, February 03 2013

guest13490 guest13490

I meant to sayask who ever made "bandz A Make Her Dance" dumb asses

9:39PM Sun, February 03 2013

guest28762 guest28762

Ahahaha You know arguing over a song lyrics and not knowing what it means makes u all look like foolz... (bet im about to start another arguement on how ur all not foolz but wtf i dont care...)

10:29AM Wed, February 06 2013

guest59394 guest59394

Only nig ger bitches dance for bandz

1:52PM Sat, February 09 2013

guest82805 guest82805

Bands are the bank bands

4:35PM Tue, February 12 2013

guest75847 guest75847

Does anyone know that song "Yellow" by Coldplay. I always wondered if that was referencing something else other than the colour. Any insight?

1:14PM Wed, February 13 2013

guest23338 guest23338

It does mean 'bands' reffering to money if u relate it to the lyrics ' they showing racks I'm throwing racks in the vip rubber all I'm streching at! Rich niggers tipping broke niggers looking and it aint a strip club if they aint show no p***y pffft... That already proves enough so listen to the lyrics before u decide

4:35PM Sun, February 17 2013

guest27498 guest27498

Haha niggers these days

10:37AM Mon, February 18 2013

guest16497 guest16497

First of all,Juicy J needs to learn some English. Bands A make her dance? Why is A there? Bands make her dance. Secondly, its not bands but the money that makes her dance. I can't twirl the bands and make the strippers dance.

3:43PM Tue, March 05 2013

guest63207 guest63207

Niggers are so sad I was hoping the crack epidemic would've killed you all I got my hopes up I guess. Y'all motherfuckers smell like ass to feel bad for ya

12:40AM Thu, March 14 2013

guest18432 guest18432

this thread is hilarious

11:49AM Fri, March 15 2013

guest26038 guest26038

The kind of shit these stupid ass "rappers" sing about nowt now days! Retarded ass song!

9:58PM Thu, March 21 2013

guest46050 guest46050

Yo wuts up wit da racial slurs???

5:51PM Mon, March 25 2013

guest37346 guest37346

Guest 47968, after reading all of these do you really think its a Mercedes Benz? And we are all idiots?

11:29AM Thu, March 28 2013

guest14876 guest14876


3:28AM Thu, April 04 2013

guest76167 guest76167

Omfg this is the worst shit I have ever heard you people on here are fucking half wit incompetent scum of society people on here sayin they have diplomas but cant fucking spell bandz is 1000 dollars in 20 dollar bills and what juicy j is meaning is money will make her dance what is a strippers job derrrr 90% percent of you on here should end it because you are a waste of air,just matter taking up space !!!

8:36PM Mon, April 08 2013

guest76167 guest76167

Im really not one to pass judgement but reading this shit makes me wonder why your parents even had an idea to fuck and create you this shit is black and white proof of how fucking dumb you people are!!! You all should take a band go in a corner and fuck yourselves!!!! And yes I am white but im not racist so to the hillybilly cousin fuckers go back and fuck your sisters !!!!

8:58PM Mon, April 08 2013

guest76167 guest76167

conclusion look it up or shut up!!! Because most of you have no fucking clue about life in general and should kill yourselves!!! Sad part is I stumbled on this sick shit in a search engine .but I had to say something !! also most of you on here by god dont have children because I will be another new group of people that should have been a pullout shot on a sheet!!

9:17PM Mon, April 08 2013

guest76167 guest76167

Sry it will be another group of people that should have been a pullout shot on a sheet

9:22PM Mon, April 08 2013

guest76167 guest76167

Just keepin it 100 but reading shit by people like makes count blessing that I didnt end up this fucking dumb most of you should have been aborted!!!real talk.

9:29PM Mon, April 08 2013

guest76167 guest76167

Fucking auto correct! (Makes me count blessings!!!!)

9:32PM Mon, April 08 2013

guest93510 guest93510

i read the whole thread and it's clear to me that "bandz a make her dance" is either a marching band, wedding band, mercedes benz, or a cock ring...all of which would def make me dance.

5:50PM Wed, April 10 2013

guest59163 guest59163

I cant believe that i spent my whole night reading this whole Thread..... #No Life ps. and guys please, its not really any of my business with what you say or do with your life... but those posting racist comments and black stereotypes really need to pipe the fuck down... please :) pps. i don't really even like rap songs, and i agree that this song along with others of the similar kind are sort of degrading, just my opinion.

10:01PM Wed, April 10 2013

guest76167 guest76167

Im in your position aswell guest 76167 these things or so called people are lost in life im white and hate racist shit these "people " are why statistic are made and iy is a shame that they spend the whole night fighting over a stupid fucking song

4:41PM Thu, April 11 2013

guest12278 guest12278

Most people saying the N***** word are your cousins!!!

4:32PM Mon, April 15 2013

guest26059 guest26059

Okay, so what it means is that when a man is rich, they carry big wads of money wrapped with a rubber band. So the meaning is that the stripper will dance for them only if they are rich and have the money and you know someone like a man with a membership to strip clubs , is rich and all strippers want is money, so they were very smart with word play with this song.

1:07PM Tue, April 30 2013

guest49302 guest49302

seriously peeps lets all be friends and wait for the movie to come out then we will all no wat " BANDZ A MAKE HER DANCE" means in South Afirca we sing ZUMA MAKE A DANCE lmao and big up to guest36902 u a ripperseriously peeps lets all be friends and wait for the movie to come out then we will all no wat " BANDZ A MAKE HER DANCE" means in South Afirca we sing ZUMA MAKE A DANCE lmao and big up to guest36902 u a

11:10AM Sat, May 18 2013

guest53065 guest53065

i thought that it meant hitting her with silly bandz will make her dance.

7:56PM Tue, May 21 2013

guest65844 guest65844

African americans are ruining the english language....

10:17PM Thu, May 23 2013

guest16070 guest16070

wow you people are taking things to a whole new level lol and its pretty funny. And guest65844 not all African Americans are ruining the English language. Because I know of some white people who say the same things as African Americans. Some African Americans are smart *hint the President * so lets not say that African Americans are ruining the English language because I am one and I know how to go from slang to talking proper. But now I will go to slang #BITCHSWERVE!!!!!

7:33PM Mon, June 03 2013

guest34346 guest34346

My kids and i had this debate yesterday. So we are in agreement That this guy needs a grammar lesson... And that these alleged Bandz are one of, possibly all of but not limited to.... A bank roll, a rubber band on money, an office supply turned weapon of love, a Mercedes Bandz, a pair of overpriced skateboarding shoes and a wedding ring.... Well thanks for clearing that up.... This will make for interesting carpool conversation tomorrow.... Funniest shit I've read online in quite done time....

11:01PM Sun, June 09 2013

guest34346 guest34346

Oh and a marching band... Can't forget those guys...

11:04PM Sun, June 09 2013

guest90130 guest90130

The "A" is obviously the vocalized contraction of "will". Bands will becomes bands'll becomes bands a, and then bandz a. Strange it's not obvious.

9:09AM Fri, June 28 2013

guest19757 guest19757

So it pretty much means that, wads of cash will make the stripper dance correct me if I'm wrong. ps. Why is there sooooooo many replies to this simple question and can everyone pleeeeeeease stop being so damn racist. Not all black people are bad, only a small group of them are. I'm friends with lots of black people. Also, not all white people are good, there have been lots of robberies that include white people aswell. So please stop being so damn racist! Anyway, isn't it illegal to be racist??

4:36PM Wed, August 14 2013

guest19757 guest19757

This is still guest19757, sorry if I still sound racist to anyone. I tried not too.

4:43PM Wed, August 14 2013

guest19757 guest19757

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .? . . .? . . .? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .

4:47PM Wed, August 14 2013

guest72459 guest72459

i always thought he was saying "dance or make her dance"! awkward lmao!

6:59PM Wed, August 21 2013

guest80086 guest80086

Holy fuck! Its the rubber bands around the stacks of cash, and when heys bands a make her dance he means stacks of cash will make her dance and to the idiot who says the "a" doesnt make sense, obviously you dont listen to rap too much because you would know proper grammar isnt used all the time in rap,, like how bad ass would it sound if they did?

2:46AM Thu, September 12 2013

guest42316 guest42316

Yeah, 90130, I agree, the "a" is him being lazy instead of using "will" or the contraction " 'll". "bandz'll make her dance" kinda sounds akward. No need for using the N word, and sinking to their level talking about raping white people with big black cocks... SMH Pop-rap is killing hip-hop. I finally realized pop has to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Any decent rap is ancient or some shit you never heard of. Sadly stoner white boys seem to be the only ones who appreciate underground.

8:44PM Wed, September 18 2013

guest86705 guest86705

Good song

8:16AM Wed, October 02 2013

guest61402 guest61402

Beans a make her dance*

3:32PM Mon, November 18

guest12243 guest12243

bands is obviously referring to the girl's hair band as it holds in all that whippin hair that inspires her to dance...

6:29PM Wed, December 04

guest74216 guest74216

Yo homies calm yoselfs I am here to unconfuse the confused Bands is referring to bandanna she's wearing because it's hot as hell up in the club and she be dancing so she need head coverage

6:34PM Wed, December 04

guest70640 guest70640

its the band thats rolled around the money you all are stupid

3:08PM Thu, January 16

guest84183 guest84183

Y'all are funny. lol

9:55AM Thu, March 13

guest54535 guest54535

This is probably the funniest thing I've ever read. Instead of arguing on the internet about what a song means, go on YouTube and watch the music video, it's quite obvious he's talking about money and strips, mostly because the first word of the song is in fact "Strippers."

12:05PM Sat, March 22

guest54535 guest54535

Strippers * Fucking auto correct.

12:06PM Sat, March 22

anonymous Anonymous

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