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What does #tbt mean on instagram?

3:26PM Thu, July 05 2012

Image_normal @BabyThug_ SL,UT

Throw Back Thursday :)

3:27PM Thu, July 05 2012

0cc1378416d4a39f5be7508317433bff_normal @treese07

Throw Back Thursday?

3:27PM Thu, July 05 2012

Q7mcnw54_normal @christen_lopez West Jordan, UT

"Throwback Thursday" lol.

3:30PM Thu, July 05 2012

1a09b32d642ef8fe7ca0b4ea6934f06e_normal @SunnySadesUp

Throw back Thursday!(:

4:29PM Thu, July 05 2012

E23bf6f9e404b6477e80f88264c50a9b_normal @samiiikim_

oh! Haha makes sense! :) thank you! :)

5:27PM Thu, July 05 2012

E23bf6f9e404b6477e80f88264c50a9b_normal @samiiikim_

haha oh thank you! :))

5:27PM Thu, July 05 2012

E23bf6f9e404b6477e80f88264c50a9b_normal @samiiikim_

oh , haha :) thank you!

5:59PM Thu, July 05 2012

E23bf6f9e404b6477e80f88264c50a9b_normal @samiiikim_

oh. Haha :) thank you!

6:00PM Thu, July 05 2012

Q7mcnw54_normal @christen_lopez West Jordan, UT

Lol yup! :)

6:04PM Thu, July 05 2012

1a09b32d642ef8fe7ca0b4ea6934f06e_normal @SunnySadesUp

ohh you're welcome.(: hahah.

6:28PM Thu, July 05 2012

guest13663 guest13663

Truth be.told

9:42PM Fri, August 17 2012

guest82973 guest82973

finally found out lol!

5:56PM Thu, September 13 2012

guest93854 guest93854

throw back thursday

6:50PM Tue, October 09 2012

guest69872 guest69872

Throw back Thursday? As in just an old photo?

11:25PM Thu, October 11 2012

guest52205 guest52205

is it just like an old picture like of a memory ?

11:03AM Wed, October 17 2012

guest89556 guest89556

suck it

5:28PM Thu, October 18 2012

guest29875 guest29875

What is throwback thursday?

12:37AM Mon, October 29 2012

guest26513 guest26513

thank people duhh makes scence:DD

4:19PM Fri, November 02 2012

guest64337 guest64337

and OHB whats dat mean?

6:00PM Sun, November 04 2012

guest34205 guest34205

omg it means Throw back to Thursday!!!!

10:05PM Mon, November 05 2012

guest91314 guest91314

But what does throwback Thursday mean?

11:09AM Thu, November 08 2012

guest23851 guest23851

ThrowBack Thursday

8:25PM Thu, November 08 2012

guest89291 guest89291

But what if it is not Thursday

11:03AM Sun, November 11 2012

guest59774 guest59774

That makes sense!

6:10PM Mon, November 12 2012

guest63565 guest63565

do u post an old pic on "tbt"?? i see that like everywhere on Instagram o_o

8:06PM Mon, November 12 2012

guest47400 guest47400


4:00PM Thu, November 15 2012

guest14004 guest14004

u guys are all gay niggers

6:14PM Thu, November 15 2012

guest56738 guest56738

ikr lol

9:24PM Thu, November 15 2012

guest97432 guest97432

Throw back Thursday :P

9:47AM Sat, November 17 2012

guest16999 guest16999

Throw back thursday

1:06PM Sat, November 17 2012

guest14710 guest14710

to be truthful

10:12PM Sat, November 17 2012

guest86267 guest86267

What does throwback thursday mean?

11:42PM Sun, November 18 2012

guest52286 guest52286

Tf does eht mean.? O,o

6:05PM Tue, November 20 2012

guest72276 guest72276

Throw back Thursday means its an old pic

12:54PM Sat, November 24 2012

guest86777 guest86777

I thought it mean "throw back to"

12:42PM Sun, November 25 2012

guest37549 guest37549

Why throw back Thursday?

5:37PM Thu, November 29 2012

guest92075 guest92075

#throw back thursda

8:56PM Sat, December 01 2012

guest64602 guest64602

No it means The Best Thing

6:27PM Sun, December 02 2012

guest26300 guest26300

Tasty Horse Testicals

10:29PM Sun, December 02 2012

guest90988 guest90988

"throwback" as in an old photo and "Thursday" to make an alliteration. (alliteration is like "sandy sells seashells down by the seashore") So, Throwback Thursday

10:47PM Thu, December 06 2012

guest17442 guest17442

Turn back time?

12:13PM Sat, December 08 2012

guest32844 guest32844

That's what it should be^^^^

8:42PM Sat, December 08 2012

guest46970 guest46970

What's throwback thursday?

12:03PM Sun, December 09 2012

guest96987 guest96987

What's throwback Thursday?

6:57PM Sun, December 09 2012

guest77265 guest77265

What's throwback Thursday? REALLYY?!?! You can't figure it out... guess common sense doesn't exist anymore morons..

2:13PM Tue, December 11 2012

guest44659 guest44659

People every question has been answered so just shut up

5:20PM Tue, December 11 2012

guest49294 guest49294

I like Big Booty Niggers

8:57AM Wed, December 12 2012

guest49294 guest49294

it mean Tasty Big Testicles

8:59AM Wed, December 12 2012

guest66252 guest66252 Jackson

stfu yall aint got no damn sense yall IGNORANT and RACIST ! Dumb bitches... GO GET A FUCKING LIFE... DAMN !! She just asked yall a fucking question THATS IT !!

12:08PM Wed, December 12 2012

guest40296 guest40296

(._. ) sorry

9:46PM Wed, December 12 2012

guest77220 guest77220


7:22PM Sat, December 15 2012

guest74962 guest74962

I always thought if was "throw back time"

6:17PM Mon, December 17 2012

guest74962 guest74962


6:18PM Mon, December 17 2012

guest93878 guest93878

Can a niqqa get sum hot sauce in dis bitxq? #Friday

7:28PM Tue, December 18 2012

guest95231 guest95231

, hello this is here and the phrase #tbt means "Throw back Thursday bitches so yeah. Im single if yoy want to masterbate me?

4:28PM Thu, December 20 2012

guest95231 guest95231

Btw, , your hot, man, I eant to stick my penis up your vagina right now, and I want to rock your tits and crash that ass!

4:30PM Thu, December 20 2012

guest92187 guest92187

Tbt means throw back Thursday like an old memory

5:36PM Thu, December 20 2012

guest47098 guest47098

Guest 66252 stfu you a nigger now get the fuck out lmao fuck yall gay xD

6:13PM Thu, December 20 2012

guest15917 guest15917

Truth be told

6:58PM Thu, December 20 2012

guest40010 guest40010

Throw back Thursday

9:04AM Sat, December 22 2012

guest75155 guest75155

Throw back Thursday not truth be told

11:30AM Sat, December 22 2012

guest19988 guest19988

To be told??!?? Wtf no its "Throwback Thursday"

9:57AM Thu, December 27 2012

guest76104 guest76104

Truth be told

3:48PM Thu, December 27 2012

guest74779 guest74779

I thought it meant: tomorrow be today

5:35PM Thu, December 27 2012

guest87209 guest87209

Some girl told me it was truth be told, that bitch! Im guessing it's throw back thursday

6:42PM Thu, December 27 2012

guest57066 guest57066

Realllyyyyyyyyy someone already answered the FUCKING question DAMN just shut the hell up bitches and mother fuckers if u want to masterbait z call me at 785-289-4464 im a sexy girl with a nice. Vagina

8:50AM Sat, December 29 2012

guest75341 guest75341

Throwback Tuesday

7:23PM Sat, December 29 2012

guest88169 guest88169

Throw back thursday ... Bitchessss

1:24AM Fri, January 04 2013

guest75338 guest75338

Throw back Thursday

1:17AM Sat, January 05 2013

guest81175 guest81175

god damn nigger tit.

8:21AM Thu, January 10 2013

guest72988 guest72988

Fuck everyone

7:09PM Thu, January 10 2013

guest85659 guest85659

I thought it was truth be told.

10:36PM Fri, January 11 2013

guest85659 guest85659

I think throwback time would be better

10:37PM Fri, January 11 2013

guest77501 guest77501

It's throw back Thursday ok so stop cursing its not nice! You know some people have feelings!

10:11AM Sat, January 12 2013

guest48496 guest48496

Throw back Thursday

5:38PM Sat, January 12 2013

guest15608 guest15608

Throw back Thursday, but I don't wana post it on thursday

1:15AM Tue, January 15 2013

guest86320 guest86320

Follow me on instagram! I follow back :) segm_2011

11:20AM Tue, January 15 2013

guest64456 guest64456

No. It's truth be told(:

9:23AM Wed, January 16 2013

guest13138 guest13138

Oh my god I thought it was "to me treasured" awkward o.0

11:20PM Thu, January 24 2013

guest13138 guest13138


11:21PM Thu, January 24 2013

guest58375 guest58375


12:16AM Fri, January 25 2013

guest58375 guest58375

Tapping Bitches Tonight :E

12:18AM Fri, January 25 2013

guest54774 guest54774


3:26AM Fri, January 25 2013

guest54774 guest54774


3:28AM Fri, January 25 2013

guest56284 guest56284


9:35AM Sun, January 27 2013

guest58343 guest58343

Follow me on ig.

5:19AM Fri, February 01 2013

guest24367 guest24367

It's throwback Thursday. Like when you have an old photo and you usually tag someone.

8:29PM Fri, February 01 2013

guest80127 guest80127


8:25PM Sat, February 02 2013

guest86980 guest86980

This just made my day.

7:52AM Sun, February 03 2013

guest25964 guest25964

truth be told

8:53PM Thu, February 07 2013

guest30937 guest30937

Follow my ig

11:15PM Sun, February 10 2013

guest79687 guest79687


9:52PM Mon, February 11 2013

guest22420 guest22420

Funniest conversation I have ever read in my life lmfao

9:00AM Thu, February 14 2013

guest17070 guest17070

Its throw back Tuesday and Thursdays child left behind rite

11:10AM Mon, February 18 2013

guest91710 guest91710

Wow. That escalated...

8:04AM Sat, February 23 2013

guest90039 guest90039

Logan Anne Meadow is a whore :)

9:43PM Fri, March 01 2013

guest14636 guest14636


11:51AM Fri, March 29 2013

guest14636 guest14636

and yeah its throwback thursday!!

11:51AM Fri, March 29 2013

guest29360 guest29360

You all are a bunch of retards

9:26AM Fri, April 19 2013

guest81831 guest81831

Can it be throw back Tuesday also??

2:34AM Tue, April 23 2013

guest85167 guest85167

Throw Back TUESDAY!

9:47PM Tue, April 23 2013

guest30859 guest30859


3:16AM Thu, May 02 2013

guest93700 guest93700

This is the most retarded conversation i have ever read

7:00PM Fri, May 17 2013

guest51592 guest51592

TBT is; Take black teemo (its something people who play League of Legends (lol) says) Why they say it? -its because Teemo in LoL is usely white, so people say TBT to remind other LoL that its possible to take black Teemo :) Your Welcome, and follow me always, #fabrice944! On twitter you can follow me as :) Thank you for your patient, peace out!

8:20PM Fri, June 14 2013

guest58580 guest58580

Thank you make since

12:28AM Mon, July 22 2013

guest73429 guest73429

two be honest

3:50AM Tue, November 05 2013

guest79840 guest79840

Throw back Thursday

7:16PM Thu, November 14 2013

guest79840 guest79840

T. H. K T H U R S D AY!! R. C O. A W. B

7:20PM Thu, November 14 2013

guest79840 guest79840

Throw back Thursday

7:22PM Thu, November 14 2013

guest57586 guest57586

what "You are carrying me you cock" ,means in instagram?

7:47AM Fri, November 15 2013

guest95021 guest95021

Wtf I thought it was "the best time" :0

7:53AM Sat, November 16 2013

guest56871 guest56871

Without stupid people , wouldn't have anything or anyone to laugh at

5:21PM Thu, March 27

anonymous Anonymous

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