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How do you delete a playlist on Songza?

1:27PM Tue, July 10 2012

Vgobb37z5vrrx49yqonm_normal @songza Long Island City, N.Y.

if it's a playlist you created, click the "add songs" button on the playlist page and click "Unrelease this playlist"

1:29PM Tue, July 10 2012

F71a5819a51aea66ebad5718dfdc7971_normal @ohMarieel_ Houston, TX

But it's not my playlist. It's just one I selected from Explore and don't want anymore.

2:54PM Tue, July 10 2012

Vgobb37z5vrrx49yqonm_normal @songza Long Island City, N.Y.

did you save it to your favorites?

2:55PM Tue, July 10 2012

F71a5819a51aea66ebad5718dfdc7971_normal @ohMarieel_ Houston, TX

It's just under My Playlists.

2:58PM Tue, July 10 2012

Vgobb37z5vrrx49yqonm_normal @songza Long Island City, N.Y.

that'll eventually go away as you listen to more playlists :)

3:04PM Tue, July 10 2012

guest79405 guest79405

If the playlist appears under 'Recent' on your page then yes, it will disappear after a while, as it only shows the most recent 5 playlists. However, if you've SAVED a playlist, there doesn't seem to be a way to delete a folder or to edit folder titles. The only option seems to be to remove a saved playlist from a folder (or "shelf") by clicking on the playlist, then clicking on the 'Save Playlist' button again and deselecting the playlist it was saved it to. Hope this gets addressed!

8:08AM Thu, December 06 2012

guest20448 guest20448

Where is the "add songs" button? I deselected the playlist, but the playlist title still shows up in my playlists.

11:41AM Wed, June 19 2013

guest51475 guest51475

How do i save a playlist

1:35AM Thu, July 18 2013

guest96632 guest96632

Still no delete button. Come on Songza, how hard is it to add a delete button?!

3:47PM Mon, August 12 2013

guest79877 guest79877

when I created a playlist how come the little boxes are not filled in with the pictures of the albums, and I have over 40 songs on it

9:12PM Tue, August 27 2013

guest86095 guest86095

I agree.. we should be able to edit our playlists. I have a saved playlist for mornings and dont like all the playlists anymore. i would like to get rid of them? should be so easy to put a delete..edit button in that catagory

11:18AM Tue, January 28

anonymous Anonymous

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