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What does tbh me on instagram?

10:59PM Tue, July 17 2012

4284ed6e15796fed46bed8a34f3d7f2f_normal @ShelbalinaDuh On mars chillin

to be honest

11:01PM Tue, July 17 2012

_dccoolin_normal @__ChipSkylark

thanks. Faggot.

11:01PM Tue, July 17 2012

4284ed6e15796fed46bed8a34f3d7f2f_normal @ShelbalinaDuh On mars chillin

-___- screw you. I shouldn't have told yo dumb self

11:02PM Tue, July 17 2012

_dccoolin_normal @__ChipSkylark

why pussy? Lmao.

11:03PM Tue, July 17 2012

guest47073 guest47073

How old r

1:23AM Sat, December 29 2012

guest76089 guest76089

It really does mean to be honest

12:59AM Sat, January 05 2013

guest29812 guest29812

yall bitches stupid(talkin to _chipskylark) u dont call a fuckin gurl pussy cuz it aint a insult ya we got pussies but u aint know dat cuz u suckin dick! so shut yo mouth k?

7:18PM Tue, March 05 2013

guest94500 guest94500


1:02PM Sat, March 09 2013

guest76722 guest76722


11:00PM Wed, March 13 2013

guest90709 guest90709


11:49AM Thu, March 14 2013

guest94562 guest94562


8:31AM Sat, March 16 2013

guest80727 guest80727


9:41PM Mon, April 01 2013

guest19220 guest19220

Fuck your self bro

11:46PM Mon, April 01 2013

guest31115 guest31115


7:28PM Tue, April 02 2013

guest28258 guest28258

Why are you guys calling each other names? It's not nessery

2:23PM Wed, April 03 2013

guest76847 guest76847


10:37PM Wed, April 03 2013

guest76847 guest76847

fuck all yall niggas

10:38PM Wed, April 03 2013

guest63488 guest63488

Stop fighting like little girls 4 a sec, I need 1 no how 2 do a tbh

12:02PM Sun, April 07 2013

guest63488 guest63488


12:03PM Sun, April 07 2013

guest15935 guest15935

Y r u all acting like a bunch of two yr olds when there was one simple question being asked

9:33AM Sat, April 20 2013

guest63157 guest63157

Why r y'all fightin like a bunch of little girls with no friends

9:20PM Wed, April 24 2013

guest63157 guest63157

And stop cussin at each other there might be kids on this site

9:22PM Wed, April 24 2013

guest89519 guest89519

Like me guest 63157, lol follow me on instagram

6:03PM Thu, April 25 2013

guest16939 guest16939

To be honest :) and follow me on instagram peoples

6:46PM Fri, April 26 2013

guest62289 guest62289

Lol u all suck

9:09PM Wed, May 01 2013

guest43330 guest43330

Stop fighting

9:25PM Sat, May 04 2013

guest72502 guest72502

All of you can kiss my naturally black ass

2:29AM Fri, May 10 2013

guest77692 guest77692

Gggghfggbggfhggfggbdgzbcbfhdhfhgbcgfffbdhxjvxbxhhggghhhhhccbffggf fgghy

12:34PM Sat, May 11 2013

guest41378 guest41378

Calm ur tits

7:31PM Tue, May 14 2013

guest23482 guest23482

Biach STFU

10:16PM Thu, May 16 2013

guest15200 guest15200


5:49PM Sat, May 18 2013

guest28072 guest28072

That's a girl?

6:35PM Sun, May 26 2013

guest72930 guest72930

really people.. really?

2:30PM Fri, May 31 2013

guest77816 guest77816

Lol dis is funny

5:02AM Tue, June 04 2013

guest67447 guest67447

Tbh: this is a bunch of BULLSHIT andno body needs to be saying MOTHER FUCKER AT ALL what so ever and stop acting like little 1 yaer olds over who gets to rise the pony or unicorn first all it was was a little question there should be no cousin in this convo so stop

11:50AM Wed, June 05 2013

guest69206 guest69206

You all sound so stupid.=_=

10:02PM Thu, June 06 2013

guest57120 guest57120

it means to be honest whom is on this website

7:56PM Fri, June 07 2013

guest99284 guest99284

bitches all yall suck dick and thnks tbh

1:37AM Sun, June 16 2013

guest36619 guest36619

Omg I'm shocked I thought u guys were old enough to not argue and tbh this is disappointing btw I'm 12 years old

12:23AM Fri, June 21 2013

guest40764 guest40764

All of u need to shut the fuck up okay?

4:14PM Mon, June 24 2013

guest18522 guest18522

I dont know I stupid

9:24AM Fri, June 28 2013

guest77528 guest77528

Fuck u bitches y r u all fighting like little bitch babies?

6:46AM Sat, June 29 2013

guest77528 guest77528

Will some one give me their email? It's super fun what I'll show you!

6:47AM Sat, June 29 2013

guest77528 guest77528

Mine is

6:50AM Sat, June 29 2013

guest16122 guest16122


8:43AM Mon, July 01 2013

guest66855 guest66855

To be honest

10:09AM Mon, July 01 2013

guest63576 guest63576

It means To Be Honest. And u just dont around callimg ppl faggots. Grow up. Such a *****

10:54PM Fri, July 05 2013

guest73429 guest73429

............... :O

5:17PM Fri, July 12 2013

guest81504 guest81504

Bicthes yall are bitches

8:21PM Fri, July 12 2013

guest81504 guest81504

Yall r dick sukers blowers

8:22PM Fri, July 12 2013

guest44811 guest44811

to be honest

10:04PM Sat, July 13 2013

guest85049 guest85049

Follow me on instagram

5:22PM Mon, July 22 2013

guest13905 guest13905

im only 8

7:42PM Mon, July 22 2013

guest35896 guest35896

Ok then

8:00PM Mon, July 22 2013

guest80785 guest80785

I am twelve

4:58AM Tue, July 23 2013

guest58856 guest58856

Follow me on instagram

10:51AM Thu, July 25 2013

guest87860 guest87860


1:32PM Sun, July 28 2013

guest14127 guest14127


12:24AM Tue, July 30 2013

guest90700 guest90700

Shut. Up guys don't. Be some people may be new to Insatram just answer the question I am sorry I would be answering but I don't know what it means either

8:21AM Thu, August 01 2013

guest44463 guest44463

fuck yo self if you want sum pussy go fuck yo mother

4:04PM Thu, August 01 2013

guest58853 guest58853

Yall need to stop cousin yall all need to find jesus i am only 12 and i even knowyall are acting ignorant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:34AM Tue, August 06 2013

guest58853 guest58853

Follow the only smart one on here

2:36AM Tue, August 06 2013

guest58853 guest58853

On instagram

2:37AM Tue, August 06 2013

guest39293 guest39293

All of you are just rude

6:28PM Fri, August 16 2013

guest39293 guest39293

Why r u all cussing

6:29PM Fri, August 16 2013

guest65547 guest65547

You guys need to find Jesus!!!! I'm 11 and even I think y'all r being horrible!!!

7:56PM Sat, August 17 2013

guest52301 guest52301


3:26PM Sat, September 07 2013

guest16858 guest16858

yall need to stop

6:29PM Tue, September 10 2013

guest91686 guest91686

Tbh stands for to be honest.

10:00AM Fri, September 13 2013

guest64759 guest64759


9:48PM Tue, September 17 2013

guest25757 guest25757

Who there be some shit going on here!!!!

3:31PM Sun, October 20

guest25757 guest25757

Whoa there be some shit going on in here!!!!!!!!

3:31PM Sun, October 20

guest60812 guest60812

Tbh=to be honest

8:27AM Mon, October 21

guest39313 guest39313

For all the idiots out there who keep saying "oh stop fighting like two year old" well listen up cuz y'all are dumb y'all are just encouragin the fight and are kinda puttin yourself in it too......just sayin

6:51PM Wed, October 23

guest49742 guest49742

Well I think Imagine Dragons is better than One Direction and I love Louis Tomlinson who is my husband

6:57PM Tue, October 29

guest11999 guest11999

Feces are good

4:20PM Fri, November 01

guest60521 guest60521


9:41PM Tue, November 05

guest79949 guest79949

Can everyone be nice gosh it is one simple questions

10:54PM Sun, November 17

guest42865 guest42865

Wtf, asked a simple question and boom, a whole fight about a guy callin a girl a pussy, it ain't right but damn.. ._____.

6:17PM Mon, November 18

guest79756 guest79756

Guys, Just stop commenting, tbh is to be honest and leave it at that! This isn't hard. Y'all are idiots!

10:43PM Sun, November 24

guest29374 guest29374

Wow i just read through that and all of ya'll were acting like idiots I mean kids visit this site 2 u know i maybe 12 but my 5 year old sister saw this and asked me what those cuss words mean all of ya'll should b ashamed :(

1:06PM Fri, November 29

guest37448 guest37448

i agree ^^^^

7:42PM Mon, December 09

guest70746 guest70746

:O Whoa ..:....:..

2:13PM Sun, December 15

guest93384 guest93384

thanks didnt know wat it meant

11:03PM Sat, December 21

guest93384 guest93384

so hellllo anyone there tto talk

11:05PM Sat, December 21

guest33913 guest33913

What the fuck is wrong with you niggas

10:44PM Mon, December 30

guest51388 guest51388

U guus should be ashamed cause my 2 year little sister was asking what do those words mean and you now how hard that was to tell her a lie you guys should be asuamed I may be 11 but uguys need to find jesus

9:51AM Tue, December 31

guest97008 guest97008


1:50AM Wed, January 01

guest74494 guest74494

To be honest

11:50PM Thu, January 09

guest96784 guest96784

Okkk every one shut up and listen for a second tbh:to be honest and also why is every1 Ina fuckin fight for Jheez

4:51PM Wed, January 15

guest96784 guest96784


4:51PM Wed, January 15

guest45296 guest45296

Wow the reason for the site is to answer question but yall are fighting to make your self fill better about you because you wish you was them !!!

6:15AM Sat, January 18

guest32536 guest32536

This seriously was a fail this was a simple question and it got turned into fighting and cursing

8:55PM Mon, January 20

guest34576 guest34576

Its' nessasary' haha learn how to spell b4 u get into an online argument

3:37PM Tue, January 21

guest34576 guest34576

But thanks to everyone for entertaining meeee haha

3:40PM Tue, January 21

guest32536 guest32536

Loooooooooooool ikr though guest34576

10:26PM Tue, January 21

guest73419 guest73419


3:13PM Wed, January 22

guest91242 guest91242


4:12PM Sun, February 02

guest45879 guest45879

All you stupid people who are cursing need to shut up. Young kids 6 or 7 might not know what it means. So just watch your mouths!! Tbh: To Be Honest

7:08AM Thu, February 13

guest84780 guest84780

Stop fighting no need to have drama over a stupid thing

11:11AM Mon, February 17

guest90920 guest90920

Oh by the way there are kids that go on here so stop all of the arguing

12:01AM Fri, February 21

guest90920 guest90920

Oh tbh I'm young but not that young and i know what all of this stuff y'all are saying and cursing so just tbh y'all don't need to be saying all this just stop arguing and go about your own businesses

12:07AM Fri, February 21

guest82175 guest82175

I like pie. Do you like pie? Raise your hand if you like pie! *raises hand*

10:01AM Sat, February 22

guest74007 guest74007

*raises hand*

9:39PM Fri, February 28

guest34403 guest34403

Lol why is life so difficult for yall answer the question and shut up

9:59AM Tue, March 04

guest11385 guest11385


5:43PM Tue, March 04

guest37403 guest37403

Why the hell r u cussin each other out its completely unnecessary and f*cking pointless its also very rude

2:39PM Thu, March 06

guest93898 guest93898

Fuck u guys

3:57PM Sat, March 15

guest68480 guest68480

I'm not gay just saying that ..........………………….............................hi

4:10PM Sat, March 15

guest66750 guest66750

What is everyone fighting about anyways???

6:44PM Sun, March 23

guest66750 guest66750

0 characters woo hoo

6:50PM Sun, March 23

guest97247 guest97247

What is wrong with all of u?!? I am 10 and I don't think younger kids know what all that shit means so just answer the fricking question!

7:55PM Sun, March 23

guest17278 guest17278

To be honest

11:15PM Sat, April 05

guest17278 guest17278

To be honest

11:17PM Sat, April 05

guest69605 guest69605

o geez tbh all yalls are f****** b****** now shut the f*** up and get lifes you 1 year olds!

12:48PM Mon, April 07

guest19491 guest19491

U guys r acting like 2 ur olds stop cussing at each other and shut up

2:07PM Fri, April 11

guest11601 guest11601

What is wrong with this website? 0.0

5:06PM Sun, April 13

guest13151 guest13151

It means to be honest

about 7 hours ago

anonymous Anonymous

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