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why does nail polish remover have an expiration date?

7:27PM Thu, February 03 2011

Tumblr_lqyeqemapy1qejbiro1_1280_normal @TylerAlchermes

bottled water has one too explain that to me

7:28PM Thu, February 03 2011

Fd6y079b_normal @pbrPoohBear ÜT: 41.503888,-...

possibly for the same reason bottled water has an expiration date?

7:29PM Thu, February 03 2011

D2c0c1cdca22e596c4bbcb0ca1c86451_normal @SeanBlazeV2 In the struggle

so that you don't drink it once it goes bad?

7:29PM Thu, February 03 2011

40165_1464699814781_1152060057_31237095_4238451_n_normal @michaelluxmore Rock Island, IL

have you ever drank expired nail polish? gross!!!

7:29PM Thu, February 03 2011

2_mwcfxx_normal @CanuskytheHusky Some where Cold

no but it may separate, shake it up a bit

7:29PM Thu, February 03 2011

Dj_normal @MagicCondor

So you'll go buy more when really it doesn't expire :P

7:30PM Thu, February 03 2011

3c9621020080490c6664b04ec33b9e0f_normal @gator_burton Gainesville, FL

so you know how long you have to chug it, duh!

7:30PM Thu, February 03 2011

Truck_normal @manofsteel8817 Gilbert, AZ

Because after it expires it converts to whole toe remove

7:30PM Thu, February 03 2011

05105b931450ce1c436b4ff3692887c2_normal @James_Egaran

thats a good question, doesnt rubbing alchohol also expire as well?

7:30PM Thu, February 03 2011

0128001930b_normal @6sik6

you'll only catch a buzz for so long after its freshnes is gone ; )

7:30PM Thu, February 03 2011

06f814ea65dd916f5732f57896fc0361_normal @WattsMR

So you'll know when it isn't safe to drink, silly.

7:30PM Thu, February 03 2011

Ahmad_normal @AhmadNassri

that's the date the nail polish company runs out of money, so you can fill up their bank account :)

7:30PM Thu, February 03 2011

Rhrjnqnw_normal @SirHellsing420

Because it removes itself at a later date? #BadJoke

7:30PM Thu, February 03 2011

Drdoomstand_normal @Bingtastic Rochester MN

after that date it naturally ages into something else. Trade secret: that's where Zima comes from

7:30PM Thu, February 03 2011

Poolar_bear_normal @MicroClaric You'd wanna know,wouldn't you!

Because it's a chemical compound and will decompose after a certain amount of time.

7:30PM Thu, February 03 2011

Ad1e0cc27699c105eeb316b97059266a_normal @the_frontera

so you know when it's unsafe to drink

7:30PM Thu, February 03 2011

919539-905938_funkystudent_super_normal @BlackStarJmack Village Hidden in White Plains

I dunno but that crap STINKS!! I hate the smell. >< I used to get dragged to nail salons by my mom alot when I was younger.

7:31PM Thu, February 03 2011

Wes_normal @wrizal

Eventually doesn't have the same sniffable effectiveness QT : why does nail polish remover have an expiration date?

7:32PM Thu, February 03 2011

6c05b365bb1970df4b2583e6d13ae6a5_normal @Ultimate81 Centralia, PA

after that it becomes drinkable

7:32PM Thu, February 03 2011

C6e64da0afd14cb83ca2880444290812_normal @pinstripes213 NO/Dallas/NYC

: It becomes toxic and eats your skin.

7:32PM Thu, February 03 2011

A13c9edba13fc4a1e15852fc7dccd41c_normal @MattJSour

The only way you can tell is if you drink some. If you end up going blind, then the nail polish remover is still good.

7:32PM Thu, February 03 2011

4865_564633168622_18101582_33791146_302966_n_normal @mnauj Hoboken, NJ

You can use it forever, but it's only edible until that date.

7:32PM Thu, February 03 2011

5kvdfx-z_normal @lucky85382 The Southwest Desert

cause the paint gets all

7:32PM Thu, February 03 2011

Default_profile_5_normal @SpinMaster808


7:32PM Thu, February 03 2011

Qtm0ffkd_normal @MoparMoriarty the middle of friggin' nowhere

To limit your high

7:32PM Thu, February 03 2011

2d81cdbbb03d72e10f9e0c94777f9d9d_normal @aj82lo City of Halos

cha cha has ur answer...

7:33PM Thu, February 03 2011

Default_profile_4_normal @stagefreeze

it's for the huffers

7:33PM Thu, February 03 2011

Longshot_normal @TheGarthanon Hiding in the bathroom

to trick blondes.

7:33PM Thu, February 03 2011

Elbowingdeath_normal @karnuj massachusetts

its an alcohol/acid so my guess is #Botulism ?

7:34PM Thu, February 03 2011

H3cqugr7_normal @PhiyukYu84

after 2 months it turns to battery acid..... no one really knows...why do 7-11 have locks on their doors

7:35PM Thu, February 03 2011

Tumblr_lqyeqemapy1qejbiro1_1280_normal @TylerAlchermes

here's some other odd things with expiration dates

7:36PM Thu, February 03 2011

Image_normal @seth_putrelo Syracuse, NY

why does sterile water have an expiration date?

7:36PM Thu, February 03 2011

Cpo_3d_normal @GregRetiredNavy

I got nothin'

7:38PM Thu, February 03 2011

Hulksad_normal @FilmCritHULK


7:39PM Thu, February 03 2011

1dd1d177f07ff4998ee4359e4e0c5718_normal @ChrisOfFate iPhone: 45.4354...

because after it expires it makes ur nails even more colorful!

7:39PM Thu, February 03 2011

Bf0ec4859345ffdf102888c600f7a50c_normal @EddieSteak Holodeck

cuz it tastes like shit when it goes bad.

7:39PM Thu, February 03 2011

Bright_idea_light_bulb_normal @brghtidea LA

it turns into nail polish after said date

7:39PM Thu, February 03 2011

Pwpxvalr_normal @KoushiroIzumi Izzyanapolis, Izzyana

at that point it refuses to remove any more nail polish, regardless of how much you plea...

7:39PM Thu, February 03 2011

Img_6730small_normal @Conroy706 MB, Canada

have you ever tried drinking expired nail polish remover? So gross...

7:41PM Thu, February 03 2011

4603aa2ccce4af0a0e2c45b110312181_normal @3boka

it melts off your fingertips after a long enough period of time

7:41PM Thu, February 03 2011

Poparitaville_logo1_normal @POParitaville California

After the expiration it just completely removes the nail. They don't play around.

7:41PM Thu, February 03 2011

Rdu86cx4_normal @klaeq Fort Worth, Texas

don't think of it as an expiration date, but more of a "zombie napalm" readiness/activation date.

7:42PM Thu, February 03 2011

7778f2a211f52141f371dae420e79844_normal @Derrick_Fiddle Suffolk, Va

Same reason prescription drugs do, I assume.

7:42PM Thu, February 03 2011

061210175919_normal @tullock Illinois

how would you know if it expired? Would it smell bad?

7:44PM Thu, February 03 2011

Efkop29l_normal @LubeSkyhumper Coruscant/Your moms house

. Because it wont get you high anymore after that date if you huff it.

7:44PM Thu, February 03 2011

Roundspam_normal @mainiacvanman Coast of Maine

why does bottled water?

7:46PM Thu, February 03 2011

1326730172565_normal @JediBeadles OBX North Carolina

To make the idiots out there buy more when it goes out of date. Duh #economybooster

7:50PM Thu, February 03 2011

Flip03-128x128_normal @EldricBach Texas

sure you've already heard, but acetone (main ingredient) has high evaporation rate. Older the remover, the less potent it is.

7:50PM Thu, February 03 2011

Sherdoglogo_normal @BeatdownRadio On the Interwebs

Because after said date you not only get high from breathing in the fumes but you risk stroking out as well

7:55PM Thu, February 03 2011

Default_profile_1_normal @Bucko4life

After finger nail polish expires, it turns into cheap vodka.

7:58PM Thu, February 03 2011

100_2473_normal @Frankvalenti71 Riverview, Fl

so you know if it's still good to drink.

7:59PM Thu, February 03 2011

F-crossword_normal @fernandosb

Just the 'polish' part expires. Then it becomes a nail remover. Easy on that!

8:03PM Thu, February 03 2011

Nada_nuff_normal @Ventillator

Why does shampoo have instructions?

8:04PM Thu, February 03 2011

Profile_normal @R_Orzechowski Jersey City, NJ

after a certain date its no longer top quality huffing material?

8:14PM Thu, February 03 2011

Image_normal @NathanRyan5533

Everything has a half-life Alison, even solvents.

8:18PM Thu, February 03 2011

19271f73498051223d397277ee1f79d6_normal @_Critter_ somewhere in north america

that's the Drink By date

8:19PM Thu, February 03 2011

W6drq0uk5jrav3onty85_normal @cexner Saskatoon, Sk

so you buy it more frequently, or maybe I'm just being cynical.

8:25PM Thu, February 03 2011

Enik-orig_normal @fratermus 75081

Dunno. Acetone is generally shelf stable. Maybe some fragrance/color crud put in there? Or they want you to buy more?

8:29PM Thu, February 03 2011

5dzjcqu2_normal @ocularnervosa

To protect people from drinking old remover of course.

8:33PM Thu, February 03 2011

Default_profile_0_normal @timmycriswell

I heard it turns into diet coke

8:33PM Thu, February 03 2011

Green_9342_default_profile_normal_normal @CharlesMendoza 29.412222222, -98.477500000

cause the active ingredient has a self life

8:35PM Thu, February 03 2011

17b9ae2a4927d5e7213e7b0d677bdd41_normal @jarrodedgerton Las Vegas, NV

Why don't Twinkies?

8:58PM Thu, February 03 2011

Image_normal @DrBJP18

it becomes sentient

9:50PM Thu, February 03 2011

03f30c6a04f6d59c5566e0819b4b7497_normal @joecuffe Sacramento Region, CA

when it turns, it becomes nail remover!

10:49PM Thu, February 03 2011

Yoda_normal @jhamilton7700 San Diego, CA

Probably still safe but less effective. Some chemicals get stronger with age. Hate to dissolve those pretty little fingers.

11:14PM Thu, February 03 2011

8743727388a10224774870l_normal @BlachEcho762 USA

because Jesus said so

11:32PM Thu, February 03 2011

Wgjedat4_normal @addamlin ÜT: 40.593089,-...

So you know when not to drink it DUH !

12:01AM Fri, February 04 2011

Image_normal @SLYDEVIL1224 Los Angeles, CA

because it can only do so much haha

12:12AM Fri, February 04 2011

Fd801031_normal @Krull357

Because after the expire date, it becomes nail remover.

12:53AM Fri, February 04 2011

2010-01-15_21 @Davex327 New York CIty

maybe that's when it dries out? How bout why does 711 have locks on their doors if they never close?

6:33AM Fri, February 04 2011

guest78179 guest78179

the chemicals break down - I know as I had 2nd degree burns on my fingertips from using 3 year old products by mistake

7:33AM Thu, October 13 2011

anonymous Anonymous

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