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Oh4aolmjgjqa0zslpf3p_normal @djbrig ÜT: 40.705813,-73.914348

What is the hell ethnicity is Russell Wilson?

12:20AM Tue, September 25 2012

Pm8iuxzmfwfyq77hftoy_normal @dharmicX

His face kinda looks Indian but he's mad dark... Maybe Caribbean?

12:21AM Tue, September 25 2012

Oh4aolmjgjqa0zslpf3p_normal @djbrig ÜT: 40.705813,-...

he's like what the world's gonna look like in 1000 years after all the races interbreed.

12:25AM Tue, September 25 2012

guest21659 guest21659

He's African American... Both his parents are African American

6:38PM Sun, January 06 2013

guest50593 guest50593

Well if the world is all gonna look like him in 1000 years, I wish I would still be there, because he's friggin' adorable.

7:44PM Sun, January 06 2013

guest42278 guest42278

You freakin idiots the dude is african american ...... black.. Exactly what some of your Son-in-laws are going to look like very soon!

9:11PM Sun, January 06 2013

guest72978 guest72978

Strong slave-master interbreeding in that bloodline!

10:15PM Sun, January 06 2013

guest40947 guest40947

He looks mixed with white and black since he is light skin black but also has facial features of both White and Black person. He is a good person, and a great football player. I hope he leads Seahawks to their first Super Bowl win even tho I'm an Eagles fan.

11:39PM Sun, January 06 2013

guest56666 guest56666

He definitely guess is white and black but not positive.

11:47PM Sun, January 06 2013

guest43818 guest43818

Hes hmong haha

7:30AM Mon, January 07 2013

guest36321 guest36321

Both of his parents are black. African Americans come in all colors you know.

1:23PM Mon, January 07 2013

guest30785 guest30785

He is HUMAN...I hope he play in 2013 SuperBowl...and I awarded a big paying contract....Big UPS Russell.... I know your dad is proud

9:12AM Tue, January 08 2013

guest72978 guest72978

There is a reason we have many colors, but I would argue he is ni longer full african-american because of skin tone and facial structure. He as historical evidence his family were slaves after coming from Africa. One can infer some sort of relations took place with whites that transformed the Wilson family appearance. I have watched a lot of Discovery channel and Olympis, and have never seen a true African that looks like R. Wilson.

7:07AM Wed, January 09 2013

guest58880 guest58880

He looks like he is mixed with samoan and black like the rock dewayne johnson

3:39PM Sun, January 13 2013

guest56131 guest56131

He looks East Indian.

4:15PM Sun, January 13 2013

guest10650 guest10650

Ignorance, plain and simple!

12:51AM Mon, January 14 2013

guest10343 guest10343

Who the f cares? Not only does race not matter, but if it did, even a racist would want this man as his franchise qb...a retarded racist even.

4:43AM Mon, January 14 2013

guest36286 guest36286

^^^^^^^ pretty sure it wasn't a racist question. There's more harm in oversensative reactions than benign curiosity.

8:04PM Sun, January 27 2013

guest57859 guest57859


1:39PM Mon, January 28 2013

guest95503 guest95503

Its not a racist question, its asked because of his tone, & makes no difference tho CUZ HES THE LEADER OF MY TEAM & I COULDN'T BE PROUDER!! <3 seahawkprincess

9:53PM Sun, February 03 2013

guest53980 guest53980

He comes from a good family. We is a good positive person whom happens to be a very good QB. I'm so glad he is the seahawks QB.

9:07PM Tue, February 05 2013

guest66942 guest66942

He isn't black have you guys seen his dad

11:37PM Sat, February 09 2013

guest59788 guest59788

I dunno, I'd say he's Krypton because he's playing like he's not from this planet!

6:37PM Wed, February 13 2013

guest72007 guest72007

Seahawks are a puncha pussies

3:52AM Sat, February 16 2013

guest93133 guest93133

Russell Wilson is Cuban bro!

10:47PM Tue, May 07 2013

guest77543 guest77543

Who Cares he's a frickin baller.!

1:52AM Sun, July 14 2013

guest48971 guest48971

Russell Wilson is african american and part native American. His great grandfather was Cherokee indian. Dumbass'! He I'd a baller! Dude played minor league baseball anx comes from a very athletic family as well as very educated family! Do your research before speaking. Ignorats is bliss!

4:37PM Sun, July 28 2013

guest16121 guest16121

Russell Wilson is black. I am Russell's cousin. His family is black. Parents, grandparents, great-great grandparents. There was no Cherokee great-grandfather. Black comes in all complexions, hair textures, facial features. We are descendants of mixed-raced people who married OTHER mixed-raced people, but that mixing happened over 150 years ago. What you want to say is that he doesn't look "West African", but he is black. Study your history, people!

7:40AM Mon, August 05 2013

guest39931 guest39931

his race? how about RACE to the Lombardi Trophy!!!

12:26PM Wed, November 27 2013

guest47235 guest47235

I bet cha can't guess what race I am

10:27PM Mon, December 02 2013

guest49670 guest49670

He's black with native american ancestry

11:11AM Tue, December 03 2013

guest18721 guest18721

Yup, Russell is definitely mixed. He's mixed with a person and another person. And, those person's must have been pretty darned nice to have a great son like him. I'm so glad no one in America really thinks it matters. Go get 'em Russell....... Seahawk Fan....

12:46PM Sat, December 14 2013

guest94585 guest94585

he will be in super Bowl! he was born in cincinnatti ohio but grew up in Richmond VA from a PROUD BLACK FAMILY ! Congrats Russ

10:33PM Sun, January 19 2014

guest48385 guest48385

Does it really matter?? He is a good person and I love that he and his wife do a lot for charity!!

9:25AM Mon, January 20 2014

guest15025 guest15025

It's 2014 and all that we can think off is wat color and race this man is.again race and color comes to play.y can't we all agree this man is from,the human race.forget race and color sit back and watch 1 off the best young quarterbacks in the game right his thing

10:01PM Sun, January 26 2014

guest14898 guest14898

February 2,2014 is the worst day of Mannings life.. A huge bliwout

9:39PM Sun, February 02

guest47897 guest47897

Guest15025 do you think being black is a bad thing or something? Did you ever think little black boys can see themselves in a positive role model like Russell Wilson? Did you ever think he is a positive image of Black males in the face of ignorant people that think a Black man cant be articulate and well mannered? Nothing bad comes from knowing someone's race, we should all be proud of what/who we are.

10:51PM Sun, February 02

guest36440 guest36440

Wilson is multiracial. His racial background is mostly African American, though he also has some Native American ancestry. Wikipedia.

11:51PM Sun, February 02

guest73889 guest73889


6:50PM Mon, February 03

guest73889 guest73889

He be black and shit,lmao!!

6:53PM Mon, February 03

guest52002 guest52002

He Killed Peyton Manning

6:19AM Tue, February 04

guest29786 guest29786


8:58AM Sun, March 02

anonymous Anonymous

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