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12:33AM Sun, February 13 2011

Me_new_normal @a_rahmanshah Probably on earth...

link for the article?

12:40AM Sun, February 13 2011

Bf3524496ff1fd58bf3e4b4d3635422f_normal @santoshsavanur Bengaluru, India

its not ? #confused

12:56AM Sun, February 13 2011

Me-lower_normal @RohitRMehta Pune, maharashtra, India

Thanks. I have put the answer on facebook wall as well.

1:05AM Sun, February 13 2011

guest91283 guest91283

Answers for samsung contest are 1) b-8 megapx 2) yes big screens are good as the whole look gets enhanced . It attracts consumers. The visual experience is amazing specially when its the amoled screen of samsung. The app and gaming experience is exceptional on big screens

6:48AM Sun, April 17 2011

guest77686 guest77686

Good phone related to video calling (Mst Imp) along with good camera. along with good battery back up.Spice G-6500 / Lava B6 / Samsung Hero E3213 budget is 4k? Please Reply soon

6:09PM Mon, May 23 2011

guest77686 guest77686


1:06PM Tue, May 24 2011

guest87181 guest87181

answer for 7-08-2011 is Android 2.2

1:33AM Sun, August 07 2011

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

answer for 7-08-2011 is Android 2.2

1:33AM Sun, August 07 2011

guest53931 guest53931

its not ? #confused WATS THE CORRECT EMAIL..

5:33AM Sun, August 07 2011

Tech-ad-2_smaller_normal @RajivMakhni

yes, its to enter the cellguru contest to win phones every week...

10:25AM Sun, August 07 2011

Kkapp10 Kkapp10

why are u questions in contest????????????????

12:50PM Mon, November 28 2011

guest21846 guest21846

sir 5mp head phone quality and andored phone please price

7:40AM Sat, February 11 2012

guest72645 guest72645

ans-Milagrow tabtop Height 131 mm Width 180

9:01AM Sat, June 30 2012

guest80407 guest80407

ans- is a 6.5

1:39PM Sat, June 30 2012

guest88623 guest88623

ans is 6.5

3:23AM Fri, July 06 2012

Anuj Anuj


12:19AM Sun, July 22 2012

guest93579 guest93579

answer is 5mp camera.

9:48AM Sat, August 04 2012

guest93579 guest93579

answer is 5 mp camera.

9:50AM Sat, August 04 2012

guest60400 guest60400

its just cooooool....

12:16PM Sun, August 12 2012

guest26929 guest26929

7 inch tab will be prefect size because you can eze carry

2:21AM Tue, August 14 2012

guest34795 guest34795


8:51AM Sat, August 18 2012

Nitesh Nitesh vnitesh12191@gm...

Ans-1-9-2012 7.1 inches screen

8:33AM Sat, September 01 2012

guest64369 guest64369

micromax funbook has10.1 inch screen

7:15AM Sun, September 02 2012

guest12055 guest12055


6:07PM Wed, September 05 2012

shubham shubham deore.shubham@g...

answer of karbon new tablet launched is A20 -shubham deore

6:03AM Sat, October 20 2012

guest85926 guest85926

The answer is Karbonn A18 2.I 

10:43AM Tue, October 23 2012

guest63665 guest63665

Rajiv sir, sometime bback you talked about a link where we can put our ideas about new features in phone but unfortunately i forgot to note that down. Could you please provide me that link. And where i can answer the questions you asked in the show.

2:07AM Sun, February 10 2013

guest37045 guest37045

where to answer que?

2:39PM Sun, March 17 2013

guest37045 guest37045

hello Rajivji ...about BB z10 , i like feature that we can hide keyboard by just swap.. .ANKITA G

2:46PM Sun, March 17 2013

guest17127 guest17127

1:battary 2processor 3:camara

8:28AM Sat, April 06 2013

guest81418 guest81418

First I would prefer battery then proccessor and arora last camera and optics

10:31PM Sat, April 06 2013

Roger Fernandes Roger Fernandes Belgaum, Karnataka.

Well, it's definitely gaming, that needs faster processing speed. Gaming just get's us so involved into it, that some lag or any kind of disturbance just makes us angry, frustrated and tired of it.

8:30AM Sat, April 20 2013

guest82704 guest82704

multi window app is not so good when you are a business man or usin it for professional purposes as it supports only a very decent selection of samsung and google apps to chooce from but there are teenagersn for whom it would be very exciting as they mostly spend times with apps as a play.thus, the multi window may help them to e.mail and "play'" with whatsapp at the same time.

10:40AM Wed, June 05 2013

shubham singh shubham singh kandiwali,mumba...

the sony lences are ofortable and we can carry any where ,in DSL lence they are big in size main point is lence costly ,for the photography they are good but for the noramal people they want like nice picture that the sony can give ..thank you i am shubham singh

2:46PM Sun, September 29 2013

guest68669 guest68669

very very good phone @ good price...... makers like sony only made like this type phone....... and best for photography...... so ......i recommend every on to buy this phone..... thank u by Saurabh vaishyak

10:40AM Mon, September 30 2013

guest14189 guest14189

sony lences are wireless that is plus point which are more help full for photography .. there some more lences are in the market for iphone but in that lence problem create because that lence we have to stick on mobile camera lence...because of that sony lences are good ,nice and portable...thank you..? shubham singh

1:52AM Sun, October 06 2013

guest98261 guest98261

how to ans ur show quiz...........Ans plz. i win to mobile.....

2:32PM Sun, October 13 2013

guest17615 guest17615

dear sir, please tell me about sony xperia m dual

7:13AM Sun, December 08 2013

guest17615 guest17615

i want a androd phone between 13000. please suggest me.

7:14AM Sun, December 08 2013

guest17615 guest17615

sir plese tell me or msg me 8437590369

7:23AM Sun, December 08 2013

anonymous Anonymous

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