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What is the english name for agbalumo aka udara? anyone?

4:52AM Wed, February 16 2011

53ec1c3ba1035177259bc34687e0523f_normal @mofeaketi

some1 in ascol called it cherry cos she wanted to b tush!! Ordeh! RT what is the english name for agbalumo aka udara? anyone?

5:03AM Wed, February 16 2011

guest27729 guest27729

it is called African Star Apple

12:29PM Tue, January 17 2012

guest77035 guest77035

It is called White Star Apple,check the link below it might help.

1:10PM Thu, January 19 2012

guest58420 guest58420

No it is not! Lots of information on Agbalumo/Udara on the internet is just wrong and purely misinformation! Star apple is a specific fruit that grows in the tropics of many countries including Jamaica and several tropical nations in the Americas... etc. However Star apple is distinctive and completely different from Agbalumo! It is called start apple becos if you cut a cross section of the fruit you are going to see a peculiar pattern formed in the flesh like a star once you take out the seeds!

11:51PM Sat, February 04 2012

guest58420 guest58420

Star apple does NOT remotely resemble Agbalumo! (see pictures in wikipedia).

11:52PM Sat, February 04 2012

guest58420 guest58420

Also some confused people have gone to refer to it as 'Spondias Mombin' - this is in fact a fruit that grows in Nigeria, however this is NOT Agbalumo! Spondias Mombin is probably what is called 'Yeye' fruit in Yoruba and it grows like a cluster of grape berries (see pictures in Wikipedia).

11:54PM Sat, February 04 2012

guest58420 guest58420

Yeye has a very thin skin that could be peeled off or simply throw a ripe fruit in the mouth and suck up the flesh while spitting out both skin and center seed! Spondias Mombin (aka Yeye) is green when unripe but turns into yellowish-orange as it ripens!

11:55PM Sat, February 04 2012

guest58420 guest58420

Agabalumo is much bigger than Yeye and has multiple seeds inside each of which would be surrounded with juicy flesh and the fruit itself is also a round (slightly smaller than a Tangerine) fleshy fruit with a pliable but tough hide/skin.

11:56PM Sat, February 04 2012

guest58420 guest58420

If the Skin is chewed it will feel leathery and rubbery - sometimes feels like chewing gum! Agbalumo is dark green when unripe and turns into a rusty orange color when ripe. As it gets riper or over-ripe, the skin turns into a darker shade of rusty orange (copper).

11:57PM Sat, February 04 2012

guest58420 guest58420

Mostly, Agbalumo will fall off the tree by itself once it is ripe. It is said that the sweetest ones are the ones that are allowed to naturally ripen on the tree and fall off by itself. When Agbalumo is very ripe, it oozes a white, milky substance (latex) which is sweet and sticky hence giving the fruit its chewy and gummy characteristics!

11:58PM Sat, February 04 2012

guest58420 guest58420

In unripe fruits, this latex would give a very acidic and sour taste! I think I have said enough. I will keep on researching the true and actual scientific name for Agbalumo and when I find it, I will be back to update this page.

11:59PM Sat, February 04 2012

guest44074 guest44074

agablumo is chrysophyllm albidum. no need finding an anglish name for it. whitey go chop am? abeg na agbalumo, plain and simple

9:06AM Thu, March 01 2012

guest40061 guest40061

Let's preserve the local names for it. any other foreigner who truly loves agbalumo/udara should therefore learn how to write/say its local name. This is our own dear fruit,vwe'll use it anyways we want1

10:16PM Sat, June 16 2012

gbej gbej

Guest58420 is actually on point, and quite right. AGBALUMO is called the WHITE STAR APPLE. The most important reason is that it is a closely related specie to the Star Apple. As a result their Botanical names are similar: Star Apple is Chyrysophyllum Cainito, White Star Apple, which is the common Agbalumo, is Chyrysophyllum Albidum, the African Star apple is Chyrysophyllum africanum, Which is a third, closely related but less common specie. (CONTINUED)

9:39PM Thu, June 28 2012

gbej gbej

For the proper Star Apple, although it is purple skinned, it has round fruits that are often green around the calyx, with a star pattern in the pulp. Other similarities to the Agbalumo includes the radial arrangement of its seed, the color and shape of the seeds, and the Latex rich rind. It is for these reasons of its' close relations and several similarities to the Star Apple the Agbalumo was given this English name, White Star Apple.

9:41PM Thu, June 28 2012

gbej gbej

The White Star Apple and African Star Apple are native to Africa. The Star apple is indigenous to Central America and the West Indies. The Star Apple should not be confused with Starfruit. The Starfruit has ridges running down its sides - usually five ridges, but may vary. As a results when it is viewed in cross section or from the top it looks like a star. Color of the Starfruit ranges from yellowish green (when unripe) to yellow (when ripe).

9:42PM Thu, June 28 2012

gbej gbej

The Agbalumo is not African Cherry, as it is believed in some quarters. The African Cherry is Prunus Africana, which is indigenous to Africa, and closely related to the popular Cherry. The popular (European) Cherry comes from several other Prunus species, especially cultivars of Prunus Avium (Wild Cherry). You can check up these facts from a botanist who is worth his/her salt, or even online

9:42PM Thu, June 28 2012

guest14145 guest14145

Please give me a break...Agbalumo/Udara as you know it has the following info attached to it... Family: Sapotaceae Botanical name: Chrysophyllum albidum Common name: White star apple it is not Star apple or african star apple or white apple or white star apple or cherry...

9:18AM Fri, November 02 2012

gbej gbej

Guest14145, I am quite right about the common name. Why not look closely at the article you quoted - look at the common name stated therein. The article you, and not I, quoted clearly says common name for Chrysophyllum Albidium is White Star Apple. Check your info again, and apologize to the whole house. Are you confused or just in a hurry to disprove me? In your hurry you didn't every scrutinize the info in your reply.

11:40AM Fri, November 02 2012

guest28909 guest28909

All your arguments are irrelevant and baseless........the question is what is agbalumo called in english.......... it is this or that ...Star apple or african star apple or white apple or white star apple or cherry, Chrysophyllum albidum..>blah blah blah ...... come to think of it can you argue it is not one name or the other yet non of you knows the actual answer........mumu(s)

10:27AM Mon, March 11 2013

gbej gbej

Guest28909 - What is your stress about name of 'Agbalumo', such that you have to resort to insults? You sound very parochial, like one used to passing any kind of info as right, in order to maintain your ITK status at all cost.Your reply shows that at best you are a uncouth in many of your ways.

1:16AM Tue, March 12 2013

gbej gbej

I will suggest you get a magnifying glass and read my submissions again, and probably stay off the Gbana and Heroin you are smoking. You seem to be the only one unclear as to what i brought forward in my earlier submission. Besides, it is only a coward, like you, that will resort to posting anonymously. Na fear dey catch you, or, na liver you no get? ABEG - INFACT I TAKE GOD BEG YOU - STOP BEING SILLY. IF NA CRAZE DEY DO YOU, STOP AM BECAUSE I CARRY CAN WIPE YOU YANSH!

1:16AM Tue, March 12 2013

guest10136 guest10136

come on people referring to Wikipedia,udara is called white star apple,it's d same thing with the normal pink in colour star apple,just because udara doesn't form the star when cut in two doesn't mean it's not star apple,it's just a difference in specie, no need to refer you to google or wikipedia, just go to Futo(owerri) and see for yourself,u will find the normal udara and the other udara(star apple) i'm sure you'll know it's d same when u see them,even their seed are d same.

6:27AM Thu, December 05 2013

guest85159 guest85159


6:37AM Mon, March 03

anonymous Anonymous

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