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Please: What is the dark, vertical line by Oprah's eye and cheekbone, on the right side of her face?

4:40PM Wed, February 16 2011

Images_kjk_3__normal @kookluxklann Washington D.C.

probably money stains.

4:40PM Wed, February 16 2011

100_0860_normal @durda

that is her miniature upc code.

4:41PM Wed, February 16 2011

Sankofa_-_purple_normal @theatreschoclub New York City

if anyone tweets u w/an answer, please retweet. Been wondering about this for a long time too. That Barbara Walters is a trip.

4:49PM Wed, February 16 2011

Ue_zhdjp_normal @lolagetslife

I thought I was the only one who saw that!

4:59PM Wed, February 16 2011

Profile_normal @TonyMottley Southfield, United States

Harry, damn if not always thinking the same. What's up wit that?

9:28PM Wed, February 16 2011

guest65161 guest65161

I think its put there by the makeup artist to slim her face

4:04PM Mon, May 30 2011

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

I think its put there by the makeup artist to slim her face

4:04PM Mon, May 30 2011

Img_1350_edit_normal @harryallen

I'm thinking you're right...

4:07PM Tue, May 31 2011

guest96172 guest96172

I give up!!

5:45PM Tue, June 14 2011

guest14732 guest14732

The line on Opras face is getting more severe.

12:00PM Tue, October 04 2011

anonymous Anonymous

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