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Does the rice trick work with an iphone?

6:24AM Thu, February 17 2011

C525890d17a979a14f7b4f691dc289ce_normal @masatostudio London

you not going to cook it are you ?

6:25AM Thu, February 17 2011

95b7c4c90e254f662f8d21699464f3ab_normal @jemlouisex Salisbury/London

It should do :) How severe is the water damage?

6:25AM Thu, February 17 2011

Image_normal @xxxMirayxxx

yeah!! It works very good!!

6:25AM Thu, February 17 2011

360_28197263191_516443191_899911_5037_n_normal @xcaix London

rice in the airing cupboard don't turn it on, until its dry as it short circuits it and damages its hardware x

6:25AM Thu, February 17 2011

8697eae4422dac093a7de8ad4dbad724_normal @Lauren1Dx Bristol

yeh it should do I had to do it with my iPhone :)

6:26AM Thu, February 17 2011

0603ef7f4d6f937a1f468bda0cf9345d_normal @MrsAtha Castleford, West Yorkshire

Yep! My friend tried it and his works fine now! Good luck x

6:26AM Thu, February 17 2011

Image_normal @LynseyPinch Leeds

yes it does, I dropped mine in some sick unfortunately but it works fine x

6:26AM Thu, February 17 2011

St_ives_2012_137_normal @KippingKrafts Margate, Kent

rice trick? Do share!

6:26AM Thu, February 17 2011

A513a05b8f7f0aba2ec57160c5bc4398_normal @gidders1 Nottingham

whatever you do don't open the phone up though, pot of rice in the airing cupboard!

6:26AM Thu, February 17 2011

F4ebfc7952bc70e3a497dfbfec1b4428_normal @tammilf Rotherham, S Yorks

my son took his iphone swimming. He took it apart, left it 2 weeks and it dried and worked fine. Apple said it wouldn't!

6:27AM Thu, February 17 2011

6oxd194rvfkenzbh33l3_normal @Louispierce

it's worth a try

6:27AM Thu, February 17 2011

Fbc016e149db177c1fafeb779da3a7ee_normal @bigbalders

yes. let it dry naturally for a couple of hours, then in a bowl of rice overnight. Dot try & turn it on for 24hrs

6:27AM Thu, February 17 2011

3465139bd6404eb90f8997630828b513_normal @gloucesterdance A house . . . .

Apparently it does.....

6:27AM Thu, February 17 2011

1a52c3c5cda4771185cd0a7dc300be28_normal @PaulPopplewell

you got it wet? Turn phone off quick! and try rice but dint work fir me, some say it dose!

6:27AM Thu, February 17 2011

Triangle_normal @BridieStearn Wales, UK

Rice absorbs all the moisture, but make sure you take the battery out of the phone asap and put in a big bowl of rice.

6:28AM Thu, February 17 2011

03ffaefcb07685f8c0e047afe6ac9047_normal @Isdancing

Cant see why not!

6:29AM Thu, February 17 2011

57da8d8d-c614-4fff-b430-2e9b3e962923_normal @bevpope Wokingham

Had to leave mine in bag of rice in airingcupboard for 4 days. Don't try and turn on or connect to power supply .

6:30AM Thu, February 17 2011

Image_normal @lozzer1987

my fiancé dropped his phone in toilet on fri we put it in the airing cupboard for3 days and put the hairdryer on it it works

6:30AM Thu, February 17 2011

S1559644050_43166_6935 @vlmorton

yep, if not stick it in the airing cupboard luv!

6:30AM Thu, February 17 2011

Bridesmaid_normal @EmmaThompson1

it did for my sister! In rice and then in the airing cupboard. Hope it works. :-)

6:34AM Thu, February 17 2011

E174ff7669efafdc91b015e69eaef3a0_normal @JudyMansfield France

Whats the Rice trick?

6:34AM Thu, February 17 2011

F90d9f31a4fa7d15d18ca0e2a0b4b1ef_normal @YorkieGav

airing cupboard might work for drying out yer iPhone

6:35AM Thu, February 17 2011

Image_normal @Ali_mac82 Bolton, England

my sister in law dropped hers down the loo the other day, dried on radiator for 14 hrs then in rice for 12... Good as new! x

6:41AM Thu, February 17 2011

1cb8b7deade3f199d36a121b7d5837b3_normal @anigroeg7 Shropshire

think so according to Chris Evans this morning

6:48AM Thu, February 17 2011

Image_normal @ellsbellsc Haverfordwest

yes it does, my friends cat knocked a cup of tea over hers when she was setting it up!! Good luck x

6:48AM Thu, February 17 2011

Img00353-20101121-1119_normal @traceyupton Essex

tried the rice trick on i-pod, that never worked! Xx

6:49AM Thu, February 17 2011

19b9e173263f2485c008d2eea907113e_normal @Julesbathome iphone:50.89992...

had a friend rescue an iPod like that when his son put it in glass of water. Worth a try at least

6:53AM Thu, February 17 2011

Phppjgpalam_normal @NicolaLightwood

worked for me x

6:57AM Thu, February 17 2011

2_normal @lucieray

according to Radio 2 breakfast show listener yes, but takes about 10 days. Good luck!

6:59AM Thu, February 17 2011

Image_normal @Alison69 West Midlands

I dropped mine in washing up water. Stuck it on radiator for 2 whole days. It worked ok

6:59AM Thu, February 17 2011

Image_normal @Alison69 West Midlands

radiator was just warm not hot

7:00AM Thu, February 17 2011

3478fc3272f778af07af11874589eb5a_normal @hencehemmo

re soggy iPhone - do you have any of the little packets that come in new handbags/suitcases? I save them for this very thing

7:03AM Thu, February 17 2011

Image_normal @trulylou Wassenaar, NL

Yes. My friend dropped her iPhone down the loo too and we put it in bag of rice and it worked... Good luck! x

7:06AM Thu, February 17 2011

Image_normal @amandapanda1966 ÜT: 50.642497,-...

yes! Also put in the rice in a bowl in the airing cupboard good luck x

7:09AM Thu, February 17 2011

2cb2bc86642112f1799a814581dd0f1b_normal @gemmac4491 Cambridge

what rice trick?

7:15AM Thu, February 17 2011

Image_normal @sallymycroft

Me again I tried rice for a week and it didn't work for me

7:36AM Thu, February 17 2011

Holiday_in_devon_052_normal @ClareLJames Didcot, Oxfordshire

what? Rice trick? I need to know what your on about ? X

7:36AM Thu, February 17 2011

Image_normal @hannahcottrell

it. Did for my Sis in law,take out the sim and put the sim holder back in tho x

7:41AM Thu, February 17 2011

271nmxmro95q9yywuaku_normal @nickwellings Sheffield, UK

it can best thing to do let it dry out for a few days and don't plug it in or it will fry the battery! A warm cubbard too! X

7:45AM Thu, February 17 2011

Egg_evans_normal @eggsinthemorn

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7:49AM Thu, February 17 2011

Image_normal @loucarter04 Leeds

no I've has two loo incidents now!! First time fab guy in Leeds mended it and second time had to (cont)

7:55AM Thu, February 17 2011

Profile_pic_normal @Emsie_J Wassenaar, NL

I can vouch for that - it worked like normal, the bubbles behind the screen soon disappear!!! Good luck x

8:03AM Thu, February 17 2011

8a067b5c-d661-4e66-a9d5-4c787eff2803_normal @kirkse

haha I've done that before! The rice trick is worth a try!

8:11AM Thu, February 17 2011

Image_normal @andrewoverman Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

what rice trick?

8:25AM Thu, February 17 2011

Image_normal @laladotcom Bristol, England

yes yes yes it worked lovely on mine after a quick swim in a pint just leave it for a while though! Maybe 24 hours! X

8:37AM Thu, February 17 2011

Default_profile_3_normal @nichodder

it does with an ipod touch if that's any good.

9:41AM Thu, February 17 2011

Image_normal @cath69partis

it doesn't with IPod touch I'm afraid to say:-(

10:08AM Thu, February 17 2011

Securedownload_3_normal @IsabelLouisa

the rice trick doesn't work full stop in my opinion. Sorry but think u need a new fone :-( x

10:52AM Thu, February 17 2011

211222_556451418_434535_n_normal @kittenmeg grimsby

whatever u do don't turn it on or put it on charge, bag of rice for couple of days luv x

11:42AM Thu, February 17 2011

Sspx9792_normal @Pinkfiero Canada

I read about it here, Hope it works for you!

12:30PM Thu, February 17 2011

2310e8ff-8940-416a-ad81-ae22accafb4a_normal @cosmic1711

yes it does leave over night if u can good luck

12:38PM Thu, February 17 2011

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