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Q5 - what are the names of the members of 1d?

3:06PM Sun, February 20 2011

Image_normal @Aoiffee_ Cork, Ireland

niall Horan Liam payne Harry styles zayn Malik louis tomlinson

3:07PM Sun, February 20 2011

168317_1595905773290_1105335069_31298133_992806_n @carla_warny Belgium

Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne & Louis Tomlinson :)

3:07PM Sun, February 20 2011

Skool_normal @HejabHeartsZaYn ZaYn's Heart ♥

ZaYn Harry Liam Niall Louis

3:08PM Sun, February 20 2011

Dd51529c069c8f33908cfca990c5c48e_normal @Saarraaxx England, Bradford

thats easy...zayn , harry, liam, louis & niall xxx

3:08PM Sun, February 20 2011

Image_normal @JoelFlah

Niall Harry Liam Louis Zayn

3:09PM Sun, February 20 2011

guest18400 guest18400

Niall Harry Liam. Louis zayn

6:38PM Mon, February 06 2012

guest16263 guest16263

what they said ^^^^^^^^^

5:44PM Tue, April 17 2012

guest77682 guest77682

Thanks u guys r wsome: )

4:35PM Sun, April 22 2012

guest59390 guest59390

niall Horan Liam payne Harry styles zayn Malik louis tomlinson

6:39AM Sat, April 28 2012

guest20258 guest20258

NAMES OF 1D i like: louis and harry. names of 1D: louis harry niall zayn liam

7:24AM Sat, May 05 2012

guest99920 guest99920

i <3 harry styles

3:25PM Fri, June 01 2012

guest54419 guest54419

I love louis so go and look at your self in the mirror By sally

8:58AM Sat, July 07 2012

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

I love louis so go and look at your self in the mirror By sally

8:58AM Sat, July 07 2012

guest54419 guest54419

I love harry so if someone mentions his name I will killlll you!!!!

9:04AM Sat, July 07 2012

guest58867 guest58867

Larry Stylinson , Zarry Stalik , Zaill Moran , Niam Hayne , Layn Talik :)

9:09AM Sat, July 07 2012

guest38588 guest38588


5:00PM Thu, July 12 2012

guest67950 guest67950


9:34AM Mon, July 23 2012

guest52139 guest52139

Well... There's Zayn Malik, pretty much the most popular one, Harry Styles, who could give Zayn a run for his money, Louis Tomlinson, who's pretty popular as well, then there's Niall Horan and Liam Payne, who aren't the MOST popular, but have fans and are pretty cool too.

2:42PM Sat, July 28 2012

guest52139 guest52139

tfyihjko[]# ][p;lokj hbcrgthyuj iopn; hg frvt-= h nbyhiuj nmk,l u7y7uojk lol

2:44PM Sat, July 28 2012

guest85593 guest85593

HARRY, LOUIS, liam, zayn, niall

10:00PM Tue, September 11 2012

guest85593 guest85593

I<3Harry Styles

10:01PM Tue, September 11 2012

guest85593 guest85593

I<3Louis Tomlinson:)

10:03PM Tue, September 11 2012

chloie101lover chloie101lover britton mi

I LOVE HARRY STYLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:*

11:10PM Fri, September 14 2012

guest81299 guest81299


10:55AM Sun, September 16 2012

guest96901 guest96901

HARRY, LOUISL LIAM, ZAYN, NIALL BUT NIALL the best the hotties the sexyest and the cutest

4:09AM Fri, September 21 2012

guest74835 guest74835

harry, zayn, liam, niall, and louis the cutest of them all is zayn

10:59PM Tue, September 25 2012

guest74728 guest74728

So who love zayn

1:12PM Sun, October 07 2012

guest42203 guest42203

omfg josh

10:27PM Sat, November 17 2012

guest90033 guest90033

I LOVE Harry By Audrey

10:04PM Tue, December 04 2012

guest90033 guest90033

If somebody gets free tickets give them to Audrey .if you don't I will kill you

10:07PM Tue, December 04 2012

guest89634 guest89634

harry edward milard styles,niall james horan,liam james payne,zayn jawaad malik,and last but not least louis william tomlinson

7:52PM Wed, December 12 2012

guest34818 guest34818


5:17PM Sat, December 29 2012

guest86021 guest86021


8:58AM Fri, February 15 2013

guest56820 guest56820

i love nial.HE IS SO HOT

3:24PM Sat, March 02 2013

guest45350 guest45350

I love Niall and Liam

11:31PM Wed, March 27 2013

guest52044 guest52044

I personally call them: Faggot 1 Faggot 2 Faggot 3 Faggot 4 Faggot 5

11:53PM Fri, April 19 2013

guest64197 guest64197

LOL Zayn Harry Louis Liam Niall

7:10AM Mon, July 22 2013

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