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Charter, What is ref code S0012. That shows up on all HD channels at least once a day. What is the deal?

11:05PM Fri, February 25 2011

Charterjeremy_normal @CharterJeremy

Sorry to hear you are having some trouble. Are you getting that code on all of your boxes or do you just have one?

11:07PM Fri, February 25 2011

guest60131 guest60131

having the same problem all the time...

4:46PM Tue, June 14 2011

guest41360 guest41360

I have this problem all the time also..

4:35PM Sat, July 02 2011

guest18192 guest18192

I am having this problem as well. I just switched to Charter. I have 30 days to switch back if needed. Is there any fix to this in the works?

6:40PM Tue, July 19 2011

guest80866 guest80866

The problem has to do with the frequency capabilities of the splitters. Typical splitters allow 50 to 900Mhz, Splitters for HD or digital TV run at a higher frequency. Get some that are rated for 2 - 2.5 Ghz or higher. Also the cable running to the cable modem for the computer need splitters that are rated for two way communication. Not all splitters are created equal. Since I bought better splitters I have a much better picture and no error codes.

8:14PM Fri, September 02 2011

guest65896 guest65896

Changing splitter to one with higher frequency worked for my Charter digital signal. Thanks for the solution!

10:35PM Mon, May 07 2012

guest46221 guest46221

Thanks for t his information. I had the same problem. I went out and bought a 2.3 Ghz splitter and I have not had any problem since.

6:16PM Sat, September 07 2013

anonymous Anonymous

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