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Does anyone know how to get sound on snapchat videos?

1:31AM Wed, December 26 2012

36a5e96c2b21dc8df6ba374645a7ca0a_normal @Marlayynnaa Taylorsville,NC

switch the little thing above your volume buttons because mine was doing the same thing but it was because of that

1:35AM Wed, December 26 2012

843c001b9f0690303ba17b74cc9c91c9_normal @andrealovesyou7

OMG you are the best. Thank you so muccch!!

1:36AM Wed, December 26 2012

36a5e96c2b21dc8df6ba374645a7ca0a_normal @Marlayynnaa Taylorsville,NC

you're welcome.

1:37AM Wed, December 26 2012

guest27654 guest27654

that was my problem too!!!

3:16PM Thu, April 18 2013

guest27654 guest27654

thanks marlay and thank you Andrea for asking!

3:17PM Thu, April 18 2013

guest31245 guest31245

when I send a video they cant hear it and I cant hear it when I play it back any clues? I can hear other peoples videos just my own sound doesn't work. it works on voice notes so I have no idea ???

10:23AM Thu, April 25 2013

guest62038 guest62038

^i got the same problem :(

1:41AM Tue, May 14 2013

guest68720 guest68720

When I make a video I can't hear it, and when I receive videos I also can't hear it, it was working at one point and now its stopped. Someone helppppp

4:31PM Sun, June 16 2013

guest26554 guest26554

Thank u marlayna !!!!!

12:37AM Fri, June 21 2013

guest87776 guest87776

My snapchat for iOS has no sound notification when new pics come in. Anyone ever experience this?

8:38PM Wed, July 10 2013

guest40318 guest40318

I have the same issue - it worked at first but now my videos have no sound and I cant hear others.

1:09AM Fri, September 13 2013

guest23966 guest23966

My phone is not on silent! I can hear other people's videos but i cant hear my own when it plays back. Again, my phone is not on silent, and the volume is up!!! help plz!!??

10:33PM Wed, September 18 2013

guest64641 guest64641

^^^^ I have the same problem. Help meeeeeeee

4:37PM Thu, September 19 2013

guest64641 guest64641

Settings, privacy, microphone, on.

4:48PM Thu, September 19 2013

guest23550 guest23550

Siri sounds like a man what happen?????

2:27PM Sat, September 21 2013

guest54814 guest54814

i have the exact same prombelm... and already turned on the microphone for snapchat in privacy but its not working!!! pleaseeeeee i need help

3:04PM Wed, September 25 2013

guest45889 guest45889

I went to settings, privacy but I dont have a microphone option to turn on?

10:55PM Fri, September 27 2013

guest98325 guest98325

Same problem. Can hear video snaps from other people but can't hear my own voice after I record. This is dumb and I keep finding answers that don't help. No microphone setting under privacy, volume is up, phone is not on silent.

8:16PM Thu, October 03 2013

guest87466 guest87466

Thank you quest64641! You saved me from throwing my phone across the room!

11:02PM Mon, October 07 2013

guest45229 guest45229

Thank you Marley

2:44PM Thu, October 10 2013

guest49682 guest49682

For those who can't hear their own video but can hear others:have you tried yelling directly into the Mic?? Mine picks up a faint recording only when I do that, not much use but shows the Mic is on. I have a HTC one x, if anyone finds an answer please post!!

5:04PM Mon, November 11 2013

guest57597 guest57597

I have a samsung galaxy mini. And when I play the snapchat videos I can hear them but cant see any thing. Any one know why

5:29AM Thu, December 26 2013

guest84891 guest84891

guest49682 I have the same problem with the same phone!! Has anyone got any answers?!

2:07AM Sun, January 19 2014

guest50433 guest50433

Because the iPhone is a pice of shit

10:31PM Fri, March 14

guest92758 guest92758

I have an IPhone 4 and I use snapchat a lot. Whe. I receive a video I can hear them perfectly. But when I try to respond with a video I can't hear mysel on play back and they can't hear me. I've gone to settings and turned mic sound on my phone is not on silent. I just don't know what to do .-. HELP

9:33PM Wed, April 09

guest92758 guest92758


9:33PM Wed, April 09

guest99837 guest99837

Quest87776 go to settings icon on snapchat and click the setting icon then go to notification sounds, click on

5:24AM Sat, April 19

guest99472 guest99472

Hiya, anyone found out the answer for the HTC One X yet? I too hear my incoming videos clearly but stuff I record is always faint :(

6:41PM Mon, April 21

guest34319 guest34319

for everyone who has had the problem where its not silent mode or the mic its is the background app refresh for snap chat then just sorted it out myself. go into setting - general - background app refresh and turn off snap chat and they should start working again. hope it works for u like it did me

8:39AM Sat, April 26

guest63614 guest63614

SETTINGS privacy microphone on.... THATS how u get volume :)

4:57AM Wed, April 30

guest24129 guest24129

Ever since I updated my phone the same thing has happened to me -.- it sucks and I need help

4:39AM Sat, May 10

guest53091 guest53091

I'm having the same problem since an upgrade. Tried all of the above and nothing works :(

5:25PM Fri, May 16

guest53432 guest53432

I can hear others good but with mine when I go to do a video snapchat on the iPhone 4 I can barely hear it and they can barely hear it too, I've tried the backround app refresh and turning on the mic please help

2:02AM Thu, May 22

guest92897 guest92897

I have the same problem and tried everything that was suggested in your guys' comments....any suggestions on what else I could do??

5:29PM Wed, June 18

guest49444 guest49444

Get a new phone loool

10:19AM Sat, July 12

guest85778 guest85778

I'm on my iPad and it still don't work.

12:05PM Thu, July 17

guest92694 guest92694

Can hear snap chats that are sent to you but not ones that you make yourself: make sure your phone is NOT on silent them go to SETTINGS- PRIVACY- MICROPHONE- find SNAP CHAT ICON and turn it on by sliding it to the right

10:10AM Tue, July 29

anonymous Anonymous

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