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What does Tunechi mean and why does Lil Wayne reference it so often?

1:38AM Thu, March 03 2011

5d94269ac3e3f72cdb7f13cfd7e771d6_normal @RealMikeCaesar Fort Washington, MD

i was wondering that same thing his grandmother gave him the name u could actually google and find the story

1:40AM Thu, March 03 2011

Bd09ca5d685a8164b54645016f16639b_normal @MarcAnthonyR17 St. Louis, MO

I just looked it up. His grandmother called him tune all the time and he added chi

1:42AM Thu, March 03 2011

70efc1ab4196b294bec1246b1b67fcd0_normal @SmileLikeNaomi UK

I think it's the nickname his grandmother gave him.

1:42AM Thu, March 03 2011

A837bb0a28af2e61bbe213621ee0fd4a_normal @DesiredLove97 - i'm in MiAMi Bitchh !

cuz he doesn't call himself lil wayne no more he goes by the name of Lil Tunechi now lol

1:43AM Thu, March 03 2011

Bd09ca5d685a8164b54645016f16639b_normal @MarcAnthonyR17 St. Louis, MO

yeah his grandmother gave him the nickname tune and he just added chi

1:44AM Thu, March 03 2011

guest39250 guest39250

because thats the name of his inner demon (alter ego) that makes his music lil wayne could only rap about the block being hot tunechi is all knowing

8:51PM Sun, May 15 2011

guest73481 guest73481

now that is just retard inner demon hir granny gave him that and he added a lil twist on it lmao

3:19PM Tue, June 21 2011

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

now that is just retard inner demon hir granny gave him that and he added a lil twist on it lmao

3:19PM Tue, June 21 2011

guest16726 guest16726

In all actuality he got jt from his grandother; however, when all good artist even R&B singers reach a certain level , they change their names for marketing purposes to keep up with times and give new life to their art!

6:08AM Tue, July 12 2011

guest64863 guest64863

i feel its a demon

4:50PM Tue, July 19 2011

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

i feel its a demon

4:50PM Tue, July 19 2011

guest20713 guest20713

since u said hiz grandma nicknamd 'em tune nd he added chi (tune as music (chi as power)

1:47AM Thu, July 21 2011

guest57878 guest57878

well i think it's gay. he need to stop puttinq that in al his songs. im tired of hearinq it goodness.

12:46AM Fri, July 22 2011

guest78749 guest78749

uhmm ur a haterr dhatz nott qayy !

5:22PM Sat, July 23 2011

guest39295 guest39295

its not gay but its true

11:35PM Sat, July 23 2011

guest71047 guest71047

Lil Wayne is a beast and that's it

3:58PM Mon, July 25 2011

guest71047 guest71047

What nigga

3:59PM Mon, July 25 2011

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

What nigga

3:59PM Mon, July 25 2011

guest76208 guest76208

lil wayne is not a beast... he raps about money weed and power in every song.. its all the same

8:04AM Thu, July 28 2011

guest81999 guest81999

hit a bich wit a car bomb

3:17PM Sun, July 31 2011

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

hit a bich wit a car bomb

3:17PM Sun, July 31 2011

guest20934 guest20934

Well what else is there other then weed money and power. Would you rather be feared or loved..

10:18PM Sun, July 31 2011

guest83854 guest83854

u 2 are stupid as hell arguing about a grown mans name

1:27PM Mon, August 01 2011

guest27590 guest27590

it mean niga im thinking

7:02PM Mon, August 01 2011

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

it mean niga im thinking

7:02PM Mon, August 01 2011

guest26504 guest26504

Lil TuneChi. Chi means God in some languages. So It likely means Lil TuneGod.

4:04PM Sun, August 07 2011

guest93461 guest93461

, you're right in Igbo, one of nigeria's languages, Chi does mean God. Like he's the Music God, God of Music, Angel of Music (Lucifer); but then again Apollo was the god of music in greek mytholgy so... I'm just gonna go with wayne's story,

10:01PM Mon, August 08 2011

guest62662 guest62662

mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn im in ymcb

1:11PM Sat, August 13 2011

guest99214 guest99214

It's the name of the demon that posses him

1:36AM Thu, August 18 2011

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

It's the name of the demon that posses him

1:36AM Thu, August 18 2011

guest51277 guest51277

tha name of his demon

10:17AM Thu, August 18 2011

guest57792 guest57792


6:56PM Thu, August 18 2011

guest29241 guest29241

i believe its a demon too !!!

2:27PM Wed, August 24 2011

guest21537 guest21537

wayne LOVES god . ! he says it all the time . 1 i love god , 2 i aint shit without you and 3 i aint shit without you ,, get off his nuts , yall spend more time making up shit , then washing yall asses , ! GROW THE FUCK UPP!

11:25PM Sat, August 27 2011

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

wayne LOVES god . ! he says it all the time . 1 i love god , 2 i aint shit without you and 3 i a...

11:25PM Sat, August 27 2011

guest77947 guest77947

i agree wit the GROW THE FUCK UP PART

1:32AM Sun, August 28 2011

guest35155 guest35155

ok Tunechi means music god. No he isnt copying off of Gucci. Plus hes had this name since The Hotboy days. Yes Lil Wayne believes in God, no he isnt insulting him. Lil Wayne is a beast & he raps about pussy, money & weed. Hence the song Pussy money weed lol.

11:26PM Sat, September 03 2011

guest48773 guest48773

The name was given to him with a purpose. Tune was given by his family and chi was given to him when he completed most of his career. Who hotter in the game than lil wayne right now. He sold his soul to the devil and, Tenuchis is completing his destiny in music.

1:14PM Mon, September 05 2011

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

The name was given to him with a purpose. Tune was given by his family and chi was given to him ...

1:14PM Mon, September 05 2011

guest60853 guest60853

it means pussy in hoes

6:38PM Wed, September 07 2011

guest82328 guest82328

If you don't think lil wayne is good then your either gay, stupid as hell, or your jealous because he's rich and your not. So anyone lil wayne haters on here can get the fuck off because lil wayne is like he said in his song is the best rapper alive.

4:53PM Wed, September 14 2011

guest92304 guest92304

yall need to stop ridin his DICK

8:41AM Fri, September 16 2011

guest11316 guest11316

2:31PM Sun, September 18 2011

guest71721 guest71721

if i was ya'll i'd look up los

9:56PM Mon, September 19 2011

guest97417 guest97417

my nam punechi

9:52PM Thu, September 29 2011

guest37461 guest37461

i heard lil tunechi could mean jesus just as hov means god to jayz and yeezy would be the holy ghost i think

5:16PM Mon, October 03 2011

guest69688 guest69688

tunechi is actually his inner demon for everyones fucking information. who ever doesnt believe that is just stupid because nicki minaj has an alter ego also. his grandmother did not give him that name its all lies . there is a true meaning behind tunechi. its his alter ego. beyonce alter ego is sasha fierce. nicki minaj alter ego is roman. dumb asses be more open minded

7:00PM Wed, October 12 2011

Jazishtalkn Jazishtalkn Somewhere chillin

Wayne - tunechi (music god) Beyonce - Sasha fierce (guardian of mankind; the god huros daughter) Jayz - j-hova (the god mc) Please stop living in denial; they're all posed- the end smh... Just keep The real God in ya life & leave the b.s alonee

7:05PM Wed, October 12 2011

Jazishtalkn Jazishtalkn Somewhere chillin


7:06PM Wed, October 12 2011

guest71270 guest71270

It means et twat(pussy)

8:32PM Sun, October 16 2011

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

It means et twat(pussy)

8:32PM Sun, October 16 2011

guest92879 guest92879

guest39250 ur retarded u dumb dicko-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-

1:30PM Mon, October 17 2011

guest40149 guest40149

it means not a spirit but not a human stuiped ppl

1:14AM Mon, October 24 2011

guest45722 guest45722

u knw wat all y'all smell like funky asses. wit ya droopy lips. nd ya mamas hoe. y'all have no kinda life if y'all on this site saying stuff bout lil wayne. y'all some pussy azz niggaz for dat one. BITCHES

10:35AM Mon, October 24 2011

guest69041 guest69041

I dont even wanna comment...too scared....

12:22PM Fri, October 28 2011

guest23096 guest23096

Omg yall all need Jesus

4:12PM Thu, November 10 2011

guest12017 guest12017

Mann Lil Wayne Is Illuminati Bru !

3:29PM Wed, November 23 2011

guest77365 guest77365

guest12017 your an idiot for saying one thing about illuminati. be ready.

7:45PM Fri, November 25 2011

guest19352 guest19352

it means tune and god but his grandmother gave it to him its his alter ego aka his hoe side ." bitches call me tunechi "it is what he labels himself for females it is his hoeish alter ego.

6:05PM Thu, December 15 2011

guest68007 guest68007


6:54PM Thu, December 15 2011

guest68007 guest68007

I mean that stupid nigger says he is in ymcb " ur a fuckin dumb ass it's ymcmb nigger

6:56PM Thu, December 15 2011

guest29645 guest29645

Ya'll fuken retarded..

3:48PM Sat, December 17 2011

guest65536 guest65536

It's a demon in him in people wordship more then one god.....yall really need to know facts.....god wouldnt make music talkin about he looked in da devil face in took his mask off...wat type of shit is dat....u add it up

3:58PM Sat, December 17 2011

guest65536 guest65536

Dats all he talk about he do love god not my god tho he wordship da devil

4:00PM Sat, December 17 2011

guest53207 guest53207

I think his grandmother gave it to him

9:39PM Sun, January 08 2012

guest53334 guest53334

first of all his grandmother did give him the name go look it the fukk up and he dont say looking the devils face and took his mask off he says and i quote "I looked in the face of death and took his mask off" believe me i rap my self and i study other rap artist to get better! stupid people in this world i swear

8:26PM Wed, January 11 2012

guest94029 guest94029

tunechi be the name...dont ask him how he got it

6:07PM Mon, January 23 2012

guest81494 guest81494

It not gay. You just a hater

12:23AM Tue, January 24 2012

guest17544 guest17544

Fuck all you dumb ass niggas he also says.on my libra scale I'm weighing sins and forgiveness he ain't no demon.

11:49PM Tue, January 24 2012

guest17544 guest17544

And the illuminati does not exist the media is fuckin with yall

11:53PM Tue, January 24 2012

guest68364 guest68364


10:13PM Thu, January 26 2012

guest10471 guest10471

onesly what does it mean????????????????????????????

5:06PM Mon, January 30 2012

guest38830 guest38830

Boy it's amazing to see how close minded ppl are..alot of things if you r not rooted in God you won't kno..ppl will do anything for money fame r fortune. Let's b open minded for a second..if his granny gave him that name then y r we his now hearing it..r hearing about it.. If I watch closely lol Wayne wax never as lyrical as he is now.. Way is an alter ego?. Something that alters who u e.g.. I'm not on here to talk bout him r anything like that but in order for ppl to understand what is going

10:47AM Wed, February 01 2012

guest38830 guest38830

On you have to know God and I mean know him in spirit and in truth.. And to those that is tryn to argue there point.. Don't attempt to do so...the Bible says that in the last days men shall b lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.. How can Wayne say he loves God when he is doin everything God said don't do.. Be yes holy for I am holy saith the lord... Is Wayne holy??.. Beloved believe me demons are real.. I've been in church a long time and I've heads demons speak through ppl and even

10:53AM Wed, February 01 2012

guest38830 guest38830

Reveal their names.... Better get a clue ppl... Two places to go heaven r hell...and the SPIRIT OF GOD Don't make yum act like dat.... And let this mind b in you that is also in Christ blessed ppl

10:57AM Wed, February 01 2012

guest33900 guest33900

Lil Wayne worships the devil all of you are stupid you obviously don't hear his lyrics go here his song "she will" he clearly says "devil on my shoulder the lord is my witness" what kind of shit is that? There all of you can shut up now lol

8:54PM Thu, February 02 2012

guest97302 guest97302

Everything thats written isnt always the truth duhh! so shut the hell up and stop arguing over something so stupid as a song

3:15AM Mon, February 06 2012

guest26639 guest26639

Common since Tune----(music) Chi----(life-force) his music is his life-force thus it makes him stronger Some people over think stuff to much....

2:09PM Fri, February 10 2012

guest64643 guest64643


1:19AM Wed, February 15 2012

guest98010 guest98010

ok first his grandma named him lil tune . then he added chi to it like gucci. its basically his way of saying gucci "tunechi"

6:47AM Thu, February 16 2012

guest31470 guest31470

It's The Devil, You Wouldn't Be Reading This If You Didn't Think That Already

12:41PM Thu, February 16 2012

guest53871 guest53871

His grandmother gave him tune and he added chi to refer too gucci

8:34PM Thu, February 16 2012

guest87583 guest87583


10:03PM Fri, February 17 2012

guest98506 guest98506

his gramma gave hime the name tune and lil wane added a shi so now its tuneshi

5:02PM Sat, February 25 2012

guest19192 guest19192

fuk you all

10:48PM Tue, February 28 2012

guest19192 guest19192

bitches. yalll niggas need to calm down

10:49PM Tue, February 28 2012

guest99064 guest99064

haha its funny because it is all illuminati because they want people to do just what we're doing, getting on the media to look shit up as simple as what wayne's name "tunechi" means we're all part of they're plan we're doing what they want us to do, argue and shit duh haha but tunechi could probably be just a retarted name he pulled out of his ass while he was trashed or fucking high one day lol

1:59AM Tue, March 06 2012

guest98503 guest98503

il tunchi is a demon is horus...jay z often throwa up the eye of horus as his supposed rock symbol...horus is the patrin of young men...hence toung h o....forever young...young hov...etc...

9:46AM Wed, March 07 2012

guest98503 guest98503

il tunchi is a demon is horus...jay z often throws up the eye of horus as his supposed roc symbol...horus is the patron of young men...hence young h o....forever young...young hov...etc...

9:50AM Wed, March 07 2012

guest17906 guest17906

you guys need to go to church!!!!!!!!

6:30PM Wed, March 14 2012

guest75936 guest75936

Chi is an Igbo word that is used for "gods". He calls himself "TuneChi" because he believes he's the god of tune , the god of music !

10:24AM Fri, March 16 2012

guest78335 guest78335

@ guest 45722 your just a stupid ass nigger

7:52PM Fri, March 16 2012

CNO2828 CNO2828

Ever since he started calling himself that, he stopped writing. The demon tunechi possesses him and makes him spit hot Dylan...

7:56PM Fri, March 16 2012

guest35665 guest35665

his granmthr called him it and fuck lil wayne

7:38PM Sat, March 17 2012

guest51195 guest51195

lil tunechi is a female demon that kills people lil wayne reffers to that name because he is gay! he just dint add the chi on for no reason he knew what the name meant so he used it and he also knew that other people dint know what it meant! lil wayne kissed birdman now in my world if another man kisses another man that is called gay ladies and gentlemen just google it or look it up on youtube!!! your a dumbass just like the rest of yall blinded ass peoples yall are going to hell

8:35PM Sat, March 17 2012

guest13466 guest13466

guest51195 you r a fuckin fag thats why u talkim shut! Lil wyne lil tunechi THE FUCKIN GREATEST RAPPER ALIVE! fuck ALL the dumb asses on this bullshit ass page

10:56PM Sat, March 17 2012

guest27735 guest27735

Like Wayne is gay birdman is gay Drake is wack.all ymcmb is gay and fake tupac too short niggas with attitude are real fuck these fake ass artists these days!!!!!!!!"!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:11AM Wed, March 21 2012


Hi everyone

7:50PM Wed, March 21 2012

guest43081 guest43081

That nigga is gay and he has nothin more to rap about. He need th quit. I'm sick of that bitch nigga

5:12AM Sat, March 24 2012

guest31830 guest31830

Shut uhp,, Jazishtlkin is rite

2:50PM Sat, March 24 2012

guest60885 guest60885

Just because people say God doesnt mean their talking about God in heaven. People yall better open your eyes. Watch the truth behind hip hop by craig lewis. It will change your mind

2:51PM Tue, March 27 2012

guest27735 guest27735

West side thug life like Wayne is gay as fuck he don't freestyle shit his sucks Norman little dick just like a ym fuck all y'all muthafuckas who like like Wayne and his gay ass eastside posse I'll throw hands with lil Wayne and show him wassup with the real ass side where we be fuckin a bitch everyday GUEST27735 i agree with you dawg fuck ymcmBITCHES!

3:56PM Wed, March 28 2012

guest41430 guest41430

it means dirty dick dats y when he say OMG BECKIE LOOK AT HER BUT TUNECHI u get it

4:53PM Sun, April 01 2012

guest13977 guest13977

bru!? Haha dumbass kids these days, y'all this y'all that stfu with that shit... And Lil Wayne is good buts he's not a beast and the best rapper alive in the category of new hip hop references like fOr example his dumb lines as "I'm calling niggas out like the empire" yea he's good, but anyone can make shit like that up jst that he's Lil Wayne and then of its cool he can say somethin as dumb as "I'm so wet call me ocean" and ppl would be like ooooh damn thaths sick yo,

3:59AM Mon, April 02 2012

guest48505 guest48505

all y'all are fucking stupid. Tunechi is a name for someone who likes to eat pussy. Wayne isn't a music God...he just likes to lick that clit

11:40PM Wed, April 04 2012

guest62581 guest62581

dass it

9:09AM Sun, April 08 2012

guest10223 guest10223

His grandma used to call him "Tun" and he got "Chi" from guuchi put it together and you get Tunchi.

12:26PM Mon, April 09 2012

guest73330 guest73330

go to your web bar and type in Illuminati backwards it takes you to a national government website here just copy this-------------><---------------

9:03PM Mon, April 09 2012

guest97594 guest97594

tunechi (;

9:59PM Mon, April 09 2012

guest97594 guest97594

Oh. My. God. Becky look at her butt :O

10:00PM Mon, April 09 2012

guest62072 guest62072

it means to engage in sexual intercourse

12:45AM Sun, April 15 2012

guest91139 guest91139

OMG YES. lil wayne is not beast. all he does is rap about stupid shit and its annoying.

4:24PM Mon, April 16 2012

guest94721 guest94721

It is boner in french...

4:48PM Mon, April 16 2012

guest18699 guest18699

jus cause he says god means nothing tell him say jesus!!! does he say tht??? hell no. his god is satan. he is a Luciferian. stop being a fan for one second n open ur mind. thas not even him. carter 2 on down is wayne. he is possessed. why would he change his style if he was at the top already???? he was hot before all tht. "rebirth" album say it all. its a new him. what's new about him??? the demon inside. when a person is possess they often say its someone else inside of them. wake up!

4:51PM Tue, April 17 2012

guest18699 guest18699

Pronouced - tune-chee (n.) (term for) (The sexual reproductive organ of a - Boy pussy, Mangina & or Gooch.)

4:56PM Tue, April 17 2012

guest53771 guest53771

He has ; Fear God tatted on his eyes ...its obviously not GOD ...its the God of music(Satan)<--- Tune(Music- Chi(Power.- If he honored god so much He wouldn't be rapping about the stuff he does You dumb fucks

3:46PM Sat, April 21 2012

guest39257 guest39257


10:43PM Sun, April 22 2012

guest89419 guest89419

Wow this is to funny lls

9:36AM Mon, April 23 2012

guest49850 guest49850


10:44PM Mon, April 23 2012

guest58966 guest58966

why the hell is everyone fighting over it thats his name and thats it dont worry bout how he got it fuck just enjoy his music and shut the fuck up

10:49PM Sat, April 28 2012

guest58966 guest58966

peple are so fuckin stupid

10:50PM Sat, April 28 2012

guest33404 guest33404

It Mean Man hoe

3:52PM Mon, April 30 2012

guest35179 guest35179

If you here it really closly He said "OH MY GOD BECKY LIKE LOOK AT HER BUTT!" Then you hear Tunechi. That means when he said look at her but his GRANDMA was scolding him for saying. that

4:39AM Tue, May 01 2012

guest20803 guest20803

tunechis are people who will do anything for money the whole YMCMB clan are tunechis but n lil waynes case it means to engage in sexual acts his meaning of tunechi isnt a real word its just another word for being a man whore so to say.

11:34AM Tue, May 01 2012

guest54517 guest54517

bcuz he has a lil dick n his mom said omg look at tht lil tunechi lol

11:55AM Wed, May 02 2012

guest43247 guest43247

Tunechi means peace,or what's up

10:42PM Wed, May 02 2012

guest60172 guest60172


4:25AM Sat, May 05 2012

guest25418 guest25418

nooooooooooooooo it doesnt it mean that it means something very gross

9:26PM Thu, May 10 2012

<<<<3333olivita <<<<3333olivita new york

ya it means music power and yall r forcing it... and i love lil wayne so dont hate. LIL WAYNE <3

7:52AM Sat, May 12 2012

guest37214 guest37214

My opinion is this. Wayne is good. But most of his songs are remakes of other great songs. I like him a lot but by no means is he a God. There is only one God. But you people are arguing over something dumb and childish. Some people like him others don't. Don't let something so simple effect your life.. Not everyone has to like him. And for the person talking about sometimes mother.....grow up your being childish for no reason. Some peoples (mine) mothers have passed away. Grow up.

6:53PM Sat, May 19 2012

guest82066 guest82066

WOW this forum is a big battle ground for people to blow off steam apparently. CHILL DA FUCK OUT.

7:38PM Sat, May 26 2012

guest39123 guest39123

Wayne is very good at Metaphors. Chi in some languages means God, hence the name TuneChi or God of tunes. Using a proper beat Wayne can convert good metaphors into Amazing raps. But Lil TuneChi is also his Alter Ego. In Previous songs before he started with the "Lil TuneChi" stuff, his raps were not nearly as good. I think the "His grandma gave him the nickname" crap is a big lie. Its a cover up so people dont see how big of an Ego Wayne has always had. End of story.

10:54PM Wed, May 30 2012

guest80095 guest80095

Just because you don't like lil wayne it does not mean your gay or stupid, It just means YOU THINK HIS MUSIC FUCKING SUCKS.

1:31PM Mon, June 04 2012

guest72614 guest72614


5:42PM Fri, June 08 2012

guest47630 guest47630

Fuck you all! Justin bieber is da shit! Just kidding he should be assassinated!

3:14PM Sat, June 09 2012

guest48589 guest48589

I love Justin bieber haha. Jk that nigga is wack. Lil Wayne is a beast quite frankly I don't give a fuck if tunechi is his name or if it's a demon or shit. He makes his music the way he wants and he makes words up seriously who gives a fuck. If you know him personally you shouldn't really care either. So I'm out! TUNCHI!!! Hahaha

11:13PM Wed, June 13 2012

guest33293 guest33293

i had a cheese doodle once.

10:47PM Thu, June 14 2012

guest56953 guest56953

i have no idea but im kinda scared to type looking wat every1 said.

10:55PM Thu, June 14 2012

guest94776 guest94776


4:09PM Fri, June 15 2012

guest94971 guest94971

Wayne love a god but it's not the same god do yall research he's gay as is alot of other artist before you band wagon listen to the lyrics

10:43AM Sat, June 16 2012

guest18595 guest18595

i heard thats wat they call you when you get raped in jail

8:57PM Mon, June 25 2012

guest43706 guest43706

Only Becky will ever know! If you aint family you will never know!. Keep it real Op! You wish to meet me, just like I would Beautiful. lol,

2:09AM Fri, June 29 2012

guest38056 guest38056

Wow I just asked a simple question and I get all this!!!! I guess it is true haterz do make you famous....fact is he is doing his thang and making his paper no matter what his name is or what you think it means! And he will continue to do so as long as he has you all....lovepeaceandhairgrease....

10:28AM Wed, July 04 2012

guest58853 guest58853

True lil wayne is awesome he is like a god he has gotten most of his demon out of him since prison so stfu about all of this simple questions can have retarded answers..... I guess

4:04PM Fri, July 06 2012

guest13711 guest13711

Wayne is just a lil punk bitch ass niqqa...he don't know what rappinq is like so all of u matha fuckinq followers get over itt and don't compare dat ugli matha fuckinq niqqa to god...PAC father of rappinq R.I.P.......west cost haha

10:48PM Sat, July 07 2012

guest77085 guest77085

Only God The Father can handle him and know what the real meaning of that name is.. .I'm sick of trying to figure these devil worshipping people, fuck all the celeberties who sold their souls to the devil ; I'm thru with thiss shit!!

4:52AM Tue, July 10 2012

guest22161 guest22161

you know wht stupid my friend thought he was saying tuchie because they are not cool and they are lame i dont even think they are my friends because i dont even like them lol :/

7:06PM Tue, July 10 2012

guest49132 guest49132


2:22AM Wed, July 11 2012

guest49132 guest49132

It is a weeping, and a moaning, and a gnashing of teeth It is a weeping, and a moaning, and a gnashing of teeth When it comes to my sound which is the champion sound Believe! Believe!

2:24AM Wed, July 11 2012

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

It is a weeping, and a moaning, and a gnashing of teeth It is a weeping, and a moaning, and a g...

2:24AM Wed, July 11 2012

guest84190 guest84190

Y'all muthafuckuz need JESUS!!!

2:26AM Sat, July 14 2012

guest73036 guest73036

Regardless of whether his grandmother gave him the name II Tunechi is a south American demon spirit. 'II' is almost pronounced the same as Lil.. its eerily similar in my opinion. Just my 2 cents.

2:34AM Thu, July 19 2012

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

Regardless of whether his grandmother gave him the name II Tunechi is a south American demon spi...

2:34AM Thu, July 19 2012

guest74936 guest74936

Fuck all u .. lames !! fuck lil wayne ! punk ass studio gangster ... the only thing that fag has as a G' is the G-string he be rockin .... fake !!

2:04PM Fri, July 20 2012

guest26466 guest26466

I don't care who you are or what you Believe, question everything. No one who truly believes in God worships money and sex and drugs, he should fear God. The illuminati is real and it's all around rappers like B.o.B warn of this kind Of stuff. Everyone is so conditioned to believe that anyone Who questions anything is a dumbass or radical, but realistically your only a dumbass if you believe everything you're spoon fed By the media. Open your eyes.

8:28AM Mon, July 30 2012

guest17642 guest17642

Lil Wayne is the master of fucking tunes u fucking retards. He's a beast. Fuck all u haters

4:18PM Mon, July 30 2012

guest40564 guest40564

The old wayne needs to make a come back. Fukk tunechi. and it does meands god of tunes kidz

4:12PM Thu, August 02 2012

guest98541 guest98541

1st off lil wayne is garbage n gay. What grown ass man wears fuccn ugg boots? N ppl in the illuminati worship the devil there for they will tell tge public anything as long as it sounds good. N how is he a,blood when the nigga shot himself actin hard n tbe mirror. Pac tried to tell tbe world but still no one listens... Smh the stupidity of the world lmao

5:04PM Sun, August 05 2012

guest98541 guest98541

N how the fucc u kno lil wayne believe in god did u call him personally m ask him. U damn dicc riders, n nigga u aint rich neither so what u sayin???

5:08PM Sun, August 05 2012

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

N how the fucc u kno lil wayne believe in god did u call him personally m ask him. U damn dicc r...

5:09PM Sun, August 05 2012

guest98541 guest98541

N there is only one God no matter what subject... N that's the creator of this world. All these mfs with supposed to be godly meaning names ain't shit n can't bring the world miracles

5:11PM Sun, August 05 2012

guest64044 guest64044

Your all fuckin queers. Fuck lil wayne, his musics garbage. And all u niggas riding his dick obviously enjoy seeing men kiss men in tight jeans. 2012 = the gayest year in history. All u clowns r praising him like he's important or something. At the end o the day he sucks you suck and yur momma sucks. Lil wayne ain't shit. He could get robbed like anyone else in here

8:06PM Sun, August 12 2012

guest99737 guest99737

Lil Wayne is worth like 100 million. So yeah, fuck what everyone thinks they know about him. Hatin mothfuckas.

5:32PM Sat, September 08 2012

guest41908 guest41908

dude aint the,devil but the media want,yall to feel as if they,devilish nd pwerful. all this illuminati shit juscame about out of no where jus like the media makimg aall the 2012 movies. its all,money and power. jus live ya life like tip say. st. louis in this biiiiiiiiitch.

11:28PM Sat, September 15 2012

guest13819 guest13819

the illuminati is jus a media scam,michel jackson was a illuminati but converted and was appearently killed by the illuminati,???aint life a real bitch well love is because u never fall in love with one person,lol word 2 da wise

4:58PM Sun, October 07 2012

guest10616 guest10616

If he fuckin loves god than y does he rap about pussy and fuckin ever girl in the world and money

7:04AM Mon, October 15 2012

guest15654 guest15654

i think tunechi mean... lil wayne is expressing his true feelings about his love for the squirrel population. plus he left the mustard in the oven so it burnt and now the race in Russia is impossible because you need some love from Obama and his friends in the aquarium. he knows that if someone talks shit to total he'll write me another poem about being divine..suck it bitches!!!! <3 Gallilayo

12:25AM Thu, October 25 2012

guest11225 guest11225

fuck ya'll the name was given to him with a purpose. Tune was given by his family and chi was given to him when he completed most of his career. Who hotter in the game than lil wayne right now. He sold his soul to the devil and, Tenuchis is completing his destiny in music.

11:38AM Fri, November 09 2012

guest50811 guest50811

We all brain washed hypnotised by the media and people in power the truth is God and I mean the real God the creator the one that loves you wants you to break free and know the truth just read the Bible, Obama has got exactly the same charac of the anti and it aint no coinci 21st of december devil gona make a big move better be prepared

6:52PM Mon, November 12 2012

guest28745 guest28745

Aint no group like the Committee 300, BIlderberg Gorup, Illuminati, Rothschilds, Vanderbilts, ect. thats supposely running the world would employ or associate with some damn entertainers or atheletes that dont even control an inkling of the means of production of any kind in the 9 areas of people activity; (1)Economics, (2)Education, (3)Entertainment, (4)Labor, (5)Law, (6)Politics, (7)Religion, (8)Sex and (9)War..they're bigger slaves than us...

10:13PM Mon, November 12 2012

guest28745 guest28745

stop escaping into this music and lifestyle (escapism) and read a f@#king book or watch a documentary every once and awhile. Source, murder dog, xxl and king mag is bullshit and not the hood documentaries on the wire rack stand from the korean stores either...

10:18PM Mon, November 12 2012

guest28745 guest28745

Stop passively committing suicide, Stop trying to be heard and seen, shaking ya azz (attention whoring) or trying to kick/kill somebody's azz (low-self worth), Try putting down the drank and blunt (escapism), wash ya azz and eat, then find a quiet place at home, turn the radio and TV off (the distraction from the real issues in life)..'and gain some knowledge of who you really are'....

10:29PM Mon, November 12 2012

guest28745 guest28745

oh yeah!...and learn whats really going on in life!

10:32PM Mon, November 12 2012

guest18849 guest18849

Ah, you guys are all funny!! ( in a good way) ;D

5:06AM Thu, November 15 2012

guest33460 guest33460

Oh my God. This whole conversation has just me stupider.

10:01PM Thu, November 15 2012

guest55800 guest55800

i think he sold his soul when he was in jail.. because when he got out of jail thats when he started calling himself tunechi...But before i thought he got his name from someone in jail that rapped him & told wayne to call himself that .. Lolz foreal, thats when i was younger though.

5:10PM Fri, November 16 2012

guest34045 guest34045

Hey all I kno is this country us.a modern day soddom n Gomorrah ...n ppl lime Wayne make it ok to look and act homosexual..God save this generation.we were the make or break Gen. N they broke us This Gen is brainwashed and hypnotized to believe music n makes me angry that ppl accept this society as normal,

11:09PM Wed, November 28 2012

guest96049 guest96049

Well lil wayne loves me know matter what his name is! Lol

6:57AM Sat, December 01 2012

guest16049 guest16049


1:01PM Thu, December 06 2012

guest16049 guest16049


1:07PM Thu, December 06 2012

guest93428 guest93428

All you lol Wayne fans go head support him. You make him rich. You fall into his brainwashing techniques. Your stupid. Lol Wayne sucks and always raps about the same shit. Haha hilarious he's got ou all on lock

4:22PM Sun, December 09 2012

guest84869 guest84869

ALL yall need to learn how to spell!!! Lmao!!!

11:09AM Sun, December 16 2012

guest89231 guest89231

The reality is that there are truly demons that circulate through out the entertainment industry. People who said that there are not be mean to circulate through out the M Street are simply close minded and very scared I don't know the little tunechi is a demon but I do know that there is demonic possession within a little Wayne's group. Anyone who chooses to not acknowledge the fact that it's true simply doesn't want to see the truth.

1:56PM Tue, December 18 2012

guest48583 guest48583

its definately a demon. nicki minaj has Roman as her demon. Beyonce has sasha fierce. christina aguilara has Xtina. slim shady, katy perry, barrack obama, lady gaga list goes on

2:08AM Sat, December 22 2012

guest95643 guest95643

i think to make it sound better it rymes

4:21AM Mon, December 24 2012

guest45783 guest45783

Lil wayne is a my favorite rapper but he's gay and is posessed by a demon illumanati

4:35PM Tue, January 01 2013

guest45783 guest45783

Yes he's right tunechi mean vagina

3:03AM Wed, January 02 2013

guest65012 guest65012

it makes me sad to know that I live on the same planet as such uneducated people. You all sound like a bunch of regards. Go back to school, read a book, do something besides argue over someone that sucks at making music. This country has dumbed down so much over the past 10 years, it blows my mind....

4:13AM Wed, January 02 2013

guest49809 guest49809

it means that hes saying bye i think

12:00PM Wed, January 02 2013

guest70548 guest70548

Tunechi means boy pussy in french

12:20AM Tue, January 15 2013

guest82386 guest82386

Lil Wayne is amazing.. Tune is what his grandmother used to call him he just added a chi to it

6:26PM Thu, February 07 2013

guest82386 guest82386

An lil Wayne is NOT repeat Not in the illuminati

6:28PM Thu, February 07 2013

guest21067 guest21067

I don't know it means, but I just wanna st...ick my finger in all of your butt holes....

10:38PM Thu, February 14 2013

sixsicktrix sixsicktrix I'm right over there.

All you know about me is what I've sold you. Dumb fuck, I sold out long before you ever even heard my name, I sold my soul to make a record. Dipshit, then you bought one! All you read and Wear or see and Hear on TV Is a product Begging for your Fatass dirty Dollar Shut up and Buy, buy, buy, my new record Buy, buy, buy, send more money Fuck you, buddy. Fuck you, buddy. Fuck you, buddy. Fuck you, buddy. ▶ Hooker with a penis - Tool Thank you, that is all!

9:08AM Mon, February 18 2013

guest95627 guest95627

tunechi means tune chi ! chi means gay !! ask any anyboby from jamacia so i would say tunechi tunegay or gaymusic !! everyone knows that to make it big in the music ya need to be gay

9:30AM Mon, March 04 2013

guest72527 guest72527

we have a demon called ii tunchi...but ain't weezy...he my man.why am seeing things!

6:23PM Wed, March 27 2013

guest93394 guest93394

Chi means Noun The twenty-second letter of the Greek alphabet (Χ, χ), transliterated in the traditional Latin style as ‘ch’ (as in Christ)...

7:04AM Thu, April 11 2013

guest30591 guest30591

How do you all know his gmom gave him that name? Were you there when he was growing up and heard her call him it? Or it's something u read online or was told by some one? Please ppl these artise don't give an eff about us!! They sold their souls and are now in bondage to the devil... I pray for all of u that don't want to see the truth... Don't wait until it's too late! Their music is to promote deception, provoke sexual immorality, and lead the masses into hell. Wake up!!!

8:22PM Fri, April 12 2013

guest67328 guest67328

Come on I love lil wayne who cares if he's IIIumannati your just mad because I'm so professional rapper and y'all need to stop talkin about my big brother before we get our guns find where the he'll you live and shoot you but your lucky were not going to rape you but just chill in girl were going to find out where you live and rape you booty hole *******I'm out *******

5:39PM Tue, May 07 2013

guest84556 guest84556

Look.. All ya dumb fuks need to mind yo own buisness ... If wayne wants tu use that name then let him , thats his choice if he worships the devil or wat eva ... Just listen n enjoy his music... Stop fightin over a name n waynes own life!!

7:49PM Tue, May 07 2013

guest67328 guest67328

Why are you posting shit that don't make no God Damn sense you to shut the hell up you dumb peice off shit

8:27PM Tue, May 07 2013

guest45620 guest45620

Its his demon. Da clues r in his songs for example. Listen to good kush n alcohol. He says " lil tunechi gt dat fire n these hoes love like SATAN. maan gik wt me n get bodied". Dat fire refers to hells fire. Love him like satan means satan loves all his demons. N da demon tunechi is known for killin. ppl dats y he says fuck wit me n get bodied as in a body bag for wen ppl die. Wake n c da truth

3:08AM Fri, May 24 2013

guest45620 guest45620

Look n i mispelled shit bt yal know wat i was trying to say. By da way i like lil wanes song n everything but its just da truth. Just dont let his evil messages get to yal . Know dat yal knw da truth yal can protect yals self from satans message. Peace n love to all yal

3:21AM Fri, May 24 2013

guest21987 guest21987

All i have to say is that i think its his alter ego. And yes, i believe in what your saying because he says that name in all his messages and lyrics.

11:44AM Sun, May 26 2013

guest21987 guest21987

However, I still like his music.

11:46AM Sun, May 26 2013

guest17209 guest17209

I dont know

2:22PM Tue, June 11 2013

guest25120 guest25120


7:48PM Thu, June 13 2013

guest65555 guest65555


12:28PM Sun, June 23 2013

guest17718 guest17718

tunchi his the best

3:36PM Thu, June 27 2013

guest17718 guest17718

lil wayne he liked call hem tunchi ok

4:06PM Thu, June 27 2013

guest53745 guest53745

Tunchi sounds funny

2:20AM Thu, July 11 2013

guest34887 guest34887

He raps about gurls and alchohal too

5:23PM Fri, July 26 2013

guest80990 guest80990

it means pussy..tunchi is what old ladies in New Orleans used to refer to pussy

12:06PM Thu, August 01 2013

guest61372 guest61372 check him out

12:50PM Wed, August 07 2013

guest98929 guest98929

Tunechi Means having sexual intercourse with more then one person

4:11AM Sat, October 05 2013

guest86023 guest86023

You all are some illiterate mother fuckers. Your the ones who need to grow up Lil Wayne sucks ball like you all,only few of his songs are good. He is part of the Illuminatti who worship Satan which they call god. How is it that he speaks of chakras, third eyes, crystal balls, satan, etc. because that isn't god like. If you want proof listen to his songs carefully and look up the music video"Love me by lil wayne & pause the video between 36&37 sec. around when he says"HOES LUV ME LIKE SATAN!!"

1:43AM Sun, November 10

guest84938 guest84938

what the hell does it mean

8:39PM Wed, December 04

guest84938 guest84938


8:44PM Wed, December 04

anonymous Anonymous

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