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F693a53f-c46b-4c83-8452-b3f8c066dbbe_normal @l33tsaber The middle of nowhere

What would you call a female #brony? Or does the question never come up because there's no such thing as a girl on 4chan?

11:26PM Sat, March 05 2011

Tumblr_m40q2r5bls1qzkiifo1_500_normal @ChefRuhe

Most female Bronies in #/b/rony on the Geekshed IRC network just call themselves fellow Bronies or Ponies.

9:15PM Sun, March 06 2011

guest91045 guest91045

Pegasister/Pegasis is the most accepted term.

6:59AM Mon, August 15 2011

guest56705 guest56705

Ponyta !

5:53AM Wed, September 07 2011

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

Ponyta !

5:53AM Wed, September 07 2011

guest33166 guest33166

i can't stand the term pegasister or pegasis it is annoying and i prefer being known as a female brony

2:15AM Tue, January 03 2012

guest53666 guest53666

Pinkie pie calls them "equestria girls"

5:55PM Wed, May 23 2012

guest39065 guest39065


2:55AM Sun, July 15 2012

anonymous Anonymous

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