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So does anyone know how much Benadryl you can take without actually dying? These hives may kill me, so I'm willing to cut it pretty close.

12:29AM Sat, June 05 2010

Aureliacotta_avatar_twitter_normal @AureliaCotta

lots--my Doc gave me a prescription strength version before. But it will knock you out.

12:33AM Sat, June 05 2010

Headshot_normal @guavalicious

I've heard you can't overdose on it. #notadoctor #notevenontv

12:34AM Sat, June 05 2010

Devilicious_normal @MFA_Mama

Dude knocking me out would be a plus. Have you ever HAD hives???

12:42AM Sat, June 05 2010

Tumblr_l3vb6qjsup1qzgghoo1_500__2__normal @desertnurse

max dose is 100mg every 6 hours NOT to exceed 400mg / day. Also- prepare to sleep after taking that much

12:43AM Sat, June 05 2010

Tumblr_l3vb6qjsup1qzgghoo1_500__2__normal @desertnurse

Maybe calamine would be a better choice?

12:44AM Sat, June 05 2010

Aureliacotta_avatar_twitter_normal @AureliaCotta

Horrific hives, which is why I needed multiple scrips--but in case you need to get up w/kids, thought I'd mention it

12:45AM Sat, June 05 2010

Devilicious_normal @MFA_Mama

Dude I even have hives on my HEAD under my HAIR screw calamine. Thanks for the heads-up; I already took 100mg c'mon sleep!

12:48AM Sat, June 05 2010

Devilicious_normal @MFA_Mama

Pfft I have a husband now. Painkillers for ear infections? Antihistamines for horrific hives? YES PLEASE!

12:49AM Sat, June 05 2010

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