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What does bye Felicia mean?

6:24PM Thu, May 09 2013

Ud_profile2_normal @urbandictionary

bye felicia: When someone says that they're leaving and you could really give two shi...

6:24PM Thu, May 09 2013

Fd592bea1dc8f039c6fc14115996ef27_normal @nightowlaurennn space.

type define bye Felicia and it'll tell you

6:25PM Thu, May 09 2013

A632999a94c3ed5b500eda8c7516860b_normal @Cecy0shh 562

It's from the movie Friday. People say it as a diss sometimes.

6:26PM Thu, May 09 2013

Eioz-ezw_normal @DropDeadDarlaah Huntington Park/SteelCity

lol it means like when you can less give a fuck about the person

6:27PM Thu, May 09 2013

2f78b0a486e1a685dd10a43eb0c56af7_normal @FaytClone

like the persons annoying and irrelevant :P

6:27PM Thu, May 09 2013

guest89008 guest89008

Bye Felica: 1. Your name is nothing to nobody, it's irrelevent.

12:26AM Sat, November 02 2013

guest23553 guest23553


1:12AM Sun, December 15 2013

guest74581 guest74581

People at my school keep calling people Felicia and that's not even there name.....i don't get it

4:36PM Fri, May 23

guest62063 guest62063

This is so stupid "Felicia" really GET A LIFE and do something with it I have ppl in my family named Felicia and they are AMAZING ppl this is a name why should you make something out of it when its really nothing!!!!!!!

12:24PM Sat, June 28

anonymous Anonymous

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