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Those dolls that you stick pins in. What are they called?

5:10PM Thu, March 24 2011

8906e5bf-bff5-4939-80d2-001a88ad0310_normal @2jacksandastaff Porth Wen

5:10PM Thu, March 24 2011

Vkp3t4xo_normal @Toy_Tory Tory Towers, Middle Britain.

I very nearly tweeted a rude reply there, but luckily I remembered I am a lady!

5:12PM Thu, March 24 2011

43ebc1b1f3e46d8eb6781f2f13934eb7_normal @melmurtha


5:12PM Thu, March 24 2011

B398d4b6-3a93-4e57-a02e-2757c41da710_normal @SmithNN8 England

Those dolls that you stick pins in. What are they called? << Perforated?

5:12PM Thu, March 24 2011

Img-20110128-00130_normal @CorpCityWhore Wherever they want me to be


5:13PM Thu, March 24 2011

Rkhtf3htsos8iuhfz6jj_normal @heather20022002 UK

"Those dolls that you stick pins in. What are they called?<Deflated blow up dolls?

2:37AM Fri, March 25 2011

Pirate_normal @JustUncle In your face

Ah,that's IT!

2:38AM Fri, March 25 2011

anonymous Anonymous

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