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Does really have 4 nipples? :S

3:58PM Sun, March 27 2011

Img_239728039_normal @sarah_jones_94 Oldham

yeh! Look >

3:59PM Sun, March 27 2011

36c6616b719aaf89a3518679ef22480b_normal @planetsamuel Essex, UK

They're not real though lmao, I've seen the original pics :L xx

4:00PM Sun, March 27 2011

Img_239728039_normal @sarah_jones_94 Oldham

shh..they are, the other pics were edited ;) xx

4:01PM Sun, March 27 2011

36c6616b719aaf89a3518679ef22480b_normal @planetsamuel Essex, UK

loooool, ok ;) xx

4:02PM Sun, March 27 2011

Img_239728039_normal @sarah_jones_94 Oldham

hahaa i just happened to find the original pictures ;)

4:16PM Sun, March 27 2011

36c6616b719aaf89a3518679ef22480b_normal @planetsamuel Essex, UK

You are joking right? xx

4:17PM Sun, March 27 2011

Img_239728039_normal @sarah_jones_94 Oldham

haha yeh lol.. Dont worry he has 2 nipples.

4:21PM Sun, March 27 2011

guest85730 guest85730

Dude, they all look the same, its photo shopped.

6:58PM Sun, April 15 2012

guest40718 guest40718

shut up i fond the real pics

5:42PM Sat, April 28 2012

guest18084 guest18084

what ever you guys are so weird he does have 4 niples

6:41PM Tue, July 10 2012

guest18084 guest18084

wait you found the pics

6:44PM Tue, July 10 2012

guest18084 guest18084

hello why isn't any body anwering me im very nice

7:38PM Tue, July 10 2012

guest20966 guest20966


2:25PM Sat, July 14 2012

guest24241 guest24241

he dont have four nipples u do lol lmfao

3:52PM Sun, July 15 2012

guest53587 guest53587

i bet he does have 4 nippels but i bet u cant really see them in some pics of him

5:42PM Sun, August 26 2012

guest17235 guest17235

wait im confused do he or do he not have 4 nipples ?

2:25AM Sun, September 02 2012

guest73546 guest73546

yes they are like tiny dots but he i getting them remove because of hate

5:12PM Wed, October 31 2012

guest28758 guest28758

do you have four nipels

4:48PM Fri, November 30 2012

guest28758 guest28758

i love you harry

4:49PM Fri, November 30 2012

guest88897 guest88897

of cours he does, I have seen it on pictures vidioes and more

6:32PM Wed, December 12 2012

guest80818 guest80818

Photoshopped...nipples look different not exactly the sam and even if he did have 4 nipples the doctors would of thought something was wrong with him so they would take them off

3:47PM Thu, January 03 2013

guest80818 guest80818


3:48PM Thu, January 03 2013

guest15706 guest15706

Ok every one who don't like Harry styles is just jealous of him and he has 2 nipples

2:53PM Sat, February 09 2013

guest71288 guest71288

So photoshoped. He has 2 niples.

11:56AM Fri, February 15 2013

guest28201 guest28201

No Harry Styles does not have 4 nipples, Photos were edited but it was 2 nipples and 2 birthmarks. Some liars such as my friends think eh has 4 nipples but ACTUALLY he doesnt.

9:25PM Sat, March 09 2013

guest16413 guest16413

This is stupid question

1:01AM Tue, March 12 2013

guest40623 guest40623

harry syles actually has2 nippels

8:32PM Wed, March 27 2013

guest37551 guest37551

They might be weird

8:43PM Mon, July 29 2013

guest42556 guest42556

harry styles is wired how can he have so many girlfriends with 4niples

11:14AM Sun, November 10 2013

guest19327 guest19327


5:57PM Sun, March 02

guest49997 guest49997

I don't know i read some comments but i read 1 what said the hass two and he us getting two taken off him if that is true then i hope he is okay

12:32PM Wed, March 19

anonymous Anonymous

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