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What does the term "Xstrology" mean to you? Do you like it?

6:07AM Wed, March 30 2011

E2e944e4252d5fd17b3751214937a742_normal @Maya_Andy swimming in the caribbean seas

x rated sexual astrology ?

6:08AM Wed, March 30 2011

Its_real_too__normal @FREAKYZEE

i think of an x-ray or a porno idk lol

6:09AM Wed, March 30 2011

Ball_w_brown_normal @BabyTaj_

the meaning of how u became my #EX and why you should stay my #EX..

6:09AM Wed, March 30 2011

Me_in_bowtie_normal @Honkey_Bob ÜT: 35.101922,-...

. How bout XXXtrology?

6:09AM Wed, March 30 2011

Cf1a3971-01c4-45a1-8b33-221c53f211db_normal @MsOverlyBritish strawberry fields

x rated astrology!

6:09AM Wed, March 30 2011

Amzx3_normal @Amzx3 Miramar

keep sexstrology

6:09AM Wed, March 30 2011

Cali_swagg_trikk_normal @ElmoFxckinbaby Sacramento You Hoee

Xtrology Sounds Like Sexuality Would Be A Main Concern In The Conversations Of The Study .. #WhoDoesntLikeThat ?

6:09AM Wed, March 30 2011

Steph_normal @Randommare N.Ireland

it makes me think of outer space and the universe for some random reason :O

6:10AM Wed, March 30 2011

F815e7ce343cd5fa3b9e3981f1dc6b9a_normal @_wontstop Oh yeah oh yeah hey!

Our star signs are astrological, your tweets are about sex, i think the name is genius.

6:10AM Wed, March 30 2011

Me_in_bowtie_normal @Honkey_Bob ÜT: 35.101922,-...

. How about XXXstrology?

6:10AM Wed, March 30 2011

B76v00ea_normal @joni4ta Southern California

xstrology = sextrology of your asshole EX

6:10AM Wed, March 30 2011

Bood_normal @orientmonkey On your head

same thing as sexstrology

6:11AM Wed, March 30 2011

1a5eeda6187987ad1c217604f13e6e4a_normal @yasminechanel ireland

it means the creatoer of sextrology is a sex freak, kbye

6:13AM Wed, March 30 2011

331654206_normal @Phylpersonified Inside Sergo Ramos' Man bag

Dirty, sexy astrology. Yes, yes, yes me like. What does the term "Xstrology" mean to you? Do you like?

6:14AM Wed, March 30 2011

Zkix9bak_normal @lonesomegirl

Oh yeah..deff like it!!! It's interesting to read & learn all that exciting stuff about all signs!! :))

6:15AM Wed, March 30 2011

Zkix9bak_normal @lonesomegirl

But we still don't know which sign you are? ;)))

6:15AM Wed, March 30 2011

Nsaz9ihg3vilpo8zy05n_normal @CuteButSpooky Rhode Island, USA

Maybe you should set up XXXstrology for dirtier sexstrology tweets? Just an idea... *ponders*

6:19AM Wed, March 30 2011

Tanzendershiva_normal @sixblu

Astrology from outter space ?

6:21AM Wed, March 30 2011

Xstrology-cardositumorang_normal @Sexstrology


6:21AM Wed, March 30 2011

Wrijsfx8_normal @msanng2930 arkansas

it means someone sits around and looks at your sign and tries to tell you how your day is going, always told to trust God,

6:24AM Wed, March 30 2011

P9300055_normal @Gently_ChiCha ALLAH's World

I liked it! :) For me, such a HIGH QUALITY info! Period! :)

6:25AM Wed, March 30 2011

Ladybug_on_daisy_normal @laurabug65 Wichita, KS

kind of sounds like you are targeting Gen X to me

6:26AM Wed, March 30 2011

2acdd8c8883679d2defd0205db56b089_normal @Emmie81 Manchester uk

it's ok don't have a feeling for it though " what do u think xstrology" =)

6:26AM Wed, March 30 2011

Default_profile_4_normal @JuanHintze

Restricted deliver! Get the iPad 2 at no cost!

6:27AM Wed, March 30 2011

Lop_normal @JoseMutie Nairobi-Kenya

i like it

6:27AM Wed, March 30 2011

Photo_on_2011-06-14_at_23 @ShesADon Located in New York City

what about XXXstrology?

6:38AM Wed, March 30 2011

V64zuv9u1y0kuev88j9h_normal @GlitteringTails Neptune

X brings to mind Ex (as in boyfriend) but XXX makes you think sex, so XXXStrology maybe ? xx

6:40AM Wed, March 30 2011

Profile_normal @Ladies_Delyte Bell Side of Mile High

"Xstrology," TO ME, requires thinking out of the box. No heteronormative means same great info, jus all inclusive.

6:45AM Wed, March 30 2011

Efa8a2c4f10330fda848835aec6576c9_normal @taylorjaramillo East Meadow, New York

when i see it, i think pornstrology lmao

6:58AM Wed, March 30 2011

Dave_normal @Daveasalways SINGAPORE!

Xxxtrology makes more sense!!!

7:10AM Wed, March 30 2011

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