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"Cigars on ice"- what does this mean? Why would you put cigars on ice, am I missing something? Is she using a special humidifier?

9:55AM Mon, December 16 2013

G5zqmg9c_normal @kayevalley

I wondered the same thing when I heard that. I'm not a cigar expert, but that doesn't sound right.

10:43AM Mon, December 16 2013

Ejg1me9m_normal @CJ_Urbane Turn around!

lol right! It'll ruin the cigar, but apparently she was playing a drunk character throughout the song which explains the

10:44AM Mon, December 16 2013

Ejg1me9m_normal @CJ_Urbane Turn around!

nonsensical lyrics

10:44AM Mon, December 16 2013

G5zqmg9c_normal @kayevalley

That's a big reach. I guess, though.

10:45AM Mon, December 16 2013

Ejg1me9m_normal @CJ_Urbane Turn around!

yeah who knows

10:45AM Mon, December 16 2013

guest89103 guest89103

having oral sex with ice in your mouth

12:20PM Wed, January 08 2014

guest20810 guest20810

She's taking about keeping very expensive cigars fresh. They are in their packages

1:07PM Thu, January 09 2014

guest36516 guest36516

straight oral sex

8:41AM Sun, January 26 2014

guest53965 guest53965

Cigars on ice means taking a cold shower to relieve a boner.

6:53PM Fri, January 31

guest57612 guest57612

Performing oral sex while having ice in your mouth! She knows exactly what she's talking about!

2:54AM Mon, February 03

guest23366 guest23366

It's not sexual at all she's simply referring to liquor on ice and taking it a step further , picture a cigar resting atop a glass filled with liquor on ice

12:25AM Thu, February 20

guest80839 guest80839

Giving head with ice in your mouth. The same way that drinking watermelon means giving oral and swallowing his seeds aka sperm

2:46AM Fri, February 21

guest82251 guest82251

Idk cigars are smokable and so is ice (meth)

7:22PM Tue, February 25

guest82251 guest82251

Plus meth is a highly sexual drug

7:24PM Tue, February 25

guest27587 guest27587

Not meth. It's giving head with ice in your mouth...

4:56PM Sun, March 02

guest32344 guest32344

It's lying a cigar on top of a scotch on ice

2:24PM Mon, March 03

guest32344 guest32344

Laying * ^

2:24PM Mon, March 03

guest45753 guest45753

"Cigars on ice,. Feeling like an animal with these cameras in my grill. Flashing lights..." Translation: giving head with ice while he takes pics and video tapes it. Come on people the whole album is sexual.

4:15PM Mon, March 03

guest63529 guest63529

Guess45753 I like your tjinking

8:07AM Wed, March 26

guest70202 guest70202

Chabalabacgabalabacha that's what it means

12:32PM Tue, April 01

guest11258 guest11258

Wow!! Thx

12:31AM Tue, April 15

guest42353 guest42353

How about sucking dick in a hail storm lol and the flashing lights is the butler trying to throw kinlin on the fire to keep them warm! Rotflmfao

12:18PM Fri, April 18

guest42353 guest42353

Put that half smoked cigar on ice and ash it up a Lil bit to here's some cream for ur elbows jay z ....... Lol

12:20PM Fri, April 18

guest42353 guest42353

That's it lol I'm getting Chris Brown to beat someone up ! Lmao

12:33PM Sun, April 20

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