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Can anyone tell me how to report an inappropriate user & content on twitter? (I seen something & it bothers me it's so easily avail)

1:45PM Sat, April 09 2011

Image_normal @frunkiee West Midlands / Brighton

I think you can only report as spam :/

1:48PM Sat, April 09 2011

Gs_for_cupake_normal @cupcakefancy

I think on twitter (on my fone) there was a drop down list with 'report span' or something like that...worth asking

1:48PM Sat, April 09 2011

23b975c5-ec01-4927-a83e-0ecef189c6a8_normal @georgiasspts UK

I dont think its possible. People say totally outrageous shit on here and dont get shut down. Like nazis and allsorts. xxx

1:51PM Sat, April 09 2011

Image_normal @drew692

thanks honey. This needs more than reporting as spam. I might try emailing/contacting twitter.xx

1:52PM Sat, April 09 2011

23b975c5-ec01-4927-a83e-0ecef189c6a8_normal @georgiasspts UK

what did they say? xxx

1:52PM Sat, April 09 2011

Image_normal @drew692

nah it's not like that. We're talking hard core porn. Now any child could access it. I'm not a prude, but thats just wrong!xx

1:53PM Sat, April 09 2011

23b975c5-ec01-4927-a83e-0ecef189c6a8_normal @georgiasspts UK

yeah thats sick. I wish the porn and spam would fuck off twitter. xxx

1:54PM Sat, April 09 2011

Image_normal @drew692

I just stumbled on it do a nrby tweets. X

1:55PM Sat, April 09 2011

Image_normal @frunkiee West Midlands / Brighton

hope you get it sorted! I hate reading disturbing things on twitter!

2:12PM Sat, April 09 2011

Image_normal @drew692

I will. For sure. I won't leave it if nothings done either. I'll be on their ass!

2:14PM Sat, April 09 2011

guest56345 guest56345

You cant clear the tweet but you can block the user and report as spam to at least get rid of this pos's tweet on your thread. So it's on his/her page but will not show up when users are looking at your tweet.

8:27PM Tue, January 08 2013

guest65443 guest65443

Found this info at this link:

10:54AM Wed, April 03 2013

guest79903 guest79903

Abominal GloMan ‏@MoneyTeamIL This person posts are inappropriate. Degrading woman, porn and guns....really and nothing can be done?

4:28PM Fri, November 08 2013

anonymous Anonymous

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