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How do I send a dm on iPad twitter?

2:17PM Wed, April 20 2011

323253f5e441a075c882ebd25974ae06_normal @Shar13

I don't know, if you find out, please let me know!

2:24PM Wed, April 20 2011

guest67799 guest67799

Did you get a reply? I am also looking for a way to do it.

4:37AM Tue, August 16 2011

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

Did you get a reply? I am also looking for a way to do it.

4:37AM Tue, August 16 2011

guest47367 guest47367

Click their icon or picture and select the gear from the menu that pops up. It should have an option to dm.

7:59PM Fri, January 06 2012

guest63486 guest63486

There's none guest47367. Only to public reply, block and report spam! :((

5:29AM Fri, June 08 2012

guest89226 guest89226

Click on their name, go to their page. There should be a highlighted box that's says Following and three more saying View Favs. Send Msg and Block. Select send message

11:38AM Thu, July 05 2012

guest84103 guest84103

split your keyboard or you "dock" and merge it back together and the send button should appear. thats what I did ^.^/

6:27PM Mon, December 03 2012

guest90962 guest90962

It worked!! Thank u soooooo much

9:56PM Sat, May 18 2013

guest30654 guest30654

I can't find eny of those things! Plz help me

2:13PM Sun, June 16 2013

guest28889 guest28889

help! i just bought an ipad and i want to know how. helpp!

7:30PM Tue, July 16 2013

anonymous Anonymous

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