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B737e7361030dcba40481f97f6527e6e_normal @zaynmalik_penis only zayn can see me :))

What are the names of zayn malik sisters? <3

3:12PM Thu, April 21 2011

Munch_2011_09_17_210138_normal @SophieMalikxx Liverpool

doniya who's 19 and two younger sisters waliyha who's 10 an safaa who's 8 xx

3:15PM Thu, April 21 2011

guest59374 guest59374

doniya is 19 and waliyha is 17 and saffa is 9

10:18AM Sun, May 22 2011

guest84472 guest84472

doniya-19 waliyha-15 safaa- 9

3:56PM Sun, May 29 2011

guest85036 guest85036

Hii itz me doniya,....x

7:54AM Sat, November 05 2011

guest85036 guest85036

i Am 19 n ma ova sisters Are waliyha hu is 17 n saffa hu iz 10

7:55AM Sat, November 05 2011

guest69005 guest69005

omfg i LOVE zayn malik.... i wish i cud meet him and talk to him... i went to skool wiv liam... wish i got his numba lol xx

4:13PM Sat, November 26 2011

guest69005 guest69005

zayn...zayn....zayn.... u r just soooo gawjuss....xxxxxxxxxx

4:14PM Sat, November 26 2011

guest86194 guest86194

maybe doniya is 19 and waliyha is 12 or 15 and saffa is 8 or 9.

11:30AM Sat, December 31 2011

guest86194 guest86194

all of the pinays are waiting here in Philippines they are very supportive to the boy band ONE DIRECTION including me .we hope ONE DIRECTION can visit here in Philippines.but ZAYN is the most appealing one in ONE DIRECTION..............................XD

11:36AM Sat, December 31 2011

guest86194 guest86194


11:38AM Sat, December 31 2011

guest62794 guest62794

doniya 19 waliyha 13 turning 14 and safaa 8

5:10AM Wed, March 14 2012

guest62794 guest62794

get ur facts straight ppls

5:11AM Wed, March 14 2012

guest33929 guest33929

Doniya can u plzzz hie me zaynb number I'm his biggest fan ever and can u plzz send me the number too thnx I would really appreciate it a lot

10:54PM Thu, April 12 2012

guest33929 guest33929

I mean can you plzz send me zayns number that's if u can and if u can't can u still send me a message saying that u can't thnx

10:56PM Thu, April 12 2012

guest94530 guest94530

What is so good about one direction.All they are is a bunch of gay teenage boys.I feel a disgrace of being a paki

4:32AM Mon, June 04 2012

guest94230 guest94230

zayn is hot

6:34PM Mon, November 05 2012

guest94230 guest94230

and sexy

6:35PM Mon, November 05 2012

guest63963 guest63963

i luv zayn malik.....i am his biggest fan,,,,i wish i could meet u

7:13AM Mon, December 24 2012

guest47940 guest47940

i like you my zizi i love you

8:22PM Mon, April 29 2013

guest83847 guest83847

Harry is smoking hot and Sexy too like the other boys from one Direction

8:30AM Sat, May 31

guest83847 guest83847

hi Louis it's a 1d Fan I think you are cute like Harry he's Such A Babe Mr. Tomlinson you and Harry are both Babe's hey do you were Glasses so you can see batter

8:44AM Sat, May 31

anonymous Anonymous

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