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Does have skype? xx :p

6:00AM Sun, April 24 2011

likes this

Image_normal @anujghimire1 Kathmandu Nepal

I do!! :P

6:01AM Sun, April 24 2011

6391cbc671800044f6e7778c23d7b083_normal @SawiSean Norway

bt i dont know u hahah

6:02AM Sun, April 24 2011

Fe4df4f0b1e8650516f698853a88c62a_normal @xHaneenAlsaffar

I don't think so, do you? Xx

6:05AM Sun, April 24 2011

6391cbc671800044f6e7778c23d7b083_normal @SawiSean Norway

yupp.. bt im never online .. skyoe is weird ahha

6:08AM Sun, April 24 2011

6391cbc671800044f6e7778c23d7b083_normal @SawiSean Norway

skype * :P

6:08AM Sun, April 24 2011

Fe4df4f0b1e8650516f698853a88c62a_normal @xHaneenAlsaffar

ahhh right :p

6:10AM Sun, April 24 2011

6391cbc671800044f6e7778c23d7b083_normal @SawiSean Norway

I have almost never been on msn after I made ​​twitter haha

6:11AM Sun, April 24 2011

guest93511 guest93511

ya zayn malik has a fan skype,i had opportunity to talk to him,i was lucky enough, he somtimes come online,his cousin give me his id,,its username is zaynmalik_1d

2:11AM Wed, February 22 2012

guest82890 guest82890

i've tried to add him, but it's says that's there' isn't anyone with that username? ;s

4:01PM Mon, March 26 2012

guest68381 guest68381

yah ! me too i try it many times but it's says that's there' isn't anyone with that username :///

7:11PM Thu, March 29 2012

guest39278 guest39278


5:02PM Sat, March 31 2012

guest20678 guest20678

same!!! me 2

5:09AM Sun, April 15 2012

guest77172 guest77172

-.- yeah

9:31AM Mon, April 16 2012

guest46605 guest46605

Dont add zainiwoi!! He sais he is but he isent !! just wants to see youre nickers !!!! -.-

2:25PM Wed, April 18 2012

guest14056 guest14056

Haha nickers? Haha noo lol zaini... Is Zayn malik. Haha!

1:49PM Fri, April 20 2012

guest24601 guest24601

I have it of course

1:56AM Thu, May 03 2012

guest71482 guest71482

is zainiwoi actually Zayn Malik? cuz ive seen it in the search but idk if its him and i dont want to add some rapist pedo-stalker -__-

8:52PM Fri, May 18 2012

guest15624 guest15624

Try to call him then..??

4:38PM Sun, May 20 2012

guest43712 guest43712

this is and there is no one with tht username idk if he does or not

7:15PM Sun, May 20 2012

guest62484 guest62484

i like chips.

10:04AM Fri, May 25 2012

guest83173 guest83173

I THINK ITS zaynmaik_real

11:52AM Sat, May 26 2012

guest54125 guest54125


1:35PM Sun, June 03 2012

guest32881 guest32881

ok guys his user name for skype is zayn.malik111

6:27PM Tue, June 05 2012

guest76537 guest76537

its not that ^

9:40AM Sun, June 10 2012

guest45092 guest45092

but zaynmalik_1d is not in search now ?

2:10AM Wed, June 13 2012

guest87054 guest87054

What is Zayns real Skype name?

12:19AM Sat, June 16 2012

guest22278 guest22278

zaynmalik_1d is there i found it but i dont have skype i searched it from my dads i delete it or else my dad will kill me i was luky but the problem is my dad my dear friends first u ha to type zainmalik then go on searching then u will get it try ur best dont type zaynmalik_id first u have to type first zayn malik then u will get that id any information can ask me

1:40PM Mon, June 18 2012

guest22278 guest22278

thanks my dear friend but i dont now still he is the true one coz he was in offline

1:43PM Mon, June 18 2012

guest22278 guest22278

it is his id only just now i saw from u tube he said his id i am mad of him only 2 days i know him and tis is coz of my friend she said about him then i also started to now him even my exams are there then also instead of learning i am thinking about him nothing is going in my mind i should forget him after exams again remember him i cant forgrt him dont know why

1:50PM Mon, June 18 2012

guest43689 guest43689

i guess its zaynmalik_1d

11:36AM Wed, June 20 2012

guest52175 guest52175

but it doesnt work.?! what is the real one.?!

12:43PM Wed, June 20 2012

guest12071 guest12071

it is zaynmalik_1d

5:03AM Mon, June 25 2012

guest12071 guest12071

Niall horans one is nialler243

5:05AM Mon, June 25 2012

guest76768 guest76768

Is it zainibwoi the one people mean? All he does I ask me to do things on cam so I can imagine he does it to other girls like. Disgusting really.

7:32PM Tue, June 26 2012

guest98852 guest98852

try zaynmalik1d

1:44PM Wed, June 27 2012

guest98852 guest98852

guys!! it's zayn_malik_1d

1:53PM Wed, June 27 2012

guest29487 guest29487


7:11PM Fri, July 06 2012

guest46477 guest46477


8:50PM Fri, July 06 2012

guest21867 guest21867

zaynmalik_1d is the real :D

7:29AM Sat, July 07 2012

guest76768 guest76768

How do you know have you spoke to him over a call?

6:18PM Sun, July 08 2012

guest87156 guest87156

He made me missed call just before yesterday and I didn't answer because i was very scared and I wasn't ready so I didn't answer and yesterday I answer and I was gonna freak and shout but I said I will never freak

4:19AM Mon, July 09 2012

guest76768 guest76768

Guest87156 which Skype is his then? ^^

11:29AM Wed, July 11 2012

guest22325 guest22325

zaynmalik_1d or Zaynmalik1d ? please! aswerme

5:16PM Sun, July 15 2012

guest77712 guest77712

Is it ZaynMalik1D ? Or is it Zayn_Malik_1d ? ? ? ? ?

8:04PM Sun, July 15 2012

guest67853 guest67853

Those who claim to have Skype, and have corresponded with him, you can place a link of his right profile? Let's see if we have finally found the right Zayna with which we all correspondence.

8:56AM Mon, July 16 2012

guest77712 guest77712


11:52PM Mon, July 16 2012

guest67853 guest67853


11:46AM Tue, July 17 2012

guest21282 guest21282

Which one is it I'm so confused!!):

2:21PM Thu, July 19 2012

guest80140 guest80140

Hey the one that said im talking to him xD please tell his Skype

3:02AM Sat, July 21 2012

guest80140 guest80140

Tell me his*

3:04AM Sat, July 21 2012

guest89815 guest89815

his skype is Zayn.Mailk123

5:05PM Sun, July 22 2012

guest89815 guest89815

haha im lying im not going to give you his real ones because im his mate and he only give it to his mate and family so the answer is NO!

5:07PM Sun, July 22 2012

guest78076 guest78076

i know his skype

4:55PM Tue, July 24 2012

guest58305 guest58305

i know his but he dont acsirt any one

1:10PM Mon, July 30 2012

guest87919 guest87919

Nein ich habe nun seinen fan account zayn_malik_1d

12:11PM Thu, August 02 2012

guest87919 guest87919

nun hab ich harry, louis und zayn

12:12PM Thu, August 02 2012

guest56158 guest56158

ich habe auch harry, zayn und louis. (: hat jemand niall oder liam ?

2:31PM Thu, August 02 2012

guest56158 guest56158


2:38PM Thu, August 02 2012

guest56158 guest56158

♥ harry

2:39PM Thu, August 02 2012

guest25926 guest25926

THIS IS SO CONFUSING!!! Which one is it?!?!?!

2:43PM Tue, August 07 2012

guest25926 guest25926

zaynmalik_1d doesn't exist.

2:46PM Tue, August 07 2012

guest90010 guest90010

it is mafijoze268

2:49PM Wed, August 08 2012

guest96676 guest96676

U sure?

4:23PM Wed, August 08 2012

guest14742 guest14742

é zaynmalik_

7:50PM Mon, August 13 2012

guest14742 guest14742

is zaynmalik_ **

7:51PM Mon, August 13 2012

guest63774 guest63774

Zainibwoi is real, ive seen him on webcam

6:01PM Tue, August 14 2012

guest59886 guest59886

what if its not can we believe it ..bcz i saw a video on youtube :D .. some1 lie tht they video called him on skype .. :D but it was actually their X-factor video diary!!

5:54PM Fri, August 17 2012

guest35183 guest35183

heey , can you guys stop ? if you know please give the right one, don't fool us we'd like to have his skype much as you guys. please say the right one

8:34PM Tue, August 21 2012

guest72148 guest72148

Guest63774 Zainibwoi is real?!?! All he does is ask you to do things though.. Are you sure its real? and guest59886 thats happened to me before! -__- xxx

3:51PM Wed, August 22 2012

guest62694 guest62694

1. zaynmalik_1d 2. zayn_malik_1d 3. Zainibwoi 4. zayn.malik123 5. zaynmalik1d 6. zaynmalik_real 7. zayn.malik111 8.zainiwoi 9.zayn_malik 10. Zayn.malikits So we have 10 skypes... What skype is real? o.O

5:13PM Wed, August 29 2012

guest56805 guest56805

I think it's zaynmalik_1d cuz I saw it in Skype search and even in Internet it's dat maybe:)

7:51PM Thu, September 06 2012

guest48827 guest48827

don´t exist

5:39PM Mon, September 10 2012

guest71280 guest71280

I actually seriously do have it haha. I have spoken to him before and know it is 200% real. And all of these are wrong.

1:53AM Sun, September 23 2012

guest67633 guest67633

i have VIDEO CHATTED WITH HIM OMG I saw hary omg <3 : he told me to not to give it out sorry, i promissed him ..

6:23AM Sun, September 23 2012

guest73072 guest73072


2:33PM Thu, October 04 2012

guest87227 guest87227


11:15AM Sat, October 06 2012

guest87227 guest87227

I have Skype ! I am confused !

11:16AM Sat, October 06 2012

guest91410 guest91410

Omg I think I found Zayn. :OOOOOOOOOOO

6:12AM Thu, October 11 2012

guest83265 guest83265

What is his skype name O _O

7:32AM Thu, October 11 2012

guest83265 guest83265

Man was ist denn Zayns echter Skype name :c

7:35AM Thu, October 11 2012

guest66301 guest66301

there was alot of them. But i added 1 i hope its the right one and i i hope the ones i add was the real ones i looked up Niall,Liam,Zayn and harry don't have one and im looking up louis's right now.

8:51PM Sat, October 13 2012

guest58955 guest58955

Which one is the real one? I have Miley Cyrus and Victoria justice anyone want to exchange?

1:02PM Mon, October 15 2012

guest40416 guest40416

Seriously witch one

9:58AM Thu, October 18 2012

guest94663 guest94663

Okay seriously? If you really found it, then why don't you guys want to tell it? There is so many who says it's zayn_malik_1d but many of you also said that you can't find it? :s I think my friend found it.. "Zayn" keep writing new stuff in his profile.. So I think it's him.. Can't really remember the name.. But it was him.. I just can't wait to call him :)!!!!!!!! I'll post the name later ;) But maybe I can't.. Maybe it's too private :b

9:46AM Tue, October 23 2012

guest86477 guest86477

Hat jemand von Harry den Skype name??

5:27AM Sun, October 28 2012

guest86477 guest86477

What is his Skype name o.O

5:46AM Sun, October 28 2012

guest93215 guest93215

hey is this zayn

6:22AM Mon, October 29 2012

guest17842 guest17842

What is it!!!!!

12:14AM Fri, November 02 2012

guest44446 guest44446


8:54PM Fri, November 09 2012

guest76178 guest76178

Its Zaynmalik_1dheart promise i talk to him in the camera

4:22PM Fri, November 16 2012

guest84257 guest84257

its zaynmalik_1d i have spoken with him it was the BEST DAY EVER

12:43AM Sun, November 18 2012

guest23062 guest23062

his skype: zayn.mailik.1993

3:10AM Mon, November 19 2012

guest66045 guest66045

guys sharing is loving

5:11AM Tue, November 20 2012

guest13934 guest13934

plzzz tell me

7:36AM Thu, November 22 2012

guest30280 guest30280

guys y dnt u just ask him on twitter

6:27AM Mon, December 03 2012

guest30280 guest30280

whoever said they talked to him and blah blah blah are liars cz he dsnt answer any calls and dsnt call any1 u dnt have to act all cool cz ur gnna end up an idiot in the end

6:30AM Mon, December 03 2012

guest39624 guest39624

i found it

6:33PM Tue, December 04 2012

guest48460 guest48460

what is it

10:40PM Fri, December 07 2012

guest74716 guest74716

Girls, girls, relax. Real skype is zaynmalik1d, I know because I already added it and talked with him, but not much. No mistake, is zaynmalik1d

1:05PM Sat, December 08 2012

guest74716 guest74716

Sorry for my mistake, was zaynmalik_1d is that so many names that put me confuse.

1:07PM Sat, December 08 2012

guest90692 guest90692

I have seen his ID... I think it is the real one... zaynmalik_1d.. but still 'em afraid to add him... :S

3:14AM Fri, December 14 2012

guest10352 guest10352

the user name is zaynmalik_1d

4:29PM Fri, December 14 2012

guest67163 guest67163

It is zaynmalik_1d I did and it WORKED

11:32PM Sun, December 16 2012

guest96054 guest96054

Guys!! I found it! Yes, it is zaynmalik_1d and it really worked! :D

8:58PM Wed, December 19 2012

guest35053 guest35053

wait, so zayn's real skype name is zaynmalik_1d

8:09PM Sat, December 22 2012

guest35053 guest35053


8:14PM Sat, December 22 2012

guest38986 guest38986

I just added him-.-

10:46PM Sat, December 22 2012

guest46954 guest46954

me too!! i just added him!!

1:03PM Sun, December 23 2012

guest52167 guest52167

Harry's is harry.edward.styles.....but I'm not sure of Zayn's...:( I know he keeps it tooooo secret as my cousin's best friend is a friend of his sister and she chats with Zayn...She says that Zayn doesn't allowes me to giv his skype name.. :@....and the worst thing is..HE DOESN"T TALKS WID STRANGERS!!!!.. I hav told my cousin to keep an eye on her bf and try to get the ID...I hope she does.. =P

9:44AM Sun, December 30 2012

guest19288 guest19288

hello what is zayns real skype name?? there are too much zayn´s

7:59AM Tue, January 01 2013

guest49094 guest49094

remember when he tweeted his msn? well i searched that msn on skype n it brought up 3 names i added them all but still noone ever accepts or replies

4:58PM Tue, January 01 2013

guest26130 guest26130

have zayn malik instragram?

5:38AM Wed, January 02 2013

guest90692 guest90692

I a the recent guest 52167. My cousin's bf is Zayn's sister's friend and so she knows Zayn and Zayn knows him... and that's why they talk together. My cousin says that her bf has said that Zayn only talks with his known ones... Now we have to make bonds with him.. but how would we do it. C'mon directioner.. remember.. wer'e not obbessed, wer'e dedicated.. we can do anythin' for 1D... let's find Zayn's REAL ID and try to create bonds with him...!!!

10:48AM Sat, January 05 2013

guest90692 guest90692

C'mon guests... no one know u and can harm you infact you'll do better for others...all directioners are a family and bieng a part of the family u shud share secrtets... don't be jealous or anything else... just write his ID... plzzzzzzz!!!!!

10:51AM Sat, January 05 2013

guest90443 guest90443

Lol zayn prob don't have Skype but Niall does coz he added me!

12:24PM Sat, January 05 2013

guest90443 guest90443

Zayns name is zayn jawaad malik

12:27PM Sat, January 05 2013

guest93476 guest93476

ask niall maybe he'll tell us

9:51PM Sun, January 06 2013

guest69860 guest69860

I love one direction , Justin bieber , selena Gomez , Taylor lautner and victoria justic :) xD

5:43AM Mon, January 07 2013

guest82511 guest82511

guys please send me the real zayn skype :p

1:36PM Fri, January 11 2013

guest82805 guest82805

his skype is zaynmalik786 no spaces though

12:13AM Sat, January 12 2013

guest72295 guest72295

It's zayn.malik.1993 VEVO said it on their kiss you video

6:31AM Sat, January 12 2013

guest62645 guest62645

that was from OneDrectionVevo Without i x

12:32PM Sat, January 12 2013

guest94106 guest94106

the guest above ^ why would vevo give it away?

4:01PM Tue, January 15 2013

guest44495 guest44495

are you rally zayn malik

5:07PM Sun, January 20 2013

guest35244 guest35244

hey guys some rnt real iv tryed them but iv got niall ill look for more

7:18PM Thu, January 24 2013

guest34766 guest34766

apparently its zayn.malik but im not sure

12:04PM Sat, January 26 2013

guest34766 guest34766

guest35244 what is nialls skype!!?? xxxxxxxx

12:06PM Sat, January 26 2013

guest34766 guest34766

heellooooooooo anyone have anyone from one directions skype name?xxxxxxxxx

1:03PM Sat, January 26 2013

guest34887 guest34887


2:43PM Wed, January 30 2013

guest51302 guest51302

On zayn and niall was talking today and zayn said to niall add me on skpe its "zayn.malik993" he told him because he had lost his contacts on there and I just added him and he accepted it straight away x hope this is helpful <3

1:27PM Sun, February 03 2013

guest48877 guest48877

Its zayn.malik.1993 i am sure

2:28PM Tue, February 12 2013

guest91858 guest91858

i think im taliking 2 him

6:10PM Mon, February 25 2013

guest22584 guest22584

i found zayn i added him too yes he is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:14AM Wed, February 27 2013

guest22584 guest22584

guest91858 wat is his skype name i wanna see if we have dif. ones

10:15AM Wed, February 27 2013

guest97994 guest97994

wowwww u guys are so stupid!!!! he obiously wont put his name and like zayn1d i have his actual one and i have videod and its not even close to any of the ones u have

6:03PM Sun, March 03 2013

guest92749 guest92749

i put in zayn.malik993 and there are 2 people which is actually him?

4:46PM Fri, March 08 2013

guest85071 guest85071

omg seen zainibwoi on cam, had to beg him to cam but he did it, but deleted me :/ said he was busy, but HE IS REAL !

3:51PM Wed, March 13 2013

guest26122 guest26122

guys xx aha xx :) i am zayn malik of 1d, and my username on skype is zaynjmalik_ i promise u aha xx

3:35AM Sun, March 17 2013

guest42530 guest42530

Hey , I know this a about Zayn .. but - I have Louis Skype , And I really want Harry's Skype but he won't give it to me because it's private .. Yeah , Louis is real - we video chatted before . So , lets make a deal . If you have Harry's real Skype , wanna trade ? I'll give you Louis , and You give me Harry's . Add me at : Directioner_Britt on Skype ! :) I PROMISE to give you Louis' Skype , only if you give me Harry's . Pleaseee :3 Or message me on twitter . Thanks , byee !

12:06PM Thu, March 21 2013

guest55553 guest55553

harry's is harry.styles299

2:10AM Wed, March 27 2013

guest55553 guest55553

Now would u give me lou's?

2:11AM Wed, March 27 2013

guest13134 guest13134

nialls is horan nialler2

3:17AM Wed, March 27 2013

guest13134 guest13134

harrys is harold-styles

3:25AM Wed, March 27 2013

guest13134 guest13134

please give me louies skype

3:29AM Wed, March 27 2013

guest71462 guest71462

my friend is keep searching zayn up on skype DOES HE HAVE SKYPE PLEASE TELL ME?

6:06AM Thu, April 04 2013

guest71462 guest71462

perries mam s called debra i have seen them and she has a cat does anyone famous have skype?

6:09AM Thu, April 04 2013

guest34166 guest34166

I have skype real niall, if anyone here has and I want to change the skype zayn, one accepts?

9:06PM Thu, April 04 2013

guest76912 guest76912

what is zayns account on skype

7:40AM Fri, April 05 2013

guest69446 guest69446

If it has a chec mark it's real

9:28AM Tue, April 09 2013

guest48702 guest48702

really? so you know what it is then

5:00AM Wed, April 10 2013

guest91619 guest91619

it's zaynmalik_1D I talk to him every night we are now kind of best buds

6:10PM Thu, April 11 2013

guest48702 guest48702

thx xx but dont add nialhoran1993 he was swearing at me and trying to get detials of my life so what ever you do dont

2:38AM Fri, April 12 2013

guest48702 guest48702

are you sure? its not a pedo or stalker

2:42AM Fri, April 12 2013

guest48702 guest48702

do you know the other guys skype

2:45AM Fri, April 12 2013

guest48702 guest48702

one more thing can you tell him to add me because my uncle is friends with the person who dressis them and im his nease

2:53AM Fri, April 12 2013

guest59294 guest59294

guys I think it might be zainibwoi because someone clicked decline. but im not sure. and if you do know what it is: SHARE THE FUCKING LOVE!!!!!

10:21PM Fri, April 19 2013

guest53982 guest53982

hey guys i know louis'"s skype nialls skype even harrys skype if you can get zayns and liams i will give you any of the guys names that i have just add me on skype meme101 and tell me theres or just text on replyz thx mia xxx

10:33PM Thu, April 25 2013

guest53982 guest53982

i will PROMISE i will give you any guys skype you want

10:49PM Thu, April 25 2013

guest79382 guest79382

hey guys can i please have harrys louis and nialls skype name

9:07AM Sat, April 27 2013

guest10776 guest10776

yes niall horan has it and i have it right here

3:12AM Sun, April 28 2013

guest10965 guest10965

reallly what is it

4:25AM Sun, April 28 2013

guest10965 guest10965

iv got louis skype wanna trade

4:26AM Sun, April 28 2013

guest75200 guest75200

guys plz give me the real zayn malik account please

4:42AM Wed, May 08 2013

guest75200 guest75200


4:43AM Wed, May 08 2013

guest62644 guest62644


2:03AM Fri, May 10 2013

guest69933 guest69933

hey giving out free 1Ds Skype but don't have zayns give me zayns I could give you any guy you want just text me on Skype is meme101 or just text on replzy AND I PROMISE I WILL GIVE YOU IT thanks,mia

6:59AM Sun, May 12 2013

guest50247 guest50247

but what is the pic???

6:36AM Fri, May 17 2013

guest30292 guest30292

umm the pic is my dog and my mood says I heart lochie and my friends YOLO

8:52PM Fri, May 17 2013

guest44661 guest44661

You guys went on for a long time, just to get a skype? why not just talk to him on Twitter or something?

11:52AM Tue, May 21 2013

guest45848 guest45848

if he does TELL ME

3:27PM Tue, May 21 2013

guest68980 guest68980

zayn skype?

4:15AM Wed, May 22 2013

guest62284 guest62284

oh leute ich bin echt verwirrt was ist jetzt der echte zayn ich will unbedingt wissen wie er heißt!!

1:31PM Mon, May 27 2013

guest62284 guest62284


1:32PM Mon, May 27 2013

guest40930 guest40930


9:08AM Tue, May 28 2013

guest17426 guest17426

ist jemand noch da?????

6:06AM Wed, May 29 2013

guest69039 guest69039

i want a skype of zayn :'(

4:49AM Thu, June 20 2013

guest22790 guest22790

I have harrys, zayns, and louis skype. Reply if you want their names.

8:33PM Sat, June 22 2013

guest22790 guest22790

Louis is xlouis66 Zayns is zayn_ malik and Harrys is harry.edwards.styles. Thank me you people. You gotta luv 1D <3

8:45PM Sat, June 22 2013

guest62324 guest62324


8:44PM Sun, June 23 2013

guest62324 guest62324

hoo is harry

8:45PM Sun, June 23 2013

guest94347 guest94347

Zayns account is zaynmalik_real

5:31PM Mon, June 24 2013

guest22790 guest22790


7:33PM Mon, June 24 2013

guest18051 guest18051

omg zayn!!!!!

4:42AM Sat, June 29 2013

guest10444 guest10444

So whats zayns real account then ? Has anyone talked to him ?

7:49AM Sat, June 29 2013

guest10444 guest10444

Or has anyone the real account of the other boys ?

7:50AM Sat, June 29 2013

guest78270 guest78270

what is skype Zayn?

11:53PM Sat, June 29 2013

guest22790 guest22790


4:47PM Mon, July 01 2013

guest18339 guest18339

reaLLY?????????? OR ARE U LIE

5:37AM Thu, July 04 2013

guest18339 guest18339

lying sorry

5:46AM Thu, July 04 2013

guest52179 guest52179


6:33AM Thu, July 11 2013

guest91233 guest91233

hahaha ur lying!!!!

1:40PM Sat, July 13 2013

guest97530 guest97530

Some who has actually video chated with him please give me his skype

8:37PM Sun, July 14 2013

BrittanyLocke BrittanyLocke

Harry styles is hot

2:15PM Sun, July 21 2013

guest69453 guest69453

Pls guest 97994 plz tell me

6:13PM Thu, July 25 2013

guest52631 guest52631

Pls guest 97994 plz tell me

6:14PM Thu, July 25 2013

guest88975 guest88975

I like Harry but he is sometimes stupid :D

10:42AM Fri, August 02 2013

guest49217 guest49217


3:11PM Mon, August 05 2013

guest63952 guest63952

-_- wow. I have liams but i forgot his name..

6:55PM Tue, August 20 2013

guest97832 guest97832

his is the first zanymalik1d

4:06PM Wed, August 28 2013

guest47400 guest47400

the real account is zaynjavaddmalik1d and its real and we've skyped and ive seen him on cam beforee

3:03AM Wed, September 04 2013

guest99945 guest99945

I have the real ZAYN MALIk whoooooohoooooooo can't believe <3

8:18AM Fri, November 08 2013

guest99768 guest99768

wat is die naam zan zayn malik dan op skype? status: in de war

7:32AM Fri, November 15 2013

guest57318 guest57318

Please guyss Whats the real one??

10:18AM Mon, December 23 2013

guest86885 guest86885

I have zayn and Perrie's Skype

1:02AM Fri, January 17 2014

guest94867 guest94867

Hi zayn

8:00AM Sun, February 16

guest33216 guest33216

what is zayn's skype name

7:42AM Tue, February 18

guest54569 guest54569

It's zmalik.1993

5:49PM Tue, February 18

guest73791 guest73791

Tell the true guys

4:39AM Tue, March 18

guest63630 guest63630


10:08AM Tue, April 01

guest63630 guest63630

Yeah real Zayn's Skype is -ZaynMalik-

10:10AM Tue, April 01

guest74381 guest74381

Ok thank u and i love u

12:42AM Mon, April 28

guest12745 guest12745

All those people that told that was talking with zayn or have talked , its just a lie , because they havent a skype name so damn easy like that ! can u just think with me ?! they are famouse , a lot ! they cant just put "zaynmalik" or whatever , about about privacy ? FORSAKE ...

6:48AM Thu, May 15

guest17609 guest17609

Yes I don't think so cause in my Skype there is JustinDBieber and Real Harry Styles this is I think its the username and it is real nut I don't think about zany Malik !!! I LOVE U ZAYN MALIK ....

3:40PM Thu, July 10

guest17609 guest17609


3:42PM Thu, July 10

anonymous Anonymous

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