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Does Ariana Grande have a boyfriend?

8:15AM Sun, April 24 2011

6d8844ef93309732325aa0f4a6418858_normal @LyfeBelieber My Heart xoxo :)

Idk :P She might. She never told us! lol.

8:15AM Sun, April 24 2011

Df03896bb500bd4beadadbf82c915641_normal @WWELautnerGirl0

No she's single

8:16AM Sun, April 24 2011

guest73661 guest73661

she is

1:06PM Sun, May 15 2011

guest84359 guest84359

i think she does because she is pretty and i believe she has a boyfriend

8:47PM Wed, July 20 2011

guest84359 guest84359

she is merried you know

8:49PM Wed, July 20 2011

guest63400 guest63400

Does she want to be my girlfriend.

12:04AM Thu, July 28 2011

guest54546 guest54546

Shes Not Married Dumb ass She has a boyfriend

9:25PM Mon, August 01 2011

guest14827 guest14827

why would she be married asshole.she just has a boyfreind

2:12PM Wed, August 03 2011

guest41201 guest41201

Well she's single now goodluck cause i talked to her when she was in new york see i got balls to ask her if she has a BF n she said no not anymore then i said okay there you have okay >:D

9:40AM Thu, August 04 2011

guest22106 guest22106

haha none of u dumbasss no what the fuck u guys are soo retarded ofcource she has a bf y wouldnt she??? Fuck get a life.

8:32PM Mon, August 08 2011

guest39403 guest39403

i will win her heart!!! <33

4:44AM Tue, August 09 2011

guest14827 guest14827

well fuck you guest22106.when i see you im gonna kick your ass and im gonna win her heart dumfuck!!!

8:07PM Thu, August 11 2011

guest89617 guest89617

Yes Graham Phillips

12:53PM Sat, August 13 2011

guest89268 guest89268

how could ariana be married!! only people that are saying is That She could Have a BoyFriend or She Could be single! (BUT SHE IS NOT MARRIED!!!!!!)

8:16PM Wed, August 17 2011

guest14827 guest14827

Im gonna win her heart no matter what it takes

11:09PM Sat, August 20 2011

guest14827 guest14827

sorry guys.For all of you who wanted to be her boy friend including me.She already has one...its fucking graham phillips. :(

2:28PM Mon, August 22 2011

guest47835 guest47835


6:57PM Thu, August 25 2011

guest71868 guest71868

ur all assholes especially the ones who think she is married im one of her best friends and no she does not have bf

10:06AM Sun, August 28 2011

guest84542 guest84542

i hope not if ariana sees this plz marrie me

3:54PM Mon, September 05 2011

guest31070 guest31070

Im already dating her.

4:31PM Tue, September 06 2011

guest91010 guest91010

ihope not shes hot :p fuck yal shes all mine;) so best step off for yal get slapped BITCHESSSSS(;

4:07PM Fri, September 09 2011

guest14827 guest14827

well guest31070 you better stop or your gonna regret it deeply. just remember you were warned.

9:35PM Tue, September 13 2011

guest16196 guest16196

Guys wait. Why fight about it? It's not gonna make anything better!

9:23PM Tue, October 18 2011

guest88396 guest88396


5:16PM Sun, October 23 2011

guest67936 guest67936

none of yall are ganna get with her, she doesnt even now ur fuckin names and she never will so keep dreaming and i dont know if she has a boyfriend or not but its probably not ganna be any of you bitches

8:48PM Wed, November 09 2011

guest16027 guest16027

you guys are all acting dumb. all she wanted to know was wether she had a boyfriend or not. she didn't ask you wether you wanted her or if you like her. it was just a yes or no question. it's not rocket science! and to all of you who said she was your best friend i doubt that you'd be on this website. and to all of you who said that you would win her heart i hope you know that she's almost 18 1/2 and i also hope you got a job cause if you're taking her out to dinner you're gonna need some money.

7:28PM Tue, November 15 2011

guest16027 guest16027

By the way i don't know...who is Graham Phillips?!?

7:31PM Tue, November 15 2011

guest87962 guest87962

NO!! she is coming for me idiots

7:44PM Thu, December 08 2011



5:29PM Sun, December 25 2011

guest55888 guest55888

hah all of this comments are so funny!! :p and i saw a video on OCT 29 2011 and they asked her a question saying have you ever said super awesome? and she said uhh not really unless its my boyfriends spiderman..... soo there you go. but it was in oct of last year so she might be single again.. but im moving to California next year to audition in play and musical soo ill see her there and see what happens from that point on. if i meet her and hangout with her. my dream came truee. hah

12:24PM Fri, January 20 2012

guest55888 guest55888

and oh im a chef and got have a great job and really outgoing soo i hope she likes a funny, cool, handsome, outgoing, loving, caring guy. :)

12:27PM Fri, January 20 2012

guest36980 guest36980

bitchess you are fuck up

7:05PM Mon, January 30 2012

guest36980 guest36980

and she is my friend bitces and cousin

7:07PM Mon, January 30 2012

guest36980 guest36980

don;t talk to her ass hole

7:08PM Mon, January 30 2012

guest36980 guest36980


8:16PM Mon, January 30 2012

guest72499 guest72499

Stop fucking acting like u ppl can even get a buetiful girl like that, u will prob never even meet Ariana

10:49PM Mon, February 13 2012

guest72998 guest72998

Awwww! I'm flattered, guys, but I am single. I don't plan to get married for a long time. (I googled myself when I found this. I swear I never google myself, but I was curious)

11:13AM Fri, February 17 2012

guest88399 guest88399

You guys proably want her for money

10:16PM Tue, February 28 2012

guest88399 guest88399

What just because it is 10 Pm I still talk

10:51PM Tue, February 28 2012

guest88399 guest88399

And guest72998 your not Ariana

11:03PM Tue, February 28 2012

guest57477 guest57477

you people know that some random guy perposed 2 her right. so anyway's u woldent be able to date her ether unless u know her and you can't text her or call her she changed her number

8:25PM Tue, March 20 2012

guest57477 guest57477

sorry loser's

8:26PM Tue, March 20 2012

guest55454 guest55454

God this shit is funny

11:27PM Fri, March 23 2012

guest16617 guest16617

Has it ever occuerd to all you fuck nuts that you will most likly never meet ariana grande.unless you live in ca and you are famous she will not go out with stop day dreaming and masterbating off to her songs cuase she will never love u.fuck u all.nobody loves u ugs.

1:03AM Tue, April 03 2012

guest16617 guest16617


1:07AM Tue, April 03 2012

guest16617 guest16617

And all u little basterds numbing your asses on your computers should also stop trying to go for ariana grande becuase she will never fly to your house on a unicorn and preform a threesome for u like u were dreaming the night. Before. :(

1:13AM Tue, April 03 2012

guest27237 guest27237

all you guys should stop fighting beacause she lives in califirnia and she will nevver come just because you guys write this crappy stuff beacause i like her i would like to meet her someday i am her #1 fan and no one can take that away from me

7:20PM Thu, April 05 2012

guest22070 guest22070

hi she is not going to come up to your house to marry you idiots you guys are freaking stupid

8:12PM Thu, April 05 2012

guest22070 guest22070

why can't you guys just believe ariana has a boyfriend so just back off because you guys are freacking losers just tell me what you guys think about what i wrote and wright me back in 1 minute

8:41AM Fri, April 06 2012

guest34188 guest34188

u alll are fuckin ass holes because she might have a boyfriend but u never know inless u r her boyfriend or friend and she is sitting right next 2 me and she is goin 2 write some thing about u guys stupid ass coments all u guys have shitty coments no one wants 2 here u wine and cry ecpecilly me because i am ARIANA GRANDE and i do have a boyfriend his name is GRAM PHILLIPS so beat that loooooooooooossssseeeeerrsss:) <333

11:29PM Fri, April 06 2012

guest29052 guest29052

Hi all who commented on this... This is Ari, and I do not have a boyfriend. Graham is a really good friend of mine. I still don't plan to get married for a long time, but when the time is right and it's the right guy, I surely will. But, theres your answer! I hope you took your time to read this, lol. xoxo, Ariana

3:57PM Fri, April 20 2012

guest67155 guest67155


1:01AM Sun, April 22 2012

guest67155 guest67155

Ariana, shut your mouth!

1:02AM Sun, April 22 2012

guest74564 guest74564

i wonder do i have a chance???

12:16PM Sat, May 05 2012

guest74564 guest74564

guest67155....YOUR AN ASSHOLE....have RESPECT for the girl

12:23PM Sat, May 05 2012

guest15687 guest15687

do u have a boyfriend only want a reply from Ariana Grande so....bye see u tomorrow on victorious babe!!!!

8:58PM Mon, June 04 2012

guest24639 guest24639

R u guys for real? Like seriously, look how many of you are OBSESSED over her. If God wanted you to know her, he would of brought you into her life before she was famous. So please, stop saying ridiculous stuff that will obviously never happen. Jesus has plan for her and you may or may not be in it.

1:53PM Sun, June 10 2012

guest93033 guest93033

she does not have a boy frind

8:13PM Fri, June 15 2012

guest14371 guest14371

you guys r obssesed and just leave her alone and if u dont like that rule say it to my face cuz im in MMA 30-0 20 knock outs 10 submission and im only 16 yrs old and how would u like to be in her shoes with guys stalking her asking her questions like r u single will u marry me can i hav ur number

4:42AM Sun, June 17 2012

guest40167 guest40167

you guz r all phyco path :{

7:30PM Mon, June 25 2012

guest50928 guest50928

no using bad word's but guess what no body no's if she has a boyfriend or not but her so just drop all of this

8:28PM Mon, June 25 2012

guest46537 guest46537

Sorry but all u guys are probably fucken dusty and she needs a real man like me wit swag. And I have a big ass dick so stop niggas stop

1:15AM Wed, July 04 2012

guest65538 guest65538

Swag is for Boys, Class is for Gentlemen. And that's exactly what Ariana wants.... She Wants A Gentlemen #SWAG So like That's So Raven, "Yup, that's ME!"

10:52PM Thu, July 05 2012

guest45298 guest45298

I think she does. I think it might be Jordan V or Matt Bennett

3:03PM Fri, July 06 2012

guest16682 guest16682

Guest14371 lol dude no gives a crap if ur in MMA hahaha omg ur funny bro N guest46537 fuck swag, get over urself haha ur all dumb n ur gay pennis lol all these cmmnts r funny xD

1:05AM Tue, July 17 2012

guest54758 guest54758

I belive she has a bf because on her facebook pofifle pic its her and someone eles so i think shes dating someone but i dont what his name is.

7:04PM Wed, July 18 2012

guest54758 guest54758

I n that Ariana daed Nathan Kress and Leon Thomas 3 but most recently she has datd Big Time Rush Star Carlos Pena.

7:33PM Wed, July 18 2012

guest18083 guest18083

i will fuck her first before all of u u dumasses

9:32PM Thu, July 19 2012

guest56244 guest56244

you guys are all stupid she deserves way better than u dumb fucks :(

2:19PM Sat, July 28 2012

guest41213 guest41213

ill beat all yall ass if yall touch my fucking wife and shes pregnant with my baby

2:50AM Tue, July 31 2012

guest66861 guest66861

fuck all you faggit's why don't you let her choose for herself asshole's she's not a piece of property damn yes i fuckin' love her but she has a brain dipshit's so back the hell up. And guest14371 who the hell cares about your gay ass MMA record that's probably your record on the game stupid fuck.

3:18AM Tue, July 31 2012

guest11813 guest11813

lol i love how u guys are cursing like little kids, she definantly wouldnt be friends or want to be with any of you, grow up

12:14AM Thu, August 02 2012

guest20880 guest20880

this is much too funny. u people are ridiculous. let the celebs have some privacy. who cares if she has a boyfriend? if shes happy shes happy. yeah shes pretty and all but honestly we all know we dont have a chance. just stop arguing and stop wasting time

2:40AM Sat, August 04 2012

guest43832 guest43832

Mabey guest 72998 is ariana but im sure she has a bf shes amazing, good looking

10:51AM Sat, August 04 2012

guest16683 guest16683

hey guest 41213 u have no damn chance she my wife dumb ass so back away none of you cant get her ya are all wasting your time doing this shit shes not going to date no broke down ass bumbs thats not as rich and as famous as she is she wants a gentlemen so stop masturbating to her posster you dumb fagggs !!!

2:43PM Sat, August 04 2012

guest48815 guest48815

u guys are so funny lmfao

5:05PM Sat, August 04 2012

guest72186 guest72186

u guys need to get you fuking act shes not going ride on a fukin pony and knock on your and say you wanna go out or you want to have sex or you want to get married hellz noo step away from my wife she dosent want u faggs she wants swaggs not no bitchy teenagers who cuss and fight over her and shitzzz get a fuking life you bitches !!!

4:29PM Sun, August 05 2012

guest70560 guest70560

i found all of this hilarious :)

4:12PM Tue, August 07 2012

guest12442 guest12442

you guys are some stupid fukers with no sense you dumb mother fukers stay away from my girl !!! -_-

3:46PM Wed, August 08 2012

guest26987 guest26987

You guys are terrible talking like that about ari! I agree with guest 74564, Have respect For Her!!! I really don't get what all the hubbub is about, But okay whatever. Don't talk crap about ariana Okay! Everything she does is for her fans and you should respect her and not talk shiz about her.

2:27PM Thu, August 09 2012

guest26987 guest26987

Anyway to answer the question, No. She doesn't. She is currently single at the moment. KBAI! <3

2:30PM Thu, August 09 2012

guest80271 guest80271

FYI guest 55888 if you say all that dumb shit 'bout yourself, you're probably just sume ugly 40 year old fatass living in your mom's basement.

2:31AM Fri, August 10 2012

guest45719 guest45719

hey guest 26987 shut the fuk up were fighting over her bitch your not apart of this conversation we have going on over here people need to stop doing shit. if you want to take her out to dinner or some shittz u better have some fuking money if you dont u fuked up all u are probally like some old ass stalking niggas or petafiles who wants too rape her shes a beautiful girl u guys need to get a life and a job u broke down bumbs !!!

1:17PM Fri, August 10 2012

guest31128 guest31128

Hi I am in love with ariana so why don't you wankers fuck of she is mine

6:13PM Sat, August 11 2012

guest82898 guest82898

Its So Funny How Alot Of People Are Pretending To Be Her Best Friend Or Claims That They Are Like Really??? Do You Think We R Stupid And Also She Is Actually None Of Yours Or Mines Either She Has A Boyfriend But I Really Want Her To Go Out With Matt Bennett But Whatever And Anywayss .... Yea Thats It :)

4:18PM Mon, August 13 2012

guest13284 guest13284

Well she's my girlfriend so.....

3:29PM Tue, August 14 2012

guest22357 guest22357

All you people just want to date Ariana is because shes bueaitful. Ariana won't go for a guy that just wants a bueaitful gf. Ariana is more then that type of person, she duserve a real guy that would take car of her and will always be there for her> NO LIE <3 you Ariana Grande

12:04PM Mon, August 20 2012

guest43892 guest43892

Celebs aren't the only thing you ppl should worry about, cause yall can sing, dance, fight, and e.c.t. One day you guys and ladies maybe famous and have ppl fighting and arguing over you, so what I'm trying to say is shut the f*** up and get a life. I love my girlfriend just the way she is and I won't leave her for anybody not even a Celeb. I not no one fan and if I saw a Celeb I would just think of them as a regular person, I mean what do they have that we can't get? my name is Sequan Parker.

2:41AM Fri, August 24 2012

guest43892 guest43892

Oops I forgot no offense to Ariana or any famous person, also I'm a fan of my cousin Michael Jordan, that's it.

2:49AM Fri, August 24 2012

guest38032 guest38032

You guys need to fuking stop ya probally using her for her money she's a beautiful girl and shouldn't treated like this all u guys are fuking worthless forgettable poor broke down bitcchessss !!!!!!!'

1:28PM Wed, October 17 2012

guest38636 guest38636

Shes doesnt have a boyfriend and why is everyone flipping out and being mean to eachother cant we all just get along but she is besutiful and amazing and she deserves the world and deserves to be called beautiful every second of her life shes amazing i love her

2:53PM Thu, October 18 2012

guest38636 guest38636

Shes my girlfriend guys so back off i love her

2:54PM Thu, October 18 2012

guest56215 guest56215

she does have a boyfriend his name is xavier olivera.

3:06PM Thu, October 25 2012

guest36415 guest36415

yes his name is jai brooks

6:32PM Sun, November 25 2012

guest45904 guest45904

Ariana grande is the most beautiful person in the whole entire world and i really wish she was my girlfriend but im not that desperate she is so hot and that's why she has a hot voice i just hope shes single

5:27PM Sat, December 15 2012

guest64814 guest64814

Yes she does, it is Jai Brooks from the Janoskians

9:15PM Sat, December 29 2012

guest86568 guest86568

Oh my god you all are fighting over me and now I am single. If. You wanna date me okay you have to be in California though.

10:55PM Wed, January 02 2013

guest86568 guest86568

And guy I am hot you never seen me I'm in victorious. You should watch it.

10:57PM Wed, January 02 2013

guest94088 guest94088

Yes, Ariana Grande does have a boyfriend, it's Jai Brooks from the Janoskians, The Janoskians are australian youtubers:)

10:40AM Thu, January 03 2013

guest72779 guest72779

well i will win her heat what ever it take i.ll do any thing for her

10:45AM Wed, January 16 2013

guest98844 guest98844

I Love Ariana Grande

1:09PM Thu, January 17 2013

guest56789 guest56789

Anriana's never is going to date yall

5:34PM Sun, January 20 2013

guest73159 guest73159

Shut the fuk up bitch, she wil be mine

6:29PM Mon, March 11 2013

guest92970 guest92970

omg i bet you dont even know her so none off you are going to get her just get a fucking life for fuck sake!!!!!!!!!

12:34PM Thu, March 28 2013

guest57067 guest57067

I heard that she loves the guy that plays Beck on Victorious. I dont know if they are boyfriend-girlfriend. Shes 20 years old!!! She must have a doyfriend!

1:46PM Sun, April 07 2013

guest57067 guest57067


1:47PM Sun, April 07 2013

guest57067 guest57067

KIDING!!!!! ;P

1:49PM Sun, April 07 2013

guest28947 guest28947

Yeah jai?

2:20PM Tue, May 07 2013

guest47225 guest47225

Ohhhhh what has this world come to.

5:05PM Sun, June 16 2013

guest75506 guest75506

Your just jealous because you will never EVER have her

10:12PM Tue, August 13 2013

guest75506 guest75506

She's mine stupid fucker, you prolly just beat your meat to pics of her online. I'm perfect for her, and i already talk to her all the time, she will be mine.

7:59PM Sat, August 31 2013

guest41727 guest41727

Quest75506 boy you thought you talked to her. Why don't you go disappoint some other website with your existence and leave, Ariana would never want your whiny, fat ass. Neither anyone else on here. Seriously your all living false dreams.

3:20PM Sun, October 20 2013

guest41727 guest41727


3:21PM Sun, October 20 2013

guest14779 guest14779

I think she is dating Mac miller

6:19PM Mon, October 21 2013

guest22366 guest22366

jai brooks

7:33PM Wed, November 13 2013

guest22366 guest22366


7:34PM Wed, November 13 2013

bookittenright bookittenright

ariana is single she cheated on jai brooks with nathan sykes from the wanted but she dumped him because she feels bad about hurting jai after 2 years together he and jai new it was going to be hard to be together but they made it work up until september they called it off after he found out she cheated!!!!!

8:03PM Thu, December 05 2013

guest54685 guest54685

Hey " bookkittenright ", it's knew not " new " so learn how to spell Fucknuts. Also nobody cares about this topic anymore, doesn't anyone know this question was made nearly 3 years ago? What a shame.

7:03PM Tue, March 18

guest62136 guest62136

l vove her

8:00PM Thu, May 15

guest75006 guest75006

i love your song and you are so pretty and i am Justin bieber

7:44PM Sat, July 05

guest75006 guest75006

do you like me ariana grande

7:48PM Sat, July 05

guest43574 guest43574

i love her soooooooooo much

11:33PM Sat, July 19

guest68516 guest68516

She internationally famous none of you are dating her that's bullshit

12:22AM Mon, July 28

guest65829 guest65829

Well said, well said guest68516

4:07AM Mon, July 28

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