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1_normal @alicatzz iPhone: 43.186600,-89.235718

Does #ceelo have a green bay packer tattoo on his arm? #thevoice

10:54PM Tue, April 26 2011

Joeybroyles_normal @joeybroyles Madison, WI

I was wondering the same thing!

11:16PM Tue, April 26 2011

guest93923 guest93923

I think

7:46PM Wed, April 27 2011

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

I think

7:46PM Wed, April 27 2011

guest19002 guest19002

Yeah, no. He's from georgia. Georgia bulldogs, anyone . . . (Though I wish it were green bay, as I am from milwaukee

8:05AM Thu, April 28 2011

guest27478 guest27478

Then why is it green and gold. Georgia bulldogs would be red.

9:46PM Fri, April 29 2011

guest57558 guest57558

Grambling maybe?

10:09PM Tue, May 03 2011

guest47903 guest47903

That tatoo is def. the Packers...

10:33PM Tue, May 03 2011

guest33555 guest33555

He said his favorite colors were black and red... It's the Georgia Bulldogs G

10:37PM Tue, May 03 2011

guest84371 guest84371

Yep...look up the bulldogs logo...looks like Green Bay but is not...

10:51PM Tue, May 03 2011

guest96465 guest96465

mabye either a) he just likes the parckers b) his parents were from wisconsin i dont know... just some ideas

9:32PM Wed, May 04 2011

guest80789 guest80789

The Georgia logo is actually the same as the green bay one. Green bay owns the copy wright to the logo, but has given a couple schools dispensation to use it, including Georgia. The color choice does make it look like he's a GB fan though!

12:02AM Thu, June 02 2011

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

The Georgia logo is actually the same as the green bay one. Green bay owns the copy wright to the logo...

12:02AM Thu, June 02 2011

guest11474 guest11474

I bet its packers you can see the green and gold/yellow its DEFINETLEY not georgia

9:03AM Tue, September 20 2011

guest67140 guest67140

Most likely Green Bay. I imagine that it coincides with his stage-name, "Green".

8:56PM Wed, March 28 2012

anonymous Anonymous

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