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L0ss9wsc_normal @myshamm Maryland - DC Metro Area

Who is the oldest of the Braxton sisters?

9:28PM Tue, May 03 2011

4cdb7ce72e82b3a35564406324683fe7_normal @aweyezonmi oakland, ca

toni is the oldest.

9:29PM Tue, May 03 2011

guest18917 guest18917

ok thank you, and who is after her?

7:28AM Tue, May 24 2011

guest90407 guest90407

Then Traci, Towanda, Trina, and lastly Tamar.

4:15PM Tue, May 24 2011

guest35259 guest35259

Tamar is such a diva

10:55PM Tue, June 07 2011

guest92327 guest92327

Where does the brother come in at?

12:12AM Wed, June 08 2011

guest78708 guest78708

yea where does the brother come in at does the father have any other childern from the new wife

10:39PM Sat, June 25 2011

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

yea where does the brother come in at does the father have any other childern from the new wife

10:40PM Sat, June 25 2011

guest65289 guest65289

the brother is b4 toni

2:58AM Sun, July 10 2011

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

the brother is b4 toni

2:58AM Sun, July 10 2011

guest16939 guest16939

who didnt know dat

10:55PM Fri, August 05 2011

guest60885 guest60885

I just retired and I am so interested in this show. I am hoping that it remain on the air for it is so entertaining and refreshing,

8:08PM Fri, December 16 2011

guest50458 guest50458

Tamar needs to understand that she is the cause of all the problems that occur on this show. She thinks she knows everything and she is never wrong always wanting her sister to apologize to her for something she created. Beauty starts from within

4:45AM Fri, January 20 2012

guest50458 guest50458

Tamar's husband needs to put her in check, because HIS money is making her very mean and disrepectful towards her sister. I saw her on the soul train awards and she was not all that. Be humble you will get more respect and feel better about herself. Tamar listen and stop running your mouth and hurting your sisters. Trina always has to intervene becuase Tamar wants people to kiss her butt

4:50AM Fri, January 20 2012

guest72148 guest72148

Yeah Tamar is very self centered and it's clear that she is very jealous of Toni. Jealousy can ruin a person and those around them, epecially family. May the Lord guide her...

4:40PM Sun, March 04 2012

guest63099 guest63099

Yes I think tamar thinks she's all that because her husband has money

11:20PM Sun, March 18 2012

guest21770 guest21770

tamar needs to know that everything it not about here also she needs to know that not every one is blaming her for everything And that she still has alot of growin up to do and that she not the center of attention not everyone at her bec and call and the show is called the braxton family not tamar GROW UP TAMAR

2:35AM Sun, June 24 2012

guest46062 guest46062

Toni is the oldest and then the brother

1:56AM Sun, July 29 2012

guest69254 guest69254


9:52PM Thu, August 16 2012

guest89891 guest89891

Are you ppl stupid?? While Tamar is all of the above, she had "money" before vince...get a grip smh

12:58AM Mon, January 28 2013

guest86103 guest86103

She probably had money, but not Vince type of money !

12:57AM Fri, March 15 2013

guest86805 guest86805

Tamara needs a reailty check because she an't shit she is full of it before she realize something once something is gone it's gone

10:49PM Thu, March 28 2013

guest98557 guest98557

wtf she does need a cheack she is the most self centered person no one is jelouse of you you ratchet ass girl she is always saying to every one get your life bitch please how about you get a life do every one a favor and shut the fuck up she turns every one against her like really come on

1:57AM Fri, March 29 2013

guest22667 guest22667

Tamar is a stone cold BITCH!!!

11:32PM Wed, April 03 2013

guest57137 guest57137

Forgive Tamar. Forgive yourself 1st and then everyone and what u believe they did to you! Only then will there be PEACE!

11:20PM Thu, April 04 2013

guest51482 guest51482

you ppl need to not judge others, you never know what you would do until you're in that situation. this family really loves each other and thats apparent.

3:53PM Fri, April 12 2013

guest66454 guest66454

I really love this show and the family dynamics. It's let's you see that at the end of the day; they are real, regular people with regular problems like everyone else. No one is perfect but at the end of the day, they are still family and it's apparent that they love each other. They have fun and are not trying to be fake or phony. Give them a break because I think that they are hilarious and their parents raised six beautiful children with strong morals and values. You go girls!

11:37AM Sun, April 21 2013

guest85492 guest85492

Well I effin love miss tamar to pieces she's the life of the show!!

4:23PM Thu, June 06 2013

guest81296 guest81296

Tamar seem like the oldest she so outspoken & blount

9:45AM Tue, August 13 2013

guest10942 guest10942

Love tamar so much bt my toni is so classy.....adore dis show

12:28PM Fri, November 29 2013

guest56655 guest56655

yall need to stop judging people cause they argue and fight for a reason that reason is because they love eachother they don't hate eachother. yall need to stop judging thebecause at the end of the day they have money and yall don't im not trying to t=say they perfect but yeah. tamar is my bfl so yeah get it straight at least she breathing and shit damn hopp of her dick...its a shw don't neccaseraly mean that they act like this when they off of reality tv....

9:17PM Sun, December 22 2013

anonymous Anonymous

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