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Does Berlin Have Cartoon Network? Or NKLDN?

7:57AM Fri, May 06 2011

269616_194524437266056_100001255044839_561112_5098806_n_normal @JohnDuckworthh Birkenhead, England.

No. Berlin is shit! It's full of weird people

7:58AM Fri, May 06 2011

Gnar_dude_normal @Galighter europe

Yes, most of europe does.

7:58AM Fri, May 06 2011

Creepin_normal @trillifred the sea


7:59AM Fri, May 06 2011

Image_normal @LongLiveProdigy Detroit


7:59AM Fri, May 06 2011

Img_0391_normal @palermobemajor A Place Called Stardom

no show is touching SpongeBob, dat yellow square on another level

7:59AM Fri, May 06 2011

Pedo_bear_re_animal_rides-s802x1300-96815_normal @LILSBEEZEDGOD Up north

yeah they should.

7:59AM Fri, May 06 2011

93a7e77b32bb20e602bdf1811fdd1bb4_normal @lisabrownn Melbourne

what the fuck? Isn't it called nickelodeon anymore?

7:59AM Fri, May 06 2011

05032010037_normal @SJPClark Ipswich.

.. American owned. Highly doubtful

7:59AM Fri, May 06 2011

Dsc_0012_hdr_twitter_normal @Mrunserious

probably but no subtitles..

8:00AM Fri, May 06 2011

Kally_normal @KallyWeed UK

ye it does....they use Sky over there like in the UK...y? bit of a random tweet or u out der?

8:00AM Fri, May 06 2011

8f075281f05a75b8d486bd4eb1685566_normal @WelfareOnDeck district 9

buy me a fucking ticket. I can't fight the scalpers..

8:01AM Fri, May 06 2011

D719k60tdjyrz6s19tov_normal @felisiam the earth

's goblin is so fking swag it hit a billion turkeys with a subway.

8:01AM Fri, May 06 2011

Keep_normal @MoJoZone11


8:01AM Fri, May 06 2011

2fc7i6noba6pghvr1cls_normal @wastedd NOT WHERE I WANT TO BE


8:01AM Fri, May 06 2011

452eedeb1b0217a7db357a61c736e1ff_normal @serenadinglight

People hear my through my headphones... Ignoring everything but my phone... They think its something wrong with me haha

8:01AM Fri, May 06 2011

Picture_normal @delajoo Israel (but more like Mars)

how many songs on goblin aren't produced by you?

8:01AM Fri, May 06 2011

Bf8e43802dfcabec207f1401758ac588_normal @ellhah Toronto

if they don't, check #OFWGKTA contest entries: .. It'd be wild for you to pick our winner

8:01AM Fri, May 06 2011

C895cfe5b55ee8abf1e8fbdc6eb682f2_normal @clitracist

we watch Boomerang round here shawty.

8:02AM Fri, May 06 2011

Dope2_normal @G_Anderzon S W E D E N

I think not, screw Berlin, Sweden got that + plenty more haha.

8:02AM Fri, May 06 2011

Piccy_normal @KarlFuller ÜT: 51.392996,-...

Image_normal @FuqkMaSwaGg Hawthorne, ca

wassup niggah you member me? I haven't seen your ass since prairie vista

8:02AM Fri, May 06 2011

Gaston_normal @livinMLright

Nope, but fuck that Berlin is great. Go out and have sum fun. Visist Tacheles or summin

8:03AM Fri, May 06 2011

Face_normal @Cuco_Jumon

no, but they do have a great selection of porn channels. #Dang

8:04AM Fri, May 06 2011

E1c6b8c562023393a858ced905b2bf56_normal @thelyricalTRUTH The BX

yeah I do

8:05AM Fri, May 06 2011

P2260306_normal @9ranty Papakura, New Zealand

Kartoon Netvork.

8:05AM Fri, May 06 2011

Lunapic_130853156149093_3_normal @MuahMulaBby

Yeah They Do .

8:05AM Fri, May 06 2011

Img_3306_normal @HendrykTheCool

We got both, NKLDN and in the early morning Cartoon Network B) Damn we're excited, do you stay 'til the aftershow party is over?

8:06AM Fri, May 06 2011

196494365_normal @kingleno420 Killafornia SGV

faded. Fuq cartoon network. JETLIFE

8:08AM Fri, May 06 2011

4_normal @theycallme_ash London

only channel I ever found in English was MTV

8:08AM Fri, May 06 2011

Jean_michel_basquiat_2_normal @INTERZONE__

this website streams old Cartoon Network cartoons and anime from Toonami:

8:08AM Fri, May 06 2011

Spr_normal @deerejason Sherman Oaks, CA

is me at sicksteen sorry dpencil but i gawtchoo covered like sheets

8:10AM Fri, May 06 2011

M_dotta_normal @M_DOTTA where u wanna be at

what's earl's Twitter name?

8:11AM Fri, May 06 2011

G24r4vgatyckrsq0q0sb_normal @freetheyazz Reutlingen/Essl...

you will not understand a fuckin word!!!

8:11AM Fri, May 06 2011

2ffb884918f260cb1432dd3f6a9d00c5_normal @GoonieL Based World

channel 12

8:12AM Fri, May 06 2011

Swif__2__normal @kidgrandios

we got nickalodeon. and cartoon notwork just comes at the weekend mornin :(

8:12AM Fri, May 06 2011

179295_193529853991640_100000038805322_749794_3095412_n_normal @SKREWTAPE84 Camden County, NJ

in Germany, you dont watch cartoons... the cartoons watch you.

8:14AM Fri, May 06 2011

9iilx01obrzykkdpu95m_normal @EggandPancakes Toronto

they have a bunch of channels on how to make shnitzel amd dictators.

8:15AM Fri, May 06 2011

Image_normal @PrinzNEOPUNK Deizisau


8:20AM Fri, May 06 2011

Default_profile_2_normal @ilybylm germany


8:20AM Fri, May 06 2011

70cd735c73b1de62fda6838f5e141ac0_normal @kayydiggty

What time is it out there

8:21AM Fri, May 06 2011

Hfdjgfhgjhikl_normal @AndrewCalder_13 CB`

they have a network that only airs re-runs of The Odd Future Kidz

8:26AM Fri, May 06 2011

Image_normal @nesism

rather go out and enjoy fkn berlin its awesome here!!!

8:28AM Fri, May 06 2011

Screen_shot_2011-11-22_at_1 @Jacky_Jack_jack Chicago

Not great cartoons there :( but they go hard get sum X

8:29AM Fri, May 06 2011

Chya_normal @tlob

how rad is your life?

8:41AM Fri, May 06 2011

Img_0190_normal @littlenostrils somewhere over the rainbow

I fucking love crazy ass mofo makes me laugh.

8:47AM Fri, May 06 2011

Up_close_and_personal_motemblem_normal @motem Canada

i was just in Berlin too ! i bet you can find that burger you're after, and on the CHEAP P! ;+)

8:59AM Fri, May 06 2011

Default_profile_6_normal @Swagmeout420

. Fuck berlin yall need to get back in the states. Good pussy great dank. An we speak english.

9:02AM Fri, May 06 2011

Me2_normal @Spacemen9 Liverpool

Probably. Berlin is cool as fuck. Most liberal city in the world.

9:03AM Fri, May 06 2011

Syriua49o1ftfxh1qfck_normal @mrstevebc Minnesota,USA

you can watch on their website

9:07AM Fri, May 06 2011

Avatarbymacee_normal @Macee Sindelfingen, Stuttgart

We have german nickelodeon, but it sucks. Also German TV in whole is one bag off hurt.

9:27AM Fri, May 06 2011

Default_profile_1_normal @waggoton

year it has

9:37AM Fri, May 06 2011

Bild0092twitti_normal @sphielove germany

nickelodeon, but its called NICK

9:42AM Fri, May 06 2011

N1598610297_3944_normal @Sludgefest

they have cartoon network! And after 2 am it's porn I'm pretty sure. Haha

9:56AM Fri, May 06 2011

Fabio_normal @OpenlyGay

fuck nickelodeon. nickelodeon sucks more cock than .

9:57AM Fri, May 06 2011

F534c120f802dac9122f24cad1376766_normal @ihatecade Lynnwood, Wa


10:05AM Fri, May 06 2011

Wrrej51k_normal @MrBurnZChukDGFL Yonkers,NY


10:16AM Fri, May 06 2011

Ffe3b68fc08f09ee31c1bdf9bddec93c_normal @djbruce

yeah but I'm pretty sure it has 24/7 re runs of the steve harvey show.

10:22AM Fri, May 06 2011

3a95e4e004648c14b590acae898cf7db_normal @yung_bloccsta Amsterdam,Mars

. Is does well wen I lived in germany but u can find anythin out there

10:32AM Fri, May 06 2011

Derp_normal @CamTheWeird VanCity

oh yo my and my boy went to Berlin last year, they got spongebob in german and the pain olympics, thats it tho

10:39AM Fri, May 06 2011

737u5jiv_normal @ShamMostDope Snellvile

Drunk white girls only way ill get my dick sucked. Haha. -

10:58AM Fri, May 06 2011

265004_1395731271444_1777101591_658085_8313713_n_normal @MrWumbo Boston

. 666 suck me and may I plead that trey songz can suck my balls and anus #sandals

11:27AM Fri, May 06 2011

B64f3e24caff16aabb2e36ffde75ae97_normal @universal_shane united states


11:32AM Fri, May 06 2011

Mynameis_normal @MartyMcHardy Hamburg

I got your fucking album in my hands. thank you for such a sick booklet

11:34AM Fri, May 06 2011

227196_2035204367946_1479312186_32423012_788870_n_normal @iamHBY Studio City, CA

Why do you like Aunt Jemima more than Mrs. Buttersworth?

11:52AM Fri, May 06 2011

Image_normal @LolaRoyalle with ya man biitch, ;; )

Snort a lil, now you're gettin groovy, cause ill kill you if i find out your watching some other movies BIITCH, ! #VCR

11:59AM Fri, May 06 2011

Image_normal @seamod

somebody is really, really loving you in trinity college dublin

12:06PM Fri, May 06 2011

Rikkycastillo_normal @rikkyrepublic MORROW

when will u be in atlanta

12:32PM Fri, May 06 2011

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