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Does anyone know the website of quantum courier India and where their packages can be tracked?

1:39PM Fri, May 06 2011

Imgmy_normal @minus43 Bangalore

Thanks to Heisenberg the location of their website is uncertain :-)

1:22AM Sat, May 07 2011

guest58871 guest58871

the website is

10:06PM Sat, October 29 2011

guest80576 guest80576

Fadoo site

1:39AM Tue, March 06 2012

guest42549 guest42549

6:22AM Sun, June 10 2012

guest42549 guest42549

Its the worst website I have ever come across. Nothing works and yet reputed companies in India use them. Their tracking system does not work and their contact us is a scam and a sham.

6:24AM Sun, June 10 2012

guest36431 guest36431

Yes, these guys are shit!! I'd placed a payback redemption order and they gave me an airway bill of quantum and asked me to track it. N the website of these quantum guys don't work. It's a total scam.

2:49AM Tue, July 17 2012

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

Yes, these guys are shit!! I'd placed a payback redemption order and they gave me an airway bill of qua...

2:49AM Tue, July 17 2012

guest10537 guest10537

this site is totaly a shit....i cant track my order

1:07AM Thu, September 13 2012

guest38363 guest38363

bloody mather choots

8:35AM Mon, September 24 2012

guest28488 guest28488 Jst insert AWB no in the above provided link

6:08AM Sat, November 17 2012

guest95932 guest95932

Those you cannot track their order on Have to keep in mind that it take a few hours for it to show. This is the case in any courier company. The online stores send you the Tracking number from the receipt give to them. The parcel gets entered into the system only after 10pm generally. So if you get an email that your order has been shipped with the tracking number, it will only be on the system tomorrow(or later if there are holidays)

9:45AM Fri, December 14 2012

guest68262 guest68262

Its a nice site, it just takes few hours to show up your details, like try after 10 hours after your AWB no. was generated. It gives you lots of details for your shipment

12:41AM Mon, March 18 2013

anonymous Anonymous

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