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What does "oomf" mean? Can someone please tell me!?

9:00PM Wed, May 11 2011

Bb8e0a6eb78f4970aa1acf8a2d3c1b2f_normal @AllieMarieGee planetEARTH(:

when you talking about somebody but don't wanna say they name.

9:06PM Wed, May 11 2011

2b173ea8806ac86893c186c2e75aca71_normal @MsDaisy_Smiless Planet Dorko

Ooooh! Gotchu! Lol! Thanks girl!

9:10PM Wed, May 11 2011

Bb8e0a6eb78f4970aa1acf8a2d3c1b2f_normal @AllieMarieGee planetEARTH(:


9:12PM Wed, May 11 2011

81ea947690d054b085fbfe4d2fdb237f_normal @LoveNHarmoni

it means #oomf pissin me off

9:53PM Wed, May 11 2011

guest63368 guest63368

No, it means "One of my followers". So like Planet Earth said, you put this in place of their name if you don't want to say their actual name.

4:40PM Mon, May 23 2011

guest55438 guest55438

It means "One Of My Followers " )

12:03AM Sat, September 10 2011

guest23659 guest23659

People who use #OOMF are pussies! What you scared of? Just tell em. That's why y'all friends always talking about you behind your back and fucking each others boyfriends! smh <<Shakin My Head (if you didn't know)

9:35PM Tue, April 03 2012

guest38716 guest38716


10:33PM Tue, May 01 2012

guest29538 guest29538

Oomf means one of my follwers or one of my friends

12:21AM Fri, July 06 2012

guest30335 guest30335

I have a question..Um. my ex saI'd this in his tweet: I wish me and oomf still talked. I know what oomf means, but by any chance could he be talking about me..? Please and thank you.

4:35PM Wed, July 11 2012

guest96560 guest96560

melvin nazario is gay! hit him uo on twitter

12:02AM Sun, September 30 2012

guest73246 guest73246

Pond means one of my friends -Just found out myself!

12:39PM Fri, January 11 2013

guest76811 guest76811

It means one of your followers you don't wanna mention , and they know who they are.

1:55AM Wed, May 29 2013

guest13486 guest13486

On twitter it means One Of My Followers/#oomf & on facebook its like "a muthafucka" #oomf ... People use it for both ways...

9:37PM Thu, August 15 2013

anonymous Anonymous

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