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that's fab thank you! i can't believe i couldn't find that! clearly i wasn't looking hard enough! x

1:00AM Wed, February 24 2010

In reply to: " after reading about Sebamed soap @bubblegarm, does anyone know where I can get it? Can only find US sites online :( " -Asked by @MillMollMac


78bb9cf3dd2fa29c63b6c9256f0a78a3_normal @MillMollMac

I know! nonsense! I'm already 5'8" anyway and certainly don't need to be 6 foot!!

4:56AM Sat, April 24 2010

In reply to: " apparently it's not possible to buy office shoes with heels smaller than 10cm... does the fact this annoys me, make me old? " -Asked by @MillMollMac