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Like animals, most people, tv, movies & all types of music. Use to be on Twitter almost from the beginning, have been off for about 18 mos. Just rejoined.

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What do we know abt gz 's lawyer ?

8:07PM Wed, April 11 2012


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Baez B'day 12/31/53 acc to Wikki #caseyanthony 57 yrs old

9:44PM Mon, May 23 2011

In reply to: " #caseyanthony trying to find out how old Jose Baez is? And Does anyone know how or why Casey picked him as an attorney? " -Asked by @deedrakerby


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Who said anything about drowning accept in OS? OS not evidence. #caseyanthony

10:00AM Fri, May 27 2011

In reply to: " GR8QUESTION! @SuzinNEOhio Why doesn't the prosec. object 2 the reference of drowning when it hasn't been established as fact? #caseyanthony " -Asked by @aroseindecember