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amateur photographer, outdoor enthusiast, band geek and video game buff

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822a8585382e20636a977a414a7b08f2_normal @Verius Toronto, Canada

if only professional bed/pillow tester could be a real job lol

9:50AM Tue, February 22 2011

In reply to: " When you figure it out, let me know RT @vinhluc I'm really good at sleeping. How do I go about getting paid to do that? " -Asked by @DfendrOfHyrule


822a8585382e20636a977a414a7b08f2_normal @Verius Toronto, Canada

killzone 3 and call of duty black ops

8:42PM Wed, March 16 2011

In reply to: " What are the best FPS for PS3? " -Asked by @FernyChien