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Conversations about #superstition knuckles itch mean when your your knuckles

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8f7b7408f66f88477f9933d64915496d_normal @Hello_iam_jayb

STD thoRT @WitYaHoeAss: My knuckles itch.. What does that mean ?

Latest reply 7:01PM Mon, October 29 2012


1fc52e6a4e5a94ae70c12bb1f2eca5e2_normal @_Raye_

#question do you shave your knuckles?

Latest reply 9:18PM Thu, June 09 2011


3f702415792e88f6f7a3a5c6ce5ee991_normal @BreatheIvania Palmdale, Ca

#bcreloaded what do your knuckles say David?

Latest reply 7:32PM Tue, July 10 2012


Profile_image_1317774506459_normal @CirocHead D~M~V

Does cracking your knuckles really make you have arthritis when you get older?

Latest reply 7:56PM Wed, October 13 2010


627fc5753eb45d50fea07716d4a7ee93_normal @Rss668000

What makes that noise when you crack you knuckles? Is it your bones rubbing together or?

Latest reply 11:39PM Thu, August 29 2013


2b147f03c9a603ddc6e7320d4013a5f5_normal @miiich_ Staten Island, New York

Why does it feel good to crack your knuckles?

Latest reply 10:02AM Mon, September 12 2011


First_unedited_photo_fk_ye_normal @pattaaz Geordie Shore

What are the knuckles on your ankles called?

Latest reply 6:31PM Wed, December 14 2011


4869d7f80ee46461a6ac2488cc0b7b9c_normal @m4ggieland Baltimore

Why do you have pure hate tattooed in your knuckles?

Latest reply 11:00PM Sat, April 07 2012


Image_normal @Ryan_Throup

So @Jack_Murphy95 how is your head and knuckles this morning?

Latest reply 8:17AM Sat, May 19 2012


57_normal @sybil1053 Texas

Why do guys think cracking your knuckles looks tough? #UFC146

Latest reply 12:32AM Sun, May 27 2012


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