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Yjzumhhi06hswm6tl0xn_normal @tinie_bieber malaysia

can someone help me set up my 1D paper dolls? :)

Latest reply 6:48AM Fri, February 10 2012


B8bea886f34e9d57f37019ba41fcc15f_normal @XOlivia1DBondX Neverland coz im cool like dat

Does anyone remember the 1d paper dolls? i still have mine :')

Latest reply 4:45PM Thu, April 05 2012


Image_normal @Abie_L_H Eating carrots with 1D

Where can I get the 1D paper dolls from? I can't find them anywhere:(

Latest reply 5:29AM Sat, January 07 2012


377609_4388818558276_879088677_n_normal @ErrisaHoran

Um, does anyone have extra 1D paper dolls? Pretty please? :'( I feel sad now.

Latest reply 12:29PM Sat, August 18 2012


37fd3f01d088449bef20cca7062a5d91_normal @icecreamloversX My Den

Can someone please link me to the website where we can print templates off to make the 1D paper dolls?

Latest reply 8:52AM Thu, April 12 2012


613a456ddaeca96f6edef6ea19b81e27_normal @TEAM_LOUIS

Where can i see the 1d dolls!?!

Latest reply 8:17AM Sat, September 10 2011


K_normal @nicolinajovic1D ᵛᵃˢ ʰᵃᵖᵖᵉᶰᶤᶰ

Where can you buy the 1D dolls?

Latest reply 12:10PM Sun, October 30 2011


C2f4212b088db767a358fe36de888525_normal @LouisTOMS louis feet✔

Where can you buy 1D dolls? xD

Latest reply 12:26PM Mon, January 02 2012


Art_cute_doodle_drawing_finger_hello-9bc149781953e5c01160a5451f82ea62_h_normal @aGirlFromTheUAE

Where can I buy 1D dolls ?

Latest reply 5:25AM Thu, March 08 2012


4cd4042d3ab78b7324ab9645e185bc63_normal @akosikoykoy

Where can I buy 1D dolls?

Latest reply 7:56PM Fri, December 21 2012


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