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Ufene29q_normal @JazzBombKilljoy Sheffield,England

I hate thin people who complain about being fat "omg I'm a size 6 I'm so gross", how do you think that makes me feel at size 16?

Latest reply 11:25AM Wed, May 02 2012


Image_normal @XOpink33

why does everyone think @TRACY_DiMARCO is so fat when she's really not? IT'S CALLED CURVES!!!!!!!!

Latest reply 8:43AM Fri, May 27 2011


34dbe2c17484adb9afb4e4a59d9bad5f_normal @aishaobi Nigeria

J.hud dropped 4rm a size 16 to a size 6... I'm a size 10, what do I drop to?

Latest reply 4:33AM Fri, March 30 2012


Image_normal @Joybells78

Does anybody else think a size 6 is fat?

Latest reply 5:15PM Thu, October 27 2011


8267cb8ae7d50a448bd7c3566d50abc1_normal @_Cynthiaaa Fresno, CA

I don't understand why people call Khloé Kardashian fat? She's a size 6? Since when is a size 6 fat?

Latest reply 4:34PM Wed, July 04 2012


Image_normal @CoreyEps Staten Island, NY

When is me & @tracy_dimarco's anniversary? #firstrightanswergetsafollowback

Latest reply 2:36PM Tue, November 01 2011


836b3def603370b64615b1fcd2d95334_normal @BethanySheard wakefield

why is everything in every shop only ever in size 6 or 16?

Latest reply 9:05AM Sat, April 14 2012


Alexheadshotright_normal @alblue

Anyone know how to condense Safari 6's "fat tabs" down to their normal, pre-6 size?

Latest reply 9:07AM Thu, August 16 2012


Bf3aef75eea10addc5ec2c0f0cab86f3_normal @KAPARAZZI #swankPR, Chicago

I was a size 6 at prom...why did I think I was fat again?

Latest reply 4:35PM Thu, May 17 2012


337145095_normal @juiceegal london

How can plus size models start from size 16? Sizes 10-14 get no love in the modelling world. You're not thin enough & not fat enough either

Latest reply 4:39AM Thu, February 23 2012


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