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Conversations about albanian swearing english why my dad

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7ad91319fea89305bd1e7e58f90b059e_normal @Geraldaa2 Rocky River, Ohio

So why is my dad listening to old Albanian songs? #myearssssss

Latest reply 10:45PM Sun, April 08 2012


Image_normal @SherineElbadry Egypt,Cairo

Why does swearing in Arabic seem much worse than swearing in English?

Latest reply 1:35PM Sun, June 17 2012


18e63a4b04435b3f77348bf2386efbfc_normal @Lemonade2015 Michigan

My dad keeps loudly swearing at the TV - if baseball upsets you so much, why do you watch it?

Latest reply 12:04AM Sun, October 14 2012


262466603b024717baf52bcf2e797df1_normal @stich509786 england

can someone speek to me in english? please! albanian is not my first language, its my 4th

Latest reply 1:02PM Thu, January 20 2011


Image_normal @valerie_djelaj

I ask my dad how did I look on Albanian tv for the festival and he says "you look the way you are." Thanks dad?

Latest reply 10:34PM Sun, July 08 2012


Xwi4930az8gseg9u7g57_normal @DEGOVISION London

Does anyone know any one who speaks english and albanian?

Latest reply 11:22AM Thu, September 20 2012


61263bd1633b754030c1c657b5ad191b_normal @IanDoyleSport Merseyside, England

Why is it always funnier when foreign players are caught swearing in English on camera?

Latest reply 3:34AM Tue, April 09 2013


419217_10150539609189005_651789004_9146121_1248596974_n_normal @AdelaCuraj LDN BABY!!

Why does it have to Albanian kidnappers?!

Latest reply 5:55PM Tue, August 23 2011


B5cc8c9254e6142a1934476ee7dbf3ed_normal @Kathezine Lancaster

Why is this Albanian woman so upset?

Latest reply 3:29PM Sat, May 26 2012


3a37eac683598dfb7b18c25e3370eb42_normal @ninushee

Why do Albanian guys like spanjoll girls?

Latest reply 3:43PM Thu, May 30 2013


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