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B5b1e7ddc97e98d4b37d03a8387a507a_normal @The1nbetweener

Does anybody have any tips for getting kebab grease off bed sheets?

Latest reply 8:49AM Sun, February 06 2011


Bourbonnais-20111029-00241_normal @MagWrath

Just saved a cup of bacon grease... any ideas? @Mariobatali

Latest reply 12:35PM Sat, January 07 2012


4e4de5c74c10573751c7703bd3844532_normal @prettyboytroy Planet Earth

Why do Black ppl smell like bacon grease and Mississippi?

Latest reply 12:52PM Mon, April 02 2012


Ducaeews_normal @sarahstanley

How can anyone possibly like bacon?!! Cleaned a kitchen today & they had pan of bacon grease. Disgusting.

Latest reply 7:47PM Fri, March 04 2011


Kulay_gem-131_normal @eugem

Does anyone know how to get bacon grease, cheetos & ketchup stains out a mattress?

Latest reply 11:45PM Tue, July 13 2010


3f29cb447907fc6b1e081b04e8f0b1d2_normal @MsMeghanRose

Ive always wondered if fat man semen tastes like bacon grease. Can anyone confirm or deny?

Latest reply 2:02AM Sat, April 09 2011


Sc_twitter_73x73_v2_normal @BHGLiveBetter Des Moines, IA

Q30 from @Nickodimis "what is the best use for stored (in the fridge) bacon grease?" #BHGchat

Latest reply 11:56AM Wed, April 27 2011


Bx2_normal @nyjamerican Philly by Way of NY

why does meeka look like she's been rolling around in a VAT of BACON GREASE?!

Latest reply 8:56PM Mon, June 06 2011


Image_normal @HUGOextraBOSS At The Bank

Why Does Butter Always Turn To Bacon Grease On The SouthSide?

Latest reply 12:29AM Fri, June 24 2011


Image_normal @JohnnyMcFlannel Massachusetts KnowsHow2Party

Does anybody else have home-made candles from all the bacon grease they've collected?

Latest reply 12:47PM Sun, October 09 2011


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