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Conversations about ehh having sex dogs does dog anything more

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Wwclzjq7rhl2nn3z0hhb_normal @ThroughADogsEar ÜT: 37.485756,-...

Does anybody else have more dog beds than dogs?

Latest reply 9:14PM Sat, August 27 2011


E59a482429131d321138f06722cbad99_normal @LeeEdwardson Edinburgh

Does anyone have a dog thats having puppies or know anyone thats dogs having puppies ?

Latest reply 1:09PM Sat, January 12 2013


_04gmlzr_normal @JamieDMJ UK

Does anyone know anything about dogs? I'm trying to find a make of dog from a very brief description.

Latest reply 6:31PM Fri, October 07 2011


917d97a0d108a4f5942b147fb197efd1_normal @gemgustum Red Deer

How many tweeps have 2 dogs? It seems that the 1st dog is typically more serious and the 2nd dog is more goofy. Does anyone else find that?

Latest reply 11:56PM Wed, October 16 2013


662210596b29a3a90890e4fceede9ebe_normal @jamesnoonan5 Liverpool

Why does my dog they're dogs?

Latest reply 5:46AM Sat, October 15 2011


8fb52f86a5c0bcb449fbf6006278bc38_normal @MzNicoleee Cali

True dogs got more loyality than yall. RT @Bl4ckExcellence: Why does females call us dudes dogs? How are we like a dog? Haha

Latest reply 6:52PM Fri, October 28 2011


B86d4b87e63d0807c7b7b54f03956210_normal @DarthRaider412

Does anybody know anything abt dogs

Latest reply 1:41PM Thu, January 13 2011


7231c9f0a6a03c6a95ec9a827958a46c_normal @TinaGonsales

Does anyone know anything about prairie dogs?

Latest reply 9:10PM Fri, April 29 2011


Acd1ddb117ae3c1a5e6285c47c979ade_normal @_901 Scotland

Does anyone know anything about dogs?

Latest reply 4:54PM Tue, October 11 2011


E50930a0084ae1d87c8d49e6a70ce287_normal @LaBonitaDalia

Does anyone know anything about dogs ?

Latest reply 1:57PM Sat, September 29 2012


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