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Eexxerx9_normal @DanimaeCrookes rotherham

How did dr dre discover eminem?

Latest reply 11:58AM Thu, February 23 2012


42a7c730632f28e45f83d1d1965b7476_normal @Steoph

Does Eminem have spray-on hair in the new Dr Dre song?

Latest reply 10:22AM Tue, March 29 2011


A69e4228bca03a70d21b28bde5453fbb_normal @TatisR

When does Eminem NOT perform with Dr Dre?

Latest reply 9:39PM Sun, February 13 2011


78e2346a0119eb673e55fa87d4e8bc0a_normal @caitlinsmiff London, England

why does Eminem keep saying dr dre is dead? #WatUSayiiiin

Latest reply 1:15PM Fri, June 22 2012


B693c80947423482e5bf2256d4d3f2f8_normal @samierae2009 West Virginia

What is the part of the one Eminem song about Dr. Dre being locked up in Eminem's basement @Whoa_its_ally?

Latest reply 12:28AM Wed, February 06 2013


Sdhpfzsm_normal @RDeuceLoko Los Angeles

#SouljaBoyTweet why doesn't Dr. Dre produce for me or Eminem do a song with me? I'm a great rapper

Latest reply 2:28AM Mon, February 28 2011


2d30c346364a16eb612af92257fb49a0_normal @NB_Triumf Tromsø, Norway

When is the new Dre feat Eminem song droppin?

Latest reply 9:58PM Fri, May 06 2011


B2ac9c502d295f689011357072e91abb_normal @Stephaliciosa

Why does this "I need a Doctor" song with Eminem and Dr. Dre sound like a love song to each other? O_o

Latest reply 7:05PM Wed, March 30 2011


Snapshot_20of_20me_2032_normal @nuellaiyoha Las Gidi

The girl floating like a winch in Dr Dre + Eminem's song RT @PaddySuperhero: Can someone show me what "Skylar Grey" looks like?

Latest reply 8:41AM Sat, April 02 2011


Image_normal @_Jessica20 Cali :D

Can someone name Eminem songs ft 50cent or dr. Dre? My brother wants to tell me a song but he can't remember :)

Latest reply 12:26AM Mon, July 11 2011


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