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Conversations about handshake fingers snap black people question why

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G3wkn8q30ty8e2flduis_normal @Luigi_BADASS

why do people snap their fingers when they shake hands ?

Latest reply 6:21PM Mon, July 16 2012


Profile_image_1342316745467_normal @AplusTheGreat The Town, CA

Why do white people only dance to *black* songs that give you instructions? Cha cha slide? Lean with it rock with it? Snap your fingers? Sad

Latest reply 4:42AM Sun, April 29 2012


1bbb9b916bdfe0984bca169644e98343_normal @__YoungAndWild St.Louis 3

Why Do People Snap Their Fingers Every Time They Roll The Dice When Shooting . ?

Latest reply 6:13PM Mon, June 11 2012


47c4f8c84761f8450230c59a98f91dab_normal @NATAL13xo England, for now.

Why can't I snap my fingers and be in Tulsa?

Latest reply 6:53AM Sat, March 03 2012


65296_2887653553571_1327140206_32600691_592899610_n_normal @ari_rezendes

Why can't I snap my fingers and be ready?

Latest reply 8:37PM Wed, May 30 2012


932d6ac885186e3015aa9a4d04fd8487_normal @theresaforever Arizona

Why can't I just snap my fingers and be skinny?

Latest reply 8:16PM Fri, June 07 2013


Image_normal @diddytherapist

Why are my fingers black?

Latest reply 7:38AM Fri, February 03 2012


71878fcbb0b763dc520adf25e3150641_normal @SGTkevinzh_

who can snap their fingers?

Latest reply 2:19AM Tue, August 20 2013


93cf1572d27db52f06b22994f0441751_normal @RuachFilms Virginia Beach

If you could snap your fingers and change anything about yourself, what would you change? #question

Latest reply 6:12PM Mon, March 24


Mount_rushmore_normal @edschirm

Hey does anyone know the secret black people handshake? Quickly!... will explain later.

Latest reply 9:29PM Wed, July 28 2010


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