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F3yy66a9euma60uqhzcb_normal @Jas_TheRarest NoCuntsAllowed,Ave

What does the juice haircut look like though? O.o

Latest reply 12:27AM Thu, April 05 2012


41856e9870b3e45569e929bf53f12f67_normal @Jarantula6

Does anybody know a good barber that can give me the juice haircut?

Latest reply 7:30PM Mon, April 08 2013


12845fe1c29348eb91449ac724cbeb1f_normal @_LadyLocs Homestead, Fl

Why is the haircut called a "juice"? There's nothing "juicy" about it..... o.O

Latest reply 1:41PM Thu, March 29 2012


F8fcdbbad9d54f2c7b303c2deb374ed9_normal @parisbieber2011 biebershousexx

What does Miley's haircut look like?

Latest reply 7:20AM Sun, February 12 2012


102611024647_normal @seherrdeyy Michigan

Why does apple juice look like pee?

Latest reply 10:22PM Thu, February 17 2011


Img_9047_normal @jdwme Texas

Why does Apple juice look like urine?

Latest reply 5:37PM Wed, March 23 2011


9a20e78b083fa75e679693897c2c92d9_normal @iheart_lautner London

Why does apple juice look like piss?

Latest reply 3:52PM Sun, June 26 2011


6439f2a770a85ffb7a1fd96e09c97c1c_normal @IsntThatBRANDi

why does orange juice look creamy tho ?

Latest reply 12:33AM Wed, August 10 2011


168904216d725161db3f3e7a101784ed_normal @TombRaiderModel Attleboro, MA

Why does my orange juice look yellow?

Latest reply 9:46PM Mon, November 14 2011


5c2e8d37f70facb98de20e7ae5255b3b_normal @kkayshaa

why does apple juice look like pee?

Latest reply 6:12PM Mon, June 11 2012


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